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  1. radi_33125

    Porpoising problems w/f250 on 2200 TRS?

    Does it have trim tabs? That will also solve your concerns.
  2. radi_33125

    Minn Kota 2 bank charger

    Which 4 bank did you go with? I need to buy one also.
  3. radi_33125

    Cast Net Bag

    X3 and when you let the air out of the bag, it fits almost anywhere.
  4. radi_33125

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    I tow my 24' without issues with my Sierra 1500, but the truck came with the max tow package.
  5. radi_33125

    GelCoat repair

    I left him a voicemail and thanks to your tracks; I only run out of water when I go with Mike.
  6. radi_33125

    OT: Competitive Shooting Clubs So. Florida

    Dino go to Markham park on Thursday night and take some eye and ear protection. SFPC.org shoots there every Thursday night weather permitting.
  7. radi_33125

    GelCoat repair

    Hello, I am in need of some gelcoat repair. Who do you guys use in Broward county and do any of them come to your location? Thanks
  8. radi_33125

    ENP Boater Permit

    Thanks for the info Dave. Dino, there is always plenty of water.
  9. I checked their website and the HDS Carbon is under Supported Units.
  10. radi_33125

    Bean Bag for Pathfinder 2200

    Those beanbags are very helpful for the little ones.
  11. radi_33125

    2200 vs 2400

    I own a 24 and my buddy had a 22. He claims that mine rides a lot better. Also, I can still remember the day that Capt. Dewalt reassured me, that there was plenty of water and there was. Good luck finding your new vessel.
  12. Yes my wife got me the RTIC 65 for my B-day. I'll call you once I get out of work. Thanks Dave.
  13. Hello Dave, I'll take one of each.
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