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  1. wthree3

    Minn Kota Terrova length advice

    The advantage of the 60 would be having an extra 6" in in a rough chop. I have a 54-in on my master angler, which is more than adequate 99% of the time. It has to be pretty rough for the motor to be coming out of the water when it's all the way down. Happens occasionally in the ocean when it's especially rough and everyone is standing at the back of the boat. That said, on a Pathfinder which I assume has a slightly higher deck height versus a flats boat, I wouldn't hesitate to get the 60 in.
  2. 4Runner with 4.0 V6 pulls my 18 Master Angler just fine but wouldn't go much smaller. Lexus GX460 would be a good choice. Its the same as a Land Cruiser Prado (sold overseas) and about the same size as the 4Runner but with a V8.
  3. wthree3

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    Each co-angler needs to purchase an "additional attendee" ticket to receive a shirt, participation in the tournament and be eligible for the door prizes. Non-fishing attendee tickets only cover the cost of food at Thursday's Capt meeting and awards dinner on Saturday.
  4. Maybe try to wedge something against the pump to keep it stationary.Or zip tie it to a piece of plywood wedged against something in the bilge. Anything to keep the pump stationary. Always wondered if the larger hatches actually let you get two arms in the bilge. They still seems too small as they are not shoulder width.
  5. wthree3

    Yamaha F115 Trim leaking fluid

    Yep, tiny little orings between motor and body. it was pretty obvious when I took mine apart that one or more of them were blown out and distorted. I was able to replace them without completely removing the unit, too lazy too chase the power leads into the power head and disconnect them.
  6. wthree3

    Maverick - Hewes comparison

    Lap it up is correct although I've never heard of any all C/K hulls of any size. Might be remembering that a few were done with varis construction. Mine for example is a 05 18. It has C/K hatch lids and some visible C/K in the splash well area. It is also one of a couple done using the varis process. Was told.it only saved about 60 pounds so they didn't continue using varis on other MAs.
  7. wthree3

    Maverick - Hewes comparison

    15 degrees
  8. wthree3

    What was sawed off my poling platform?

    Best guess is an aluminum tube with something else on the end...sorry, couldn't resist. Wild guesses... trolling motor mount, stick-it anchor mount, ladder mount,... uhmm that's all I can think of.
  9. wthree3

    Dual Battery

    Dual purpose batteries are designed to be a compromise between deep cycle and cranking. Good choice when using a single battery for starting and house loads. Something to consider next time you are shopping for a battery.
  10. wthree3

    Ultimate trolling motor set-up for MA 18.5

    I have a 2005 18.5 with a terrova. I believe the ulterra base is wider than the terrova. I'm not sure I could fit a ulterra on the bow and still have use of the front cleat. Just something to consider.
  11. wthree3

    A little help please

    Might have a better chance of calm winds in June. Breezy Palms is a good option in lower matecumbe. Nothing fancy but good dockage on the oceanside. Good snorkeling and fishing nearby.
  12. wthree3

    Mystery tube

    May be for the speedo. Water pressure from the foot of the lower unit drives the speedometer.
  13. wthree3

    Dressed up 1998 Pathfinder 17T

    Definitely a well written ad. GLWS.
  14. wthree3

    Steering help

    Rebuilt mine a few years ago. Not hard, just need to keep the parts clean and organized. Benefit of DIY is you'll understand how it works when you're done.
  15. wthree3

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    Yes, tabs are 12".
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