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    72 years old, first operated a boat when I was 3, been at it ever since. Born in the Bronx, NY, lived in Lakewood, NJ, Far Rockaway, NY, Avon, CT, Clinton, NJ, and now, Alpharetta, GA a northern suburb of Atlanta. Spent 2 years in US Army.<br /><br /
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    Retired. Former Tech Guru
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    Photography, sailboat racing, SCUBA diving, running, hiking,windsurfing, and running my Pathfinder to remote places in the SE
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    Ron Goldfarb

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  1. Ron in Atlanta

    Ping *Ron in Atlanta*

    I don't have a T top. What is the aluminum coated with? For my trailer, I use 3M Green pads and Sharkhide. If the T top is coated with something that shines, try Zaino on a small piece and see how she looks.
  2. Ron in Atlanta

    Will Trade Zaino Shine for Used Weight Set

    Start by washing the boat with Dawn dish washing soap.. This will remove any old wax (including mold release wax on a brand new boat). DON'T USE DAWN AGAIN, it will remove the Zaino. For the first time, use A10, let dry to haze, wipe off. Then, for the boat use Z 3, the non-clearcoat wax (if your motor is clear coat, use Z 2 on it). If you really want a super shine, finish off with Z 6. Do use clean, white, made in the USA, bath size towels to wipe the hazed wax off. If the towel touches the ground accidentally, toss it in the laundry and use a new towel. Have fun! Ron
  3. Do you want your boat to look like this... ...well, assuming that it is already some shade of blue. I will come to your location (in the SouthEast US) and apply a multi-coat Zaino shine to your boat in exchange for a used weight set. OK, I know weights are as scarce as hen's teeth these days but everyone bought a weight set at one time, used it twice and it's been sitting in the basement or garage ever since. Are you one of these folks? Is your neighbor? I WAS in pretty good shape before the excrement hit the 3-bladed cooling device. Now, I'm not able to go to the gym and need something to do to stay in shape. So... ...if you or someone you know has an old set of weights with at least 120 pounds of weights and you want your boat to look like mine, let me know.
  4. Ron in Atlanta

    2200 L X W

    Thanks for the heads up, Fin. I think I got clean it now...
  5. Ron in Atlanta

    2200 L X W

    My 2017 Pathfinder 2200 TRS on a twin axle, Ameritrail trailer. 27 feet long with the engine tilted all the way down as it sits with the cover on it. Width = 9 foot, 3 inches from outside guide-on to outside guide on. Guess I may need an, "Oversize Load" yellow banner??
  6. Ron in Atlanta

    Boat Upholstry

    Try Phil Hertzog, Hertzog Canvas in Ft Pierce. He did cushions for both my Boats (1100 hours & 600 hours so far). They look good and have held up, like new. 772 708 0898.
  7. Ron in Atlanta


    Yes, the gas gages on most boats are notoriously incorrect. I think that I had read something in the boat's owner manual saying that you can recalibrate the gauge but that first, you must run the tank down to empty? I guess bringing along a 5 gal gas can would be helpful here. The book is in the boat, when I uncover her the next time, I'll check to see if that's correct.
  8. Ron in Atlanta

    Where should I put fish on the 24' Pathfinder?

    Yes, it is a cult and Marc W is the high priest. I believe that Maverick had ceased production of the DV and yet they built just one more when Marc talked them into digging up the mold out of storage to do so. I first saw his boat under a cover so did not realize that it was an off-shore, deep vee hull. I am proud that the skeg on my motor does not have any paint missing. Of course, I sand and paint it upon returning from every trip. He showed me his skeg, also clean, not repainted, just that the boat is always in 500 feet of water! A deep vee hull from Maverick!?!? Sort of like learning that Dolly Parton has a flat-chested sister.
  9. Ron in Atlanta

    All TRS Owners, a Little Survey For You

    When I spoke with Ray's replacement at Maverick, he said to order from the local dealer.
  10. Ron in Atlanta

    Georgia Coast Memorial Day 2020

    I KNEW someone would spot that! We had launched up the Ogeechee River near Ft McAllister and the water surface up there can get a little dirty depending on the tides. Once I put down the camera, I grabbed one of the 3 sponges that we carry and wiped it off while still wet. One thing about 23 layers of Zaino Wax, everything wipes off easily. Here she is the next day, with towing covers in place, all clean.
  11. Ron in Atlanta

    Georgia Coast Memorial Day 2020

    OK, this thing is still surreal but we were able to get out on the Georgia Coast for a beautiful few days of sun and wildlife. Great Egret in flight up the Butler River A snowy Egret and a Great Egret along General's Cut, Darien. A young Roseate Spoonbill, South River between Wolf Island and Queens Island Anchored just off the beach, Little Wassaw Island Brown Pelicans and Cormorants on Little Egg Bar at the mouth of the Altamaha River Sanderlings and a Ruddy Turnstone find some left over Horseshoe Crab eggs on the beach at Sapelo Island Great Egret in flight up the Altamaha River, west of I-95 Anhinga, Black Crowned Night Heron, Wood Stork and an immature Ibis all at Harris Neck Ramps were open, restaurants were only doing take-out. I've got to say that take-out fried Shrimp (sat in the boat for dinner) from Speed's Kitchen in Shelman Bluff was way better than another hamburger at home in Atlanta. Hope you are all getting out SAFELY - see you on the water.
  12. Ron in Atlanta

