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  1. brew1891

    22v hatch bucket material?

    What I was thinking. Maybe Skip will be along soon to confirm.
  2. brew1891

    22v hatch bucket material?

    2003 2200v The hatch bucket/liner on the starboard side has cracked. I didn’t see any fibers when looking inside the walls of the crack. Were the buckets in the older 22s made of plastic of some sort? Need to know material to assess how to fix.
  3. brew1891

    Cushion Fasteners

    This? Hard to see from photo https://www.sailrite.com/Common-Sense-Fastener-5-8-Screw-Stud-Key-EE?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzZj2BRDVARIsABs3l9KsBz6BSF8US7m761sA7o0V5tOr3kviY-mUFvtelAcp0yxS3lTf358aAnLGEALw_wcB
  4. brew1891

    Skiff Shop - Tom Gordon Review

  5. brew1891

    Skiff Shop - Tom Gordon Review

    I messaged Tom...he’s still doing glass work, repairs, etc at The Skiff Shop in Edgewater.
  6. brew1891

    Little milestones

    The extension cord trick works. Even with lights down low (though higher is definitely better). The key is sealing like crazy and running grounds to the pigtail. Using the trailer as a ground is always a weak link.
  7. brew1891

    Florida Sportsman Watermen TV show

    Born and raised in Pcola. Beautiful place and I miss it. Good fishing. Love going back and fishing the snapper run every year with my brother. Gotta try and remember to set the dvr for this one.
  8. brew1891

    New 2005 TRS!

    I saw one at the dealer next to a 22. The cockpit space really looked to be the same as the 22. Obviously the decks on the 22 were bigger.
  9. brew1891

    New 2005 TRS!

    Yes. Confusingly the model is 2005 TRS
  10. brew1891

    New 2005 TRS!

    I think you might be the only 2005 TRS owner on here. We need a report on this new hull.
  11. brew1891

    Rust Remover

    Ace hardware carries it (at least the stores in Orlando do)
  12. brew1891

    My Old Rig

    Good looking ride
  13. brew1891

    Braid Thread - Been a While

    Also switched to Daiwa J 8 braid for a few years now. Was skeptical but really like it. On our January Choko trip it did much better than PP super slick in the crazy wind. (on same reels)
  14. brew1891

    This Is a Sunset

    ENP sunset
  15. brew1891

    Towing Question

    Don’t know anything about the RF 16 or that Cadillac but I towed my 18 HB with a front wheel drive Pathfinder and didn’t even know it was back there. No slip at the ramp either. Still use it to tow my 22. So RWD or AWD is preferable but not sure FWD is the devil or anything. Especially on such a small boat. What I do know is I got Cadillac to take back my moms STX suv under lemon law. What a POS.
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