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  1. mulligan

    Rust stains from washing

    No, just well water. I can tap off after the softener and the crappy filter that came with the house. I see if that helps or I will put a peroxide system on the well like I planed awhile ago but put it on the back burner.
  2. mulligan

    Rust stains from washing

    Thanks guys. I guess the idea of a quick fix is not going to happen. I will tap into the line before it goes into to house to see if that helps.
  3. mulligan

    Rust stains from washing

    My house water is from a well and has some iron in the water. So every time I wash the boat it leaves a slight film of iron that discolors the boat. I have have tried hand drying and waxing more but it just comes back on the next wash. Short of removing the rust and waxing the whole boat every time it is used is there anything that can be used to prevent rust stains? I was thinking about a hose filter like https://www.amazon.com/Eco-One-Outdoor-Purifier-Accessories/dp/B004P5M4LE but not sure if it will work.
  4. mulligan

    Stern Hatch Wiring

    If it were me since you have good ability to get to the wires, i would label all the wires to where the go. Then disconnect them all. Start from where they enter the hatch and route them nice and neat. While doing that check all the connections and replace what needs it and like mentioned above shorten and lengthen where need be.
  5. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    So they push you around on the boat AND polish! You got them trained good.
  6. mulligan

    So easy, even an 8 year old can do it

    That's awesome! Sounds like you have no excuse for a new trolling motor as long as he is onboard.
  7. mulligan

    Keel roller challenge

    Maybe it is a shadow in that last pick but it looks like the corner of the bunk is resting on the strake, that is a lot of weight on a small area. If that is the case moving it off the strake would help distribute the weight, If it can not be move maybe contour the bunk to fit.
  8. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I have used treated lumber on an old and did not have any issues. That being said when I put new bunks on my current trailer I used cypress. I got the cypress from a mill and it was the same price as treated lumber and they are real dimensions.
  9. mulligan

    Watch the Heat

    Well done and well put Capt.Troy. It seemed like Monday the Florida summer started. It was 83 degrees this morning on my drive to work at 4:30AM!
  10. mulligan

    Help Baitwell Strainer Bowl

    Yes. Tractor Supply use to carry them but last I checked the only ones they had were solid black in color.
  11. mulligan

    Help Baitwell Strainer Bowl

    You can find them at an ag store. They are the same as used on fertilizer/chemical sprayers.
  12. mulligan

    Bravo 1 prop

    I think you will be happy with a 24, if not I might know someone with a 23 that could be willing to trade😁. Let us know how it does.
  13. mulligan

    Pathfinder and mercury outboards

    I thought it was said awhile ago you could put Merc on some Pathfinders. I know some of the larger ones, 2600, came out with Mercs on them. Looks like Mercury on the back of the blue boats.
  14. mulligan

    Bravo 1 prop

    Flatout, I running a 23 FS at 63/64 at 6,000 rpm. If i were to get another one i would go up in pitch. It is not the fastest for me nor has the best holeshot but it is close to the top in both so it works for what i want. As a plus the cruise is slightly above square and the midrange punch is great.
  15. mulligan

    Bravo 1 prop

    The Bravo 1 I ran was borrowed, sorry.
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