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  1. mulligan

    Maverick - Hewes comparison

    Coto chimed in as I was typing. I think he nailed it as some are talking about the HPX line while others the MA line. Two different boat and two different comparisons to Hewes. On top of that there is the years comparison in each line. The original post of Hewes vs Maverick is very broad without knowing what the OP is looking at for a comparison.
  2. mulligan

    New Trailer Jack Wheel

    YES! I somewhat copied your jack idea the last time you had it done. With a bigger and better wheel i can move a 21' boat on a twin axle trailer.
  3. mulligan

    Mercury V12

    https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/v12/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuoaZyrDi7gIVC02GCh3e0QvjEAAYASAAEgLgVfD_BwE They keep getting bigger!
  4. mulligan

    Who has a Sea Claw anchor? Recommendations?

    Ok, so what boat did you get? Or is this an "Asking for a friend"?
  5. mulligan

    Hewes transom issues

    I had a 97 BF that did the same thing. From what i was told years ago when it happened is that it was the way the stringers are attached to the transom, or lack of. I had it repaired where they beefed up the stringer/transom attachment. Ran it for 7 or 8 years until I sold the boat and it was still solid as a rock without any further issues.
  6. mulligan

    Prop Recommendation HPX 18, SHO 115

    Just wondering if anyone has tried a Mercury Trophy? I know it is an "older" prop but has always had good grip, lift, holeshot, and speed.
  7. mulligan

    Gelcoat colors for same model across many years

    I usually mix my own gelcoat from pure white to match. The "older" oyster white was a touch of black and a touch of yellow if my faded memory is correct. A quart of white gel coat is about $25. A quart is a lot of touch ups and plenty to play to figure out the color combo to match your hull. The 05 oyster white is a simple white gel coat with a touch of brown pigment.
  8. I have different boat but same motor and have run both OFX and Bravo. The OFX was a 22 and ran close to 6k and the Bravo was a 23 and ran about the same RPM. The Bravo was a worked FS. I also ran a stock 25 Bravo XS to about 5600 if I recall.
  9. mulligan

    Gelcoat colors for same model across many years

    I can not speak for all years. I had a 97 and 05 and can say they are different oyster whites. The 97 was closer to a real white while the 05 had more of a tan to it.
  10. mulligan

    18 master angler with 300 etec

    I want a ride! For some that have been around a while you might remember Ebony Mule's 18 Redfisher with a 300 Yammi on the back. Now he did have 150 stickers on it😊
  11. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    And the results are.....?
  12. mulligan

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    This might help.
  13. mulligan

    2005 3.3 Vmax problem

    I'm not sure but guessing he split it as it needed a whole gasket kit and crank and all were miced out.
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