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    Proud owner of 7 patents, 8th on the way<br />Georgia Dawgs fan
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  1. NCTribute

    There goes my weekend !!!

    Amazing how many experts there are on the Constitution in every bar, sand bar and website. Not sure the founding fathers meant it to be interpreted as “ I can do anything I want and if you tell me otherwise you are violating my constitutional rights”.
  2. NCTribute

    Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Check your bunks for high spots, debris, staples etc.
  3. NCTribute

    Trolling motor

    Not saying it looks like that, just saying they have been using two rotary switches for a long time. My 2015 2200 TE does not look like that, but it has two rotary switches and my 2009 Cobia did to.
  4. NCTribute

    Trolling motor

    My 2009 Cobia 19 Bay had the two rotary switches, one for engine/house and one for trolling motor. Hard to believe your 2012 TRS does not, wonder if it did not come from the factory with the trolling motor wiring and was dealer installed?
  5. NCTribute

    Trolling motor

    Pretty much standard practice on later models, 2012 2200 TRS models have this.
  6. NCTribute

    WTB TFO Mangrove 8 Wt

    One just came up for sale on microskiff.com today. https://www.microskiff.com/threads/tfo-mangrove-8wt.76734/
  7. NCTribute

    Routine maintenance boat, trailer, and other

    Kind of ironic that the cap to the Sharkhide is all rusty.
  8. NCTribute

    Red Tide

    Not too good, have not fished there before in the winter with the negative tides, so was a little baffled on how to approach. The tide was really low most of the daylight hours, with not much flow except for first thing in the morning. From other reports looks like most of the action was further south, which some of that might be due the red tide a few weeks earlier affecting the Charlotte Harbor area. Saw a decent amount of redfish, since we were fly fishing only, they were tough to get close to and even tougher to get any interest. Did not see many snook at all. Only got out about 5 times, but was still good to be out and just got my BT so good to get to know the boat.
  9. NCTribute

    Say Goodbye to Ethanol!

    But the tenderloin sandwiches in Iowa are out of this world, that in of itself is worth it. Understand what you are saying, but do not think the Iowa caucus ultimately has as much impact as you are implying. For example, in 1992 Bill Clinton got 2.8% of the vote, but went on to win the office. Nowhere in the US has the perfect mix of diversity, you just will not find it and will always have something to be critical of. But Iowa does have more diversity than most people realize and has one of the highest educational ratings in the nation. So maybe it is not such a bad place to start and see what people think. Full disclosure, I grew up in Iowa City, IA. Molly Van Allen was in my grade school class (her father discovered the Van Allen radiation belts), I was on stage with Mikhail Baryshnikov (Swan Lake), worked detasseling corn for $1.80/hr and the King of the Hobos were typically elected there, got to meet several of them, how is that for diversity?
  10. NCTribute

    Vortex Hubs?

    Triple lip seals have been around a long time, they provide some redundancy for keeping grease from escaping and the outside seal is typically a dust seal to prevent contamination from entering. PTFE materials are self lubricating and are good up to 500F+, so they are designed to run dry. Yes, they do wear, but still have enough life that the material property changes due to aging are the main culprit. You have to be careful about too smooth of a running surface, you actually need some surface texture for the oil to cling to that will maintain a an oil film, super smooth surfaces will not keep an adequate film thickness. Have worked on this for parts needing single digit micron tolerances using different patterns and laser pockets, ends up just tumbling the parts with ceramic media to get random marks is the best solution for most cylindrical parts.
  11. NCTribute

    Say Goodbye to Ethanol!

    Not sure you are correct on this. First off, Iowa is not holding anyone hostage, ethanol is a Federal mandate. The farmers will grow whatever pays the bills, not like they have much choice if they want to stay in business. There typically is not a shortage of grain in the world, just a shortage of brains on how to distribute it. China has record surpluses.
  12. NCTribute

    Quality Boat Cover 2200 TRS

    Carver cover from boatcoversdirect.com, fits well and with the better materials will last a decent time.
  13. NCTribute

    How old is too old

    I am 60 and am finding that loading/unloading, trailering, putting in/out and cleaning my Pathfinder is getting a lot less enjoyable. Bought a skiff and will decide in the next year or two which one I get rid of. If I had to bet it will be the Pathfinder, skiff will limit me somewhat, but am becoming a more fair weather fisherman anyways.
  14. NCTribute

    Lowering trailer jack

    I would look at replacing the jack with a model that was designed around the larger wheel, this would likely solve your issue.
  15. NCTribute

    Red Tide

    Good to hear, the map shows that the levels are way down now. But did see a report of a significant fish kill around Burnt Store Marina, just do not know how wide spread or how bad. Anybody know?
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