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  1. HewesYourDaddy

    2000 Pathfinder 2200V - one owner - great condition!

    That's a heck of a deal for someone. I'll pass this along to a few friends that are currently looking for a 22.
  2. HewesYourDaddy

    South Georgia....

    Yep, I've never seen the marinas and ramps that busy before, even on holidays. Trailers were parked out on the highway. In the 37yrs that I've lived here, I have never seen as many boats/trailers at Kilkenny marina either. I took the wife and kids out Friday, since they had cabin fever (wife's work closed and school's out) and I had the day off from work. We put in at Demerie's Creek, and it was moderately busy for a Friday. Went to St. Cat's and enjoyed some quiet family time with only 1 other boat anywhere near us. I went to the ramp yesterday just to see what it would look like..... a complete sht-show! 11am and boats lined up onto the highway again, waiting their turn to put in. I'm glad I went Friday. I'm hearing rumors that the Chatham Co. Marine Patrol is threatening to close the ramps down in Savannah if they can't slow the crowds. I've seen trailers down here with tags from up near the Augusta area. I don't understand why people think this is a great time for a 2hr trip to the coast. It's obvious that some of these yahoos are making their first trip to the saltwater in their bass boats and painted trailers.
  3. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Thanks!!! Lovin it on the back of the 1900T!
  4. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Self distancing with the wife and kids for a while this afternoon.... and just like our lives right now, my picture is sideways....
  5. HewesYourDaddy

    South Georgia....

    JJ, you did better than most. We had a club tournament and not much of anything. A few nice reds and very few trout. One of the busiest days on the water I’ve seen in a VERY long time too. The boat ramps and marinas were slammed.
  6. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Also agree on the Zuke 140. I put one on my Pathfinder 1900 last year in March. Great motor choice for my application.
  7. HewesYourDaddy

    2004 Pathfinder 1900V. ( Garage Kept) Price Reduced

    What type of quick disconnect system for the windscreen is that?
  8. HewesYourDaddy

    1999 Pathfinder 1810 w/ Yamaha 130

    The only thing this boat needs is a new owner! Very nice.
  9. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    On the subject of cleaning the rubrail - it’s not an issue if you use acetone. I do it on occasion BUT I then take a rag and a can of CRC 2-26 and thoroughly coat the rubber or plastic rub rail to keep it conditioned. And it keeps it shiny as well. I’ve even used 2-26 (and WD-40) to polish the paint on many fiberglass engine cowls.
  10. HewesYourDaddy

    Too darned quiet

    I haven’t been on the water since the first of November. It’s a shame, too. All of my fishing buddies are still hammering the trout, reds, and flounder. Work and weather have combined to keep me off the water on the days that I would like to go. That being said, I MAY drop the boat in this weekend just to smell some marsh mud, and will fish a club tournament the following weekend if the weather holds.
  11. HewesYourDaddy

    Completely plugging livewells - 18 MA

    Sometimes a really tall standpipe will do the trick. If you plan to use the space for storage, just plug the hole with a low profile plug.
  12. HewesYourDaddy

    Fall Steinhatchee trip

    If the winds don’t blow and you can plan a weekend with a springing tide, you might be ok. The trout like the moving water due to the higher tides (less than 3ft when springing). If you go to Suwannee and the winds are too bad to go out on the beachfront, you can always stay inside the Suwannee River and fish like you would here when fishing the Savannah River, Bradley Creek, McQueen’s, etc.
  13. HewesYourDaddy

    Fall Steinhatchee trip

    Me too. Headed to Suwannee at the end of April on our annual club trip.
  14. HewesYourDaddy

    Hydromotive Props

    I’d be happy to be at 48mph! The tunnel hull is not real conducive to speed.
  15. HewesYourDaddy

    49 degree F water temp on Saturday morning....

    I know that drop! 😆 If you see another guy pull up and his name is Joe W., sling a Zara Spook at him!
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