    Gas Gauge Question

    I'm going to guess here - you either used to or do now, ride an older motorcycle (no gas gauges back then). You filled her up, reset the odometer and refilled after a known number of miles (or hitched home for the gas can). E. g.
  13. Ron in Atlanta

    All TRS Owners, a Little Survey For You

    A good thought, redzone1 but no, I'm not trying to suggest negligence on the part of the manufacturer, just a poor initial solution to holding the backrests in place when down. Here is what I'm suggesting, having seen the stories shown above. The early TRS boats had a poor solution to holding down the backrests, both during trailering and when inadvertently stepped on. MBG listened to comments from their owners (which we love about them) and improved the way that the backtests are secured, the "slam latch" Now, I've owned automobiles that were "recalled" where problems were repaired for no charge by the dealers. Some of the auto recalls were seemingly for insignificant issues, e.g., driver's side carpets held down so as not to slip over the gas pedal and cause "unintended acceleration". I don't think a general recall is in order, however, I do think that MBG ought to provide, at no charge, the "slam latch" solution to any owner that asks for it (as some have above). It's not a big deal, it is still the best looking and best operating boat out there.
  14. Ron in Atlanta

    Vortex Hubs?

    First place, let me say that with your experience out on the water, what ever you have to say here is worth way, way more than two cents. Yes, when I first understood what these actually were (more than just a better cap) I was all set to order up 4 of them for my trailer and stop worrying about water intrusion. Unfortunately, shortly after that, the virus hit the fan, so to speak and all discretionary purchases were off the table - for now. Once things stabilize somewhat, I think I will go ahead with the Vortex hubs. Here is a nice story about Tie Down Engineering. 10 years ago, when I had purchased my first Pathfinder, I bought two Danforth anchors for it, a 5 lb Hi Tensile and a 5 lb standard as a lunch hook. Both new anchors arrived with very poor galvanized plating jobs. There were sharp chunks of plating material all over the anchors, they were so rough that I was worried that Laurie, who usually handles the anchoring would have cut her hands badly. I assumed that a formally great product, Danforth, once produced here in the US, was now being manufactured in China with the expected loss of quality. I went to call Tie Down to ask about the issue and noticed that they had a local number. Turns out they are in Atlanta, just South of the Airport. I threw the two Danforths in the back of the Corvette and drove on down there. There were a few buildings so I parked in front of one that looked like the offices, got out and took both anchors out of the car, placed them on the ground near the car (it looked like I was anchoring the Vet rather than using the parking brake). A gentleman was exiting the building, "is this Tie Down Engineering?" I asked. "What is it you are looking for?" he asked. "Customer Support". He told me that this was the right building and he was about to get in his car but stopped, turned around and asked what I needed to see Customer Support about. I told him about the poor plating job and he said, come with me, I'll take you there. We walked in to someone's nice office and my escort said, "Please get this gentleman two new anchors and lets sit down and talk". Turns out my escort was Mr.Chuck MacKarvich, President of Tie Down Engineering and the office belonged to the Vice President of Quality Assurance. Chuck explained that the Danforth anchors were manufactured right here, in the next building over, and he apologized for the poor plating job and promised that it would never happen again. He could have just gone on his way after he saw me in the parking lot but he turned out to be the kind of executive that really cares about the products his company manufactures more than he cares about his stock options. He made a customer for life that day. Are the ramps down your way open? Richmond Hill, Darien, etc.? We do plan to come down on Memorial Day, if things are open and safe. May have to wait until later in the Summer.
  15. Ron in Atlanta

    Vortex Hubs?

    David, No, I have not yet upgraded to the Vortex hubs. They are $85 or so each, plus whatever labor my shop will charge, so given the uncertain (to say the least) economic times, I'll stick with the originals for now. I do have a trailer/hitch shop that I recommend highly, Pat Rodgers Hitch House in Kennesaw. They are right next door to Bay Marine, the local Pathfinder dealer in this area. I've been dealing with Mrs. Rodgers for years, all with good results. 12 years ago, I bought a new Corvette and needed a hitch installed. Back then, I was racing an 18 foot cat sailboat made from carbon fiber which weighed less than I do (I'm 178 lbs). I called Mrs Rodgers and asked if they could do this job. "Sure we can, just bring her by next Tuesday and we'll take care of it". I was nervous and told her so when I got there. She reached into the cash register, handed me a $5 bill and told me to go to the restaurant across the street and order a Margarita. By the time you get back, we'll be done with the job. The install went very well, I owned the car for 10 years without any problems. You can just barely see the hitch between the exhaust pipes. They have serviced all my boat trailers ever since. Now that they have moved next door to Bay Marine, I can have the 100 hour service done on the boat motor and Bay Marine can take it over to Mrs Rodgers for trailer service, if needed. Pat Rodgers Hitch House 770 427 7428. Tell Mrs Rodgers that Ron Goldfarb sent you! Good luck
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