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  1. redzone1

    ISO 2200 $25k budget

    you couldn’t buy a used 22 TRS without a motor or trailer for $25k
  2. redzone1

    2019 Maverick Hpxv-18

    Sweet setup and decent deal for someone looking for basically a brand new boat fully rigged and already broken in. If I were in the market this one would get my vote.
  3. redzone1

    Rod Reel Line

    I’ve been using power pro continuously since around 2004 I think. Year after year it just never gives me a reason to use anything else. If it does though, I think I would try the Suffix 832 like Dino. For rods - I’m partial to Fenwick HMG.
  4. redzone1

    02 Master Angler 18.5 For Sale

    One reason - F115
  5. redzone1

    18 master angler with 300 etec

    Have an Etec mechanic on retainer
  6. redzone1

    2008 17' HPX V with 115 Mercury Pro XS

    great boat/motor combo!
  7. redzone1

    Spot Lock issue / question

    I had a similar issue in the past few months. I had a bad cell in one of my batteries
  8. redzone1

    2200 Performance Numbers

    Have you checked your oil level? I suspect your oil level is way high due to blow by caused from being over propped and lugging the motor. These motors “making oil” (gas blow by and gas getting into the oil) is pretty common in the bass boat world where they prop their boats for top end speed right out of the box without putting the proper prop on the motor during the break in period. I would not crank the motor again until you get it checked out by the dealer. If the mechanic acts like he’s never heard of a SHO “making oil”, then he is lying through his teeth.
  9. redzone1

    1992 18.5 MA Rebuild

    Tell him to cancel the order on the trolling motor. 55 lb thrust is worthless on that boat. You need an 80 lb 24 v system. 55lb is for a small boat in a bass pond
  10. redzone1

    2200 Performance Numbers

    That’s the prop I used to spin on the same Hull with no t top and a 250 SHO. That’s too much prop for your rig
  11. redzone1

    Boat Demand During A Pandemic!

    I look for particular boats for clients/friends/family every single day of the week......particularly Yellowfin and Pathfinder bay boats.....prices are higher than giraffe ears that is for sure!! a lot of boats in the used market have been for sale for 6 months or longer with no movement in price, some of that is because people bought new and financed for 20 years and owe more than they are worth.....and then there are 2005/2006 Pathfinder 2200V's with F150's or HPDI's asking around $30,000, so those 2 segments aren't going to sell anytime soon. Anyone with a 4 year to 7 year old boat with a realistic price normally sells really fast.
  12. redzone1

    pontoon boats

    Blairsville and further South down to Mt Yona and up and over to the west toward Dillard in Habersham County is some pretty scenic country. I love it up there.
  13. redzone1

    pontoon boats

    you don't hear the banjos until you get up around Lakes Raybun, Chatuge, or Burton. Blueridge and Blairsville is the big city up yonder ways.
  14. redzone1

    2006 Pathfinder 2000v for sale

    Hey Cap is the boat still available?
  15. redzone1

    Repower suggestions 2001 21’

    Either a Yamaha 250 SHO or Mercury 250 Pro XS. Both weigh 505.
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