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  1. Lap it Up, thank you! I never knew. I guess I have some work to do to eliminate the possibility of the source of water entering. Thanks everyone for your input.
  2. I originally thought the same thing but I didn't install a GPS until a couple of years ago. I still cannot imagine it is a transducer but I may be wrong. Heck, when I bought the boat new, it didn't even come with a compass. An option I was told! Would like to know what the heck it's for and if it is something I can cover. Thanks for the input!
  3. I wanted to see if someone could offer some help on an issue with the bilge on my Hewes. I seem to be filling with water in the bilge at a high rate. I read the post from Jorgerivadeneira on May 6 and have followed every suggestion given. In spending the time staring into my bilge, I did not notice water filling in. My boat is on a lift so I jumped in the canal with my GoPro and took video and still shots. I went through the entire length of the hull and found nothing that would be a leak point. On the bottom of the hull there is a "hockey" puck sized black section that is dripping water from the bilge. There was no water filling in from this spot but water drips from it while on the lift. Please take a look at the pictures as I am open to every thought. There are no shut off valves in the bilge to isolate the bilge pump or the bait well pump. I am also stumped at what the black "hockey" puck on the inside of the bilge is? It is thru the hull but makes no sense to me. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas. Rob
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