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  1. brew1891

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Dang! Nice reports Dave. Wish I lived closer. Great fishery y’all have there
  2. brew1891

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Was at long point for a few days right before the new year. Wind was howling! Crossed the River the first afternoon and found some trout, a tiny grouper and other assorted fish on my favorite spoil island. Second day howling even more...only went out in the afternoon. fished deep areas near long point. Too windy, had 5 kids on board, and we took the puppy on her first boat ride so rough water wasn’t a good idea. Found snapper, trout, lady fish, a cat or two and a mess of croakers. Son caught a small sheepshead and another kid caught a juvenile black drum. Kids had fun fishing and that’s all th
  3. brew1891

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Thanks! Ages 6-13. Hopefully bringing the 22 Pathfinder if weather cooperates.
  4. brew1891

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Camped a couple of times at Long Point now and enjoy that area (live over in ORL). Found a little snapper spot on a spoil island and a trout spot in the fall when water is deeper. As you can tell I fish with kids. Headed over there after Xmas if you have any general suggestions on trout, snapper, basically any eager to bite type fish areas.
  5. brew1891

    Carrying spare prop

    the plan is to carry a spare prop most places. My home waters are fairly oyster free so it might not make the trip on sand bar days and such.
  6. brew1891

    Carrying spare prop

    Thanks for all the ideas. if I have a PT prop with the cushion hub I can just carry the spare rods correct? just like the thought of a full back up far from the ramp. But you’re right should spin first and mess up the blades but not destroy them completely
  7. brew1891

    Carrying spare prop

    Thanks for all the ideas. I had envisioned something similar to what DonV suggested. But I think I am going to try the boat bag idea or maybe the milk crate idea. Bag should fit nicely in the rather useless port rear hatch. Can never have enough boat bags. Composite prop sounds like a great idea in the long run though. Coto which composite prop do you have? jh141 is that the small size bag?
  8. brew1891

    Carrying spare prop

    2003 2200v main prop is power tech. Backup is a merc that was on boat when purchased
  9. brew1891

    Carrying spare prop

    I always carry a spare prop for the yearly Choko trip, scalloping runs, and other long trips. Where to put the dang thing is the issue. Last year on the Choko trip the spare prop cracked a hatch bucket. Any advice how to mount it? where to mount it? something to carry it in that won’t allow it to destroy everything?
  10. brew1891

    Inshore rod recommendations

    Custom for me but be warned it’s an addiction and you will never buy an off the shelf rod again. I don’t do any fancy stuff just focus on quality work and setting them up right. Each one is set up for the reel. Do recommend whatever you buy look into a rod with Fuji KL-H guides if you can. Recently built a rod with them and they are great.
  11. brew1891

    2007 Hewes Tailfisher-Need Glass Work

    Like everyone has said the skiff shop is the place. Top notch work. Bought my first HB from Tom and he touched up my last one before I sold. The issue is everyone wants to deal only with Tom and he is only one person with so much time. I dropped mine off at the shop last time and they called me a couple days later with a quote. I would suggest bringing the boat by the shop during operational hours and let them look or keep it for diagnosis. If you PM me your number I can try to get it to Tom to call you.
  12. brew1891

    Odd scenario

    Had similar issue on my VMax. Wouldn’t idle at all with cowling on. Don’t remember how it acted at speed. It was the exhaust tube. On the Yami I just had to remove lower cowling if I remember correctly. Didn’t have to pull power head but not sure on a Merc. Yours sounds slightly different but if no air restriction I’d bet it’s exhaust related
  13. brew1891

    2020 pathfinder 2400 trs upgrades info

    Love the all blue interior
  14. brew1891

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Thanks! Love the sound of the V8. This is the base model and it has way more options than I’ll ever use. Previously had a Nissan Pathfinder and the 22 Pathfinder finally got the transmission at 145k miles. Pretty sure I’m gonna love the extra power...but not the mpg.
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