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  1. When depreciating items start becoming appreciating items it ain't a good sign!
  2. Capt. Troy

    In-line Check Valves

    As MM said. I bet there is barnacles growing in there.
  3. Put it in the bank and wait for something to break!
  4. Capt. Troy

    I hope campers in ENP are safe....

    The forecast was spot on days out. Not like it was a pop up Thunder storm. Plenty of warnings including gale force winds offshore and even the timing was perfect on the squall line predictions. Absolutely no reason to get yourself in that situation...Hope they are well insured to include for the cleanup of that mess.
  5. Capt. Troy

    Confronting a Burglar in the act!

    Here is one. 2. CCW Safe While not as big as USCCA or NRA Carry Guard, CCW Safe is a well-established and time-tested CCW coverage plan. It also has a pretty good selection of attorneys to represent you if you ever end up in court, including the attorney who defended this one guy named George Zimmerman. You might’ve heard of him. Advantages One of the biggest draws for CCW Safe is that there is no limit on the amount of criminal or civil defense you are covered for.
  6. Capt. Troy

    Confronting a Burglar in the act!

    I carry a 5 million dollar umbrella policy which can be used for legal fees for pretty much every scenario. As mentioned, there are some outfits that are specific to CCW holders.
  7. Capt. Troy

    Do you pre-trip/prep your boat guests?

    Charter clients get the briefing and location of safety devices. My friends get the last one out is a rotten egg speech. Same thing I tell the flight attendant when I'm sitting in the exit row.
  8. Capt. Troy

    Confronting a Burglar in the act!

    You call the cops and stand down. Unless they are coming into your home while You are there, Your more than likely gonna be in a bad way. You drove to the scene and you most likely did not have any right to intervene with deadly force. You brought on the confrontation no matter at this point. It Stinks, but is what it is. You fire that weapon, your life is changed forever and probably for the worst.
  9. Capt. Troy

    Coastal FL Legal PFDs?

    Note the PFD should have USCG approved on the label to meet flotation requirements. A throw-able cushion as well. And yes, you do need flares and fire extinguisher. https://myfwc.com/boating/safety-education/equipment/vessels-16-to-259-feet/
  10. Capt. Troy

    Is It Me

    Stay safe and tell the wife and your daughter I said Hello. Teddy bear, More like a grizzly!😉
  11. Capt. Troy

    Is It Me

    I have spent some time with Bubba. He is a straight up guy but I just can't get him to hang it up in Broward county. Been threatening to get out of there since I have known him. Used to love his stories and pics of his patrol days. Not sure what he is doing now "Still Leo" but I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of him. Him and his daughter were a hoot on the boat.
  12. Capt. Troy

    Is It Me

    It's all Skips's fault cause he used to post here quite a bit.😛 We are the same age and he is probably is just getting old and slow like me. To be real, there is just so many social media platforms Lots of folks just spend more time messing with other platforms. The second thing due to this virus mess is the loss of the owners tournaments. That generated a lot of activity on here. We got to meet one another face to face and then continued chatting on here the rest of the year. Then Hobo slowed down and we seldom hear from Bubba anymore either. Between his weather site and Hobo's how to posts it made me take a look here daily. The weather site is still my go to during tropical storm season. The catch of the day pics really cut down on the posts in the regional forums as well. very little activity on there any more. None the less still a great site and moderated to keep the nonsense to a minimum.👍
  13. Capt. Troy

    Questions about binoculars vs telescope

    Is she hot?
  14. Capt. Troy

    Trailer marker light grounding question

  15. Capt. Troy

    Trailer marker light grounding question

    Trailer builders should be shot for using the trailer frame as a conductor. Lets run some current through your aluminum frame and dip it in salt water. What could go wrong?🙄 If the lights don't have 2 wires don't use them! Bad grounds with the LED type will blow the diodes out. Got to have a dedicated ground and it should not be the trailer frame.
  16. Capt. Troy

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Got on them pretty good Friday. Bonus 22 inch triple tail on the way in.
  17. Capt. Troy

    Trolling motor; hand control or remote??????????

    I have a tiller on the master angler. No need for remote anything the way I fish the boat. I have gone through 3 tm's in 22 years on the 2 mavericks. I have had all the spot lock motors on my tournament boats. Had issues several times with remotes and other things. They make more noise IMHO and no way can you use spot lock where I fish. The skinny water fish run from the tiller bad enough. They have their place for sure but they cost much more and are more prone to failure. Really depends on how and where you fish. And the remotes are not very water proof cause the rabbit feature sent me swimming one time and the TM was dead for the day. That said, I am running a 28 Pursuit with one offshore and the spot lock is amazing. Been using it for 6 months and the anchor has stayed in the locker and the thing will keep you on the spot better than an anchor in reasonable conditions.
  18. Capt. Troy

    wind and the patch reefs

    Depends on what the current is doing. You might have decent conditions until the tide change. Then you may wonder what in the heck did I get myself into. 15 sustained or above it is going to get sporty on the ocean side and also on the gulf side if you get very far from the lee of the shoreline.
  19. Capt. Troy

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Halfway through off loading the boats fish box. 6 gags and 32 mangrove snapper. [img]https://i.imgur.com/RbS24Pa.jpg[/img]
  20. Capt. Troy

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    The place is great to those that are coming from much worse. But those want to turn this place into where they came from.☹️
  21. Capt. Troy

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    Quality of life is in a death spiral in Florida!
  22. Capt. Troy

    For all of you that fish!

    This is my post from 2016 and guess what has happened. My guess was pretty good. 2021 and now we have everything but the catch shares for the for hire fleet.☹️ 2016 "I foresee a shrinking of the charter fleet and a monopoly controlled by EDF operated corporations. Just like they have done with commercial fishing. Possible catch shares and electronic monitoring of my vessel is coming to include a call in to leave port and a mandatory call in before hitting the dock when chartering. "
  23. Capt. Troy

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    That is why I don't fish the Bay anymore. Traffic on the road is nuts to get there from Odessa. I can make Anclote in 20 minutes and only do about 2 miles on 19. Butt and a big Butt is the boat ramp. The crazies on the water, the water quality, the fishing pressure and lack of fish. Fishing closures inshore and offshore. Then the costs. My slip fee has doubled in 2 years, my insurance almost doubled. Then they dropped me after 17 years with no claims. The deer and turkey population may suffer now.😛
  24. Capt. Troy

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    I may not be far behind you for the same reasons you mentioned. Gonna be a sad day!
  25. Capt. Troy

    Travis from Quality T-tops passed away

    I heard about yesterday. Known him since he was a teen and his dad was running the place. Great guy and it is a real loss of knowledge and a good guy. He will be missed.
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