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  1. I’m wanting to add an Active Target transducer on my trolling motor but it’s an ulterra. Anyone ever seen a kit or a good way to mount without causing problems?
  2. dcathey

    Labor Day...South Georgia

    Been about normal for us. Beach fishing wasn’t great early on but it finally got better
  3. dcathey

    Labor Day...South Georgia

    Nice, So it’s been slower up north this year?
  4. dcathey

    South Georgia Tripletail

    Nice trippy JJ, just cooked up a pile tonight on the Blackstone
  5. dcathey

    250 SHO starter?

    Put the aftermarket starter on today, we are back in business. It sounds different than the old factory one but I’m just glad to not miss anymore weekends
  6. dcathey

    250 SHO starter?

    Doesn’t appear to be an external relay like I’ve seen in some of the Yamaha YouTube vids
  7. dcathey

    250 SHO starter?

    It’s definitely inside the starter(the click). Hoping the aftermarket shows up Monday to get back on the water quickly. If OEM become available I’ll probably order one because that one lasted a while. I searched for a shop around here or somewhere to send for a rebuild but found nothing
  8. dcathey

    250 SHO starter?

    The solenoid inside the starter or another part that I’m missing?
  9. dcathey

    250 SHO starter?

    Here’s the screwdriver trick, from positive lead to brown wire. Is that clicking the starter itself? Or is there another part. I feel like my starter died, that’s original one from 2010 with the gradual slower starts then nothing IMG_6179.MOV
  10. dcathey

    250 SHO starter?

    This past weekend I noticed a slightly hesitant start that got a little worse. Pulled out of the water Tuesday and brought to my shop and flushed on hose…. Again a weak start. I assumed I had a weak connection somewhere so I cleaned and inspected and tested every spot…. Also tried another battery. The weak start became a click and motor won’t turn at all. When trying to crank 2-3 times I then get an alarm(very odd). Next I tried a jump box on the motor connections with cowling off. Nothing. I pulled plastic off to test starter , 12.7 v on the red , 0 on brown wire , when cranking 12.7v. Is this a dead starter or anything I need to look at? I ordered an aftermarket (Yamaha oem unavailable) that will be here Monday but thought I’d entertain other ideas while waiting. Thanks
  11. dcathey

    It doesn't hurt to ask

    If you find a 200 or 225 you can flash it to a 250 or a 332 if you get a wild hair. They are all 4.2L engines. All the same parts
  12. dcathey

    Best friend

    Thanks David, Cap is exactly your description. He wouldn't dare hurt a thing.
  13. dcathey

    Best friend

    This is my guy, Cap, he’s the greatest dog we have ever had. I’m not sure what I’ll do when he can’t go tripletailing with me. Sorry for yalls loss, they are truly family.
  14. dcathey


    Friend of mine goes with Capt Ozzie Fischer, big 26' Cayo so should be comfortable.
  15. dcathey

    2021 SW FL MOT at The Tarpon Lodge

    I saw some of y’all running around for a couple days and it got the juices flowing. We were on our family vacation on N Captiva and I couldn’t convince my crew(wife, 8 yr old, 3 yr old) to fish a tourney on our last day (of 9) down there. I hope this event continues because I’d love to include it on our vacation once my kids are a little older. Talked to some guys in a Maverick while we were fishing at the house on Captiva Pass that were very nice, I’m sure y’all all had a blast
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