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  1. Capt. Tyler

    Sea Claw question

    I had to buy the longer crossbar for my 22'.
  2. Capt. Tyler

    2200 Pathfinder with Tower - Tampa Area

    I got mine built two months ago and just got it finished rigged last week. I have the inline4 200 and hole shot didn't change one bit. Just make sure you run the right prop. I run the OFX4 16P in the summer and the CFS4 16P in winter. *pic will not upload right side up! Sorry. Click on it and it will correct itself.*
  3. Capt. Tyler

    Ulterra Heading Sensor

    Mounted on top of console behind windshield also. No problems.
  4. Capt. Tyler

    Livewell Pumps

    Yep I had the same problem you did, kept burning through the 1100 Rules. (Knock on wood) the Shurlfo's haven't given me any issues.
  5. Capt. Tyler

    Livewell Pumps

    I run (2) Shurflo Piranaha 1100's and I get about 8-10 months of heavy use. I have the filter screens on them which keeps a lot of the crap out which helps a lot.
  6. Capt. Tyler


    60". But I'm getting a 72 next year because I fish a lot of rougher water in the summer.
  7. Capt. Tyler

    leaning post livewell

    Yes, hard to see but it has a thick black gasket around the edge of lid and also I use a compression type latch. Doesn't leak a drop. The livewell didn't change the drainage at all on my 22. It does add more weight but the weight is also shifted forward some. There are really no negatives. Also gives you a ton more walk around room compared to the leaning post which is awesome.
  8. Capt. Tyler

    leaning post livewell

    They're nice live wells but pretty small if I remember right I could be wrong. Talk to Chris Wolchok @ Coast 2 Coast in Tampa. He does amazing work on restoring boats, custom fiberglass, live wells. My buddy just had one built for his Shoalwater. The one on my PF is almost identical to the one he builds. It is about 45gal. I have (2) 1100GPH pumps going to it in the floor. Puts the Pathfinder wells to shame.
  9. Capt. Tyler

    2015 Yamaha SHO 225

    Posting for a friend. Motor is in MINT condition. https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/chl/bpo/6172661136.html
  10. Capt. Tyler

    Powerpole - 8 or 10'..Sportsman or Pro Series

    Everyone is different. I personally wouldn't be able to stand the 10' because when Tarpon fishing, I'm almost always fishing straight off the back. It would be a pain having to navigate the rods over it. Also with having the shade on my tower, it would make it an obstical course in the back. But that's just me...for deep water I just use my i-Pilot to anchor. But the 10' is very nice and you wouldn't regret it. Just depends on your needs.
  11. Capt. Tyler

    High-Vis vs. Low-Vis Braid

    White or yellow powerpro for me.
  12. Capt. Tyler

    Is a F150 Enough power for a 2200 Pathfinder

    Absolutely unless speed is a factor. Get the right prop and hole shot is zero issue. They are bulletproof motors, very quiet and super fuel efficient.
  13. Capt. Tyler

    Trailer for my 21MA

    I love visiting those guys, they are so cool.
  14. Capt. Tyler

    Trailer for my 21MA

    Owens & Sons x1000000!!! Got one last year for my Pathfinder and is a fantastic trailer and great people to work with. Great price too.
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