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  1. Headhunter

    WTB Pathfinder Rod Holders

    I have 2 if you are interested. I paid $100 for the pair plus shipping.
  2. Mods, if this is not allowed just delete. I am so proud of my bride of almost 50 years. Last Friday she had enough of de-fund the police and all of the other BS out there. We are fortunate to have great sheriffs and officers in our county and city and she wanted to show them some support and thank them for keeping us safe. She saw a Fallen officer flag made from a pallet and said "I can make one of those". So here are her efforts. I know we have a lot of first responders here and we want to thank all of you for your efforts. Now she is after me to set up speakers to play Good Bless America.
  3. Headhunter

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    I think we are good to go as well but will wait until the last minute to commit. Us old people have to be careful.
  4. Headhunter

    Simrad/Lowrance FMT Question

    Running a 12 inch Lowrance carbon HDS on the pathfinder. It's 1280x720 resolution and works well. I want to add a Navico 9 inch product on the Maverick. It doesn't matter if you look at either Simrad or Lowrance the difference between go and evo or TI2 and HDS live is about a grand. The screens are 800x480 or 1280x720. How much different will FMT look between the two? Getting older and need a little more help reading the 7 inch garmin. Thanks is advance everyone and a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.
  5. Headhunter

    Trailer Tires for Sale

  6. Headhunter

    Trailer Tires for Sale

    Ormond beach
  7. Headhunter

    Ion Batteries

    I am not trying to get stuck in the past here but the fresh water bass guys have gone ion. Yes to all of the prior issues but they seem to be solved but I am not sure yet. When you have a 770# boat and motor and add 120# of batteries, it has to effect the performance and draft. Throw in an old fat guy and it could be big. The Optima's in the pathfinder are 6 years old and going strong and weight there is not a big issue. I am going to dump my TM Batteries in the next couple of days and see how our HPXs performs.
  8. Headhunter

    WTB Maverick 17 HPX

  9. Headhunter

    Ion Batteries

    Looking to add them to our maverick but know zero. I did the weight calc and figure if I replace the 2 TM batteries and the starting battery I can save 50# and cut the weight in half plus get a 5 -11 year warranty. Ugly price though. I would think 50#'s on a s would make a pretty big difference. Thoughts and comments please Chuck
  10. Headhunter

    Trailer Tires for Sale

    Thanks Joe!
  11. 2- 205/74R14 trailer tires. Came off the pathfinders trailer when I blew 2 and decided to change them all. I think they have about 1000 miles on them and they have been under my work bench for almost a year. $25 each $40 for the pair. pick up only
  12. Headhunter

    2015 17HPXS

    Thanks Bernie. I have a grandson staying with me and he is fish crazy so he is more than willing to scrub and polish. Our boats never looked so good.
  13. Headhunter

    2015 17HPXS

    All photos are current
  14. Headhunter

    2015 17HPXS

    Yes, still for sale current price $41.5 k. Not sur what you mean about under the console but the bottom is clean. No oysters rash. Call me for specifics 386-441-8411 chuck
  15. Headhunter

    2015 17HPXS

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