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  1. Coto

    The future of MBG...

    I get where some are coming from and I get where you are coming from. I don’t like how the dealer approached it with their response. Fine that’s great they want to do that it’s their company but it be sure nice if they could give you a little helping hand as to who you could get the part from. Someone on the thread mentioned Ray ...I remember Ray from parts, he was a great guy. When I could not get an anodized tower for my RF from Maverick he was happy to direct me to TNT boat works who made that particular tower. I went to the plant in Fort Pierce and picked one up for $600. He did that for m
  2. Coto

    17 hpx remodel

    That’s a clever idea. Nice job.
  3. Coto

    The future of MBG...

    Yep this true. They are not allowing folks with older boats to purchase any kind of parts and I think it is BS!! I too have owned a few MBG products, an 18 RF, 21 RF, 22 Pathy, and two 17 HPXV’s. I have always been able to order parts from them thru the dealers without any issues even on my recent 17 HPX which I installed one of there current console doors on. If I ever have a heavy bourbon night and decide to drop $70k on another skiff it will be HB or Drake for me.
  4. Coto

    Tower powder coating paint coming off

    It happens to everyone it’s the nature of powder coated aluminum one nick and you get electrolysis. Try some Krylon rust oleum but don’t be surprised when it comes back.
  5. Coto

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Good eating!!!
  6. Coto

    My ideal trolling motor stabilizer

    Excellent work. I hate drilling.
  7. Coto

    Parts VU sale

    I was just on there putting stuff in the cart for my 115 two stroke service. It stinks that they only have the kits made up for the four strokes, it makes it so convenient. I have to physically search for the parts number and add them one at a time. I do like Partsvu though, I have bought from them many times.
  8. Coto

    Cedar Key

    Nice! Such a pretty area.
  9. Your not gonna break one in Flamingo/ Whitewater, it’s mostly mud and soft bottom. You might find a stump that will do the deed. The further north you go the more oyster bars bring that Redfisher to Chokoloskee or Everglades City in the winter and enjoy the crackle and crunch 😁
  10. Coto

    Fiberglass repair

    That gelcoat repair was a band aid at best that should have been done by a professional fiberglass shop. The good thing is, that it is repairable. Like Dino said Fiberglass by design does some nice work. David Perez is a mobile fiberglass guy who does phenomenal work but he is not cheap. He has repaired 3 of my boats and they all came out like factory. His number is 561-252-2206.
  11. Great tarpon pics!
  12. Coto

    SOLD - Pathfinder 15T/2018 Tohatsu

    I fished a lot in one of these. A friend of mine had one with a Yamaha 50 tiller. It was a sick little boat for the flats would run through almost no water. I was a bit nervous the first time he went thru a flat right next to mangrove shoots sticking up. I kept looking back to see if mud was being kicked up and there was nothing. There was no place in shallow water that little boat could not get to. GLWS
  13. Coto

    Need a New TM

    Yep, spoke to a buddy who's trying to locate one for his skiff that he finished refurbishing, he has not had any luck in finding one.
  14. Coto

    Trolling motor question for HPX

    I think the 48 only comes in 12v. Mine is 54 terrova and I wanted the 48 so it would not stick out past the rub rail but I am not going to give up 24v for 12.
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