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  1. nhinshoreangler

    Sushi time

    Thanks nice work. Up north we call Blue Fin Tuna "BFT's"
  2. nhinshoreangler

    Sushi time

    Is that a juvenile BFT or a Blackfin?
  3. nhinshoreangler

    Too darned quiet

  4. nhinshoreangler

    Overflowing live wells

    Pump volume stronger than drain capacity?
  5. nhinshoreangler

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    Another to consider: Mercury V6 225 4 stroke dry weight *Lightest model available 475 lbs / 216 kg
  6. nhinshoreangler

    2200v coolers

    Yeti 45 with cushion for the front . Yeti 65 or 75 for under the leaning post.
  7. nhinshoreangler

    Front Hatch Repair

    If you don't mind spending the money, a good glass shop can make hatches look brand new again. I had my port side hatch repaired several years ago and it has been fine.
  8. nhinshoreangler

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    In April we stayed at the Woodland Plantation. Woodland Plantation is a historic plantation converted into a "bed and breakfast" type of lodging. The food was incredible and there's guides that fish right out of the plantation. We fished two mornings with a guide. Under not perfect conditions, the Mississippi was very high, the fishing was incredible. The first morning we released several redfish over 40". The second morning we released several between 30 to 35". I did not expect the fantastic fishing we got. Woodland is about a 40 minute drive to Venice where we launched. For a group of anglers, I think Woodland would be perfect. Best of luck!
  9. nhinshoreangler

    2002 2200v Live well pump

  10. nhinshoreangler

    Braided Line Questions

    I use 10# PP Slick for my inshore needs, stripers up to 35 lbs. For guests, I use 15#.
  11. nhinshoreangler

    Time for a new chum bag!

    It's incredible the range they have, they are common up here in New England.
  12. nhinshoreangler

    Gel Coat or Fiberglass cracks

    You will get a bunch of different opinions, some will scare you. Bring the boat to an experienced glass shop, get the hull check structurally. Chances are it is from hull flex, possibly from the trailer. If the hull is structurally fine, those cracks can be ground out and re-glassed. Best of luck.
  13. nhinshoreangler

    Loose Power poles

    Contact Power Pole, they might have a rebuild kit with new washers. Power Pole has been very helpful over the years with me rebuilding the joints and hydraulic lines on my Power Pole. Good luck!
  14. nhinshoreangler

    Louisiana Redfish in April

    Getting ready to book the Woodland Plantation. Any guide recommendations in that area? Light tackle and fly for redfish. Thanks
  15. nhinshoreangler

    Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    Does that hull run on a pad?
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