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  1. Will be in the area in January for a wedding. Any inshore guide recommendations? Fly shops? Thanks in advance
  2. nhinshoreangler

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Mark II Target
  3. nhinshoreangler

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Yes I own an old Mark Series from the 80's. CCI low noise is a low velocity (subsonic) round that shoots quieter than most 22's. I believe the charge consists of mostly primer.
  4. nhinshoreangler

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Mine is extremely reliable, even with CCI Low Noise ammo.
  5. nhinshoreangler

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    The Ruger Mark Series are great practice guns. It does make sense to stick with the same platform, like the M+P and move up in caliber as confidence builds.
  6. nhinshoreangler

    2300 HPS, is it really that much better?

    Look at brand new, the price may not be that different than a used in this market.
  7. nhinshoreangler

    2300 HPS, is it really that much better?

    In my opinion, the ride of the 23' is better, not dramatically better the the 22'. I got to fish on one for several days in September in varied conditions. The 23' also gave me more confidence in moving around in 2-3' seas. With the 250, my fishing world seemed to get smaller, everything seemed closer. The 23' is a step up over the 22' IMHO.
  8. nhinshoreangler

    2500 forward bunks wearing gel coat....

    West Marine sells replacement carpeting for the bunks. I did mine a few months ago, it was pretty simple.
  9. nhinshoreangler

    2005 Pathfinder 2200v For Sale

    https://www.buzzardsbayyacht.com/boats-for-sale/2005-pathfinder-2200-v-cataumet-massachusetts-7601578/ My boat. Hopefully it is allowed to post a link.
  10. nhinshoreangler

    2200 Performance Numbers

    That top speed seems low to me. I would think that motor should give similar performance to the 200 VMAX HPDI that many were rigged with over the years.
  11. nhinshoreangler

    Help. Carbureted VMax 150 Power Loss

    Wanted to do a final follow-up which may be helpful to others. The problem came back again so I took it back to a different dealer. Turns out the bowls of the carbs had "varnish" build up and after cleaning the carbs the boat has run perfect for about 50 hours. There was also some fine debris in the bowls which made the power loss problem variable. With further inspection of my fuel lines and fuel tank by the dealer, there was no water and the fuel lines still look great. While in the there, I had the dealer replace the original thermostats. They were amazed the thermostats were original, flushing with fresh water after every use seems to help a lot.
  12. nhinshoreangler

    Pathfinder Experts

    I paid 29K for mine in 2005, brand new, boat, motor and trailer. If I cost that out over 15 years considering what the boat is still worth, I smile.
  13. nhinshoreangler

    Pathfinder Experts

    I still have my original 2005 skeg, it gets painted with Mercury Phantom Black spray paint at least on a year. If the skeg is not damaged, I would not worry about that. Any hull cosmetic damage can be easily repaired by a good glass shop. Have the boat surveyed and make sure the damage is not structural. Consider the repair costs in your offer. Best of luck
  14. nhinshoreangler

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    Sincerely hilarious.
  15. nhinshoreangler

    Water in Gas 2004 2200v

    I just had a similar situation with mine. First, I got the fuel level down to 1 bar. I added 10 gallons of premium at a time and ran the fuel level back down to 1 bar. At each 10 gallon filling I added a can of Seafoam and changed the 10 micron separator. I did this 3 or 4 times over 4 weeks and it really helped. I don't think I had an active water leak, just an accumulation of water over time from ethanol. Best of luck.
  16. nhinshoreangler

    Engine Repower - Merc 3.4L V6??

    The 3.4L Merc also comes in a 225 HP version, at 475 lbs.
  17. nhinshoreangler

    Repower suggestions 2001 21’

    Brune, can you give some performance #'s on your 22? Thanks in advance
  18. nhinshoreangler

    The dreaded poll for who makes the best trailer tire

    I replaced 4 Maxxis in April that were 5 years old, they still looked brand new with very little wear. I replaced them with new galvanized rims and Goodyear Endurance tires. So far, they have been great!
  19. nhinshoreangler

    22 TRS with Yamaha 150

    My biggest complaint with a 150 is cruising speed. The hull runs really nice in the mid 40's in calm conditions but the motor has to work hard to keep it there. Congratulations with your decision.
  20. nhinshoreangler

    Help. Carbureted VMax 150 Power Loss

    I was able to run the boat through all RPM ranges this morning for an extended period of time. The motor runs great, no issues. It appears there was some water in the fuel and getting rid of the Sierra fuel filter and putting back in the Yamaha 10 micron made all the difference. Thanks again!
  21. nhinshoreangler

    Help. Carbureted VMax 150 Power Loss

    I will follow-up next week with update.
  22. nhinshoreangler

    Help. Carbureted VMax 150 Power Loss

    Great advice thank you. I going to insist my mechanic does the above.
  23. nhinshoreangler

    Help. Carbureted VMax 150 Power Loss

    Ran the boat on the lake for about 20 minutes and it ran perfect. The problem was either the fuel water separator, plugs ( I also resnugged the new plugs I put in a week or so ago), none were loose or maybe an overheat issue. This motor has been so flawless for me (1300 hrs)I have not done much to it other than change plugs, lower gear oil, separator. The mechanics around here say "if it isn't broke don't fix it. I do plan on bringing it to a mechanic during the off season and cleaning carbs, replacing fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel lines......... Any thing else you recommend for preventative maintenance? Thank you again for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  24. nhinshoreangler

    Help. Carbureted VMax 150 Power Loss

    One more thing. When the boat was winterized in the fall, the mechanic replaced the the filter and did not use the Yamaha brand "blue" 10 micron filter. He used a Sierra filter which is white and about half the size of the Yamaha. I'm going to run the boat (with the new Yamaha filter on)on a local lake this morning and see if it's the same. Thanks again
  25. nhinshoreangler

    Help. Carbureted VMax 150 Power Loss

    I did drain it and did not see any obvious signs of water.
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