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  1. rckeat

    2020 pathfinder 2400 trs upgrades info

    Looks awesome
  2. rckeat

    Nice day today

    Managed to catch 32 specks in the morning fog on Saturday. Of the first 17 fish, only 4 were undersized. Then I moved and found nothing but 12 inchers. Still lots of fun. Let's go fishing sometime. We need to try the light line at the HRBT one night soon.
  3. rckeat

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I can't imagine riding in that rig with a 300. Looks like it would peel your eyelids back. Beautiful work though.
  4. rckeat

    Trolling Motor Help

    if your trolling motor has a battery meter on it like mine does, you could probably quickly determine if you have power to the trolling motor. While the trolling motor won't turn on perhaps the battery gauge will. Just a thought.
  5. rckeat

    Rhodan Install

    Just curious, but don't you guys think securing the head of the trolling motor to the deck will subject the trolling motor head to more stresses than allowing it to flex some when running in rough water? It would seem to me that it would take more stresses in rough water when secure than it would if allowed to move some. Kinda like the same issue as the pilot seat in the the movie Contact. Curious what others think.
  6. rckeat

    Still Learning the Area (With a little help)

    The Striper fishery used to be incredible, but it isn't what it used to be. We need to go catch some flounder Chief.
  7. Mine is a poly tank and I ended up using an 8" sender.
  8. Yesterday, I replaced the fuel level sender in my 2001 22v. The sender was very badly corroded and the gasket was really rough looking. You might want to check it first before you replace the fill hose. I would bet mine was leaking some before I replaced it.
  9. rckeat

    Shipping Advice

    Chief: Seriously, call me the next time you build something like this. I would love to come to watch and learn. Really nice. BTW, I am no help on the shipping.
  10. rckeat

    To Be or Not To Be?

    A buddy of mine is going to pull it to the bridge, and a resident friend of mine is going to cross over and pull it back. Just trying to coordinate schedules. But thanks for the offer.
  11. rckeat

    To Be or Not To Be?

    Tyson: I got in before they closed the County to everyone but permanent residents. Been in Hatteras for nearly a month and enjoying the solitude. Problem is I didn't bring the boat as I didn't think I would be here this long or that I would be unable to re-enter if I left. I'm working on a solution to get it here as fishing should start getting pretty good soon.
  12. Good idea but she doesn't have it with her as we are hold up hiding out from Covid. She was just telling me that she was so proud of it and had a lot of fun showing it off to all of her friends. But I wI'll get her to reach out to them to see what they say.
  13. Its funny, but my daughter was telling me earlier today that her Toadfish won't stick anymore, even after thoroughly cleaning the suction cup on the bottom. Will be interested to hear how it works for you as I was tempted to buy one myself.
  14. rckeat

    Flounder Gigging Setup

    I made an L-shaped frame that holds a 48" LED light bar that I lash to my front popup cleat. I was able to rig it to allow me to use my trolling motor and the light at the same time. This link will give you an idea of what I am talking about. on second thought, maybe it is only 36" instead of 48". https://www.fishinglightsetc.com/products/flounder-lights/flounderpro-3000/
  15. rckeat

    Maritime Related

    Cool story Tyson.
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