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  1. mulligan

    Not so Happy with Power Pole

    I'm sure you could trade with someone who has an "older" one?
  2. Exactly. They all say Bravo I on them. I will double check mine when I get home but I think it is the same part# as above. Unless they changed things, which they could have, a standard BravoI only came in even pitches let alone half pitches. With all the different Bravo I variances out there now I am not saying it is a FS but would bet it is not a standard Bravo. Heck for the selling price if it was a standard Bravo you could send it out to tune it for your boat and still be ahead of the game.
  3. I think all the bravos have the same numbers as they are all from the same cast. My FS has the same numbers. Ports and an odd pitch, I would bet it is not a Bravo1, but that is just a guess.
  4. mulligan

    Power Tech BRV4

    I see from another thread that Power Tech is now making a Bravo style prop. Just wondering if anyone has a comparison of the two? It looks like the PT has the barrel flare of the Bravo I with PVS holes. I only looked at one picture so kinda hard to tell if all else is the same. It also looks to be a lot less $$$.
  5. mulligan

    Best motor for a Redfisher 18 Lappy

    To eliminate the tank and all associated lines get yourself a gas can and hook it up right off the motor. This will tell you if it is a motor issue or fuel supply to the motor. I had an issue like yours on a 97 Hewes I had. It turned out to be the pickup tube inside the tank that had a restriction causing it to fall flat on its face under load.
  6. mulligan

    25 Hybrid

    https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/col/boa/d/fort-myers-2018-pathfinder-2500-hybrid/7086510346.html This would go nice with the 23' that was on Craigslist not long ago.
  7. mulligan

    Repairing Bob's Machine Shop oil reservoir

    This ^^. I have done it many times at work for small plastic gas and oil tanks as a "get by" until the new tanks have come in. It has always worked almost to good as some of the tanks never got replaced. The key is to get both the tank and the filler hot enough to melt. Think of it like welding with oxy accetylene.
  8. mulligan

    White or black?

    Black. The white will yellow after time.
  9. mulligan

    Under gunnel SS rod holder inserts

    What about stainless through hull fittings? I cut some out of starboard for Hurricane awhile back. Fairly simple if I recall.
  10. mulligan

    Egret is killing it!

    What about a new 21'? 50MPH with a 115! http://chittumskiffs.com/islamorada-21/
  11. mulligan

    Under gunnel SS rod holder inserts

    If I recall this was brought up before. My memory is foggy so I can't remember the outcome nor could find it in a search. Hurricane , Gabe, was looking for white ones not ss i think. Who knows, maybe my memory is so bad that it never happened and I made it up in my head.
  12. mulligan

    Egret is killing it!

    OK I get the tabs mounted on the back of the transom and not under. Yes they look better recessed and one, well two less things for a line to snag on but I have had my head over the transom and have seem some disturbance in the water flow. I also get it that there is more buoyancy with a non-pocket hull but how is it faster? I know the L&B boys run faster with a pocket hull than non-pocket. Also doesn't a pocket allow for the motor to run higher without adding setback? I could see no pocket on a 16' but on a 19',20' I would think it would be a plus? I really think MBC needs to turn us loose at the factory with some molds and sawzalls and let us at it! No need for those fancy CAD and CNC machines just good ole playing until it is just right.
  13. mulligan

    Aluminum boat trailer axle question

    I' m not sure about the EZLoader as i do not have one. My 21 came with a single axle Continental. After 2 flats in a few months a second axle was under the boat and life has been good after that. It was easy to do just a lot of measuring. I had thought about keeping it a single 5200# with D tires and I'm sure that would have worked well but just like the idea of twin axles. If something happens with a twin axle I know I can make it home on one axle.
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