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    Florida Native<br /> Fishing Guide 15 years<br /> First husband and wife team to ever make the top 5 in the FLW Redfish events.
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  1. Capt. Troy

    Anybody have a new head unit put on a 2 stroke?

    I bet you could not sell that 90 for 4500 bucks if it had a new power head on it.. They were great engines but they are old tech and most folks want 4 strokes. Where is the mechanic gonna find a new head for a Yamaha 90 2 stroke? I would sell as is and let the buyer decide if he wants to roll the dice on a rebuild. Price the boat accordingly and let her go.
  2. Capt. Troy

    Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

    Ain't no secret.😉
  3. Capt. Troy

    Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

    Trying to motivate myself to go catch some Pompano. I know where they are but they only get there when it's very cold. Ain't that mad at them yet!
  4. Capt. Troy

    Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

    I chickened out the last shot we had I sat in front of the fire place. Gettin old don't like cold! Way to tough it out!
  5. Capt. Troy

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    Mailbu just recently purchased Tiarra/Pursuit. They have a huge facility in Ft Pierce as well. They must have some serious coin. I hope they take care of the current MBG employees. A few of them have been there a long time and have hung in there through thick and slim.👍
  6. DC The sea deck has adhesive on it. You don't get to drill anything. You sure you want to go that route.😛
  7. Capt. Troy

    Whats the law for fishing marinas??

    I with you on not having fun. But this one dock has a very narrow ditch that provides access to a long natural shoreline once past it. I don't even stop and the rods are in the rack as I idle by and this yahoo comes running out with the water hose going nuts. This is after he got himself a ticket for this garbage. As the mod mentioned, some people are unstable.
  8. Capt. Troy

    Whats the law for fishing marinas??

    I agree with the the notion that some are unstable. My incident was the exact case. Throwing lawn chairs and almost hurting yourself in a fit of rage is a prime example. I also understand the issues with people being disrespectful and the hooks on docks, making noise late at night and other things. I rarely fish docks but at times your gonna be in close proximity to them and at times close just due to water depth of some of the narrow ditches along the shorelines around here. Unless my clients are really good anglers I don't even let them cast when were close enough to possibl
  9. Capt. Troy

    Whats the law for fishing marinas??

    The places I Fish used to be mangroves and natural shoreline before the rich moved in and dredged and put docks/seawalls in. This fella ain't gonna just move along. I will be respectful until they are not. 👎 Sorry. Gotta draw the line at some point or miles of what used to be natural shore line will be off limits. Cappy don't play that! Matter of fact, if your a D head I will post pictures of your dock with GPS coordinates showing every fish I caught off your dock on the WWW. You will soon have plenty of entertainment.
  10. Capt. Troy

    Whats the law for fishing marinas??

    Where you run into trouble is if the marina basin is man made. The laws get tricky there. One example I know of is Stump Pass marina in Englewood. They own the basin/submerged land and you can't fish in there. I also got a dock owner in trouble a couple of years ago. He saw me catch a big snook out from under his dock and went crazy. While we had our argument my customer was videoing the entire event. It was a little comical and the guy got so mad he tripped and almost fell in off the dock. Then he threw a lawn chair at us and sprayed me a water hose.🤔 He goes in and call
  11. Capt. Troy

    Rebuilder for 2509 SHO powerhead?

    I heard they were not able to be rebuilt. Something along the lines of the Plasma infused cylinder walls. Just what I heard so not sure.
  12. Capt. Troy

    Upgrades To Holy Ghost - MA17 1995 Tempress Seats

    You shouldn't be allowed to own a drill.😉
  13. Capt. Troy

    Sunken Pathfinder

    Take it for hull value. Every piece of wire is toast and everything electricity passes through as well. Sell the engine and re power! You now still have a great hull and that is about it! Hate to be blunt, but have been there and done that.
  14. Capt. Troy

    Tampa Bay Information needed

    Tampa is a big area. More info needed. Rent is off the chain price wise, I wish I had better news for you!
  15. Capt. Troy

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Tarpon Springs Friday. 5 man limit of gags
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