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  1. On my previous 2200v I had a Garelick ladder that worked ok, but some people had trouble using. I recently bought another 2200v without a boarding ladder and hated all the options out there. Then I stumbled across a post here where Outlaw has built some incredible ladders and platforms. I got in touch with him and he got it back to me ahead of my trip with the wife to Matlacha. Talk about a sweet set up! Thanks again Outlaw!
  2. TroutTouter

    22’ Pathfinder swim / boarding ladder

    Can you please message me a quote for the ladder that will fit a 2004 Pathfinder 2200V shipped to 32806?
  3. TroutTouter

    New Swim Platform/Ladder

    Would this fit a 2004 2200V?
  4. TroutTouter

    LED Navigation Lights

    I ended up ordering them from Mavik Marine out of Clearwater. List price was $48.76, which came to $61 with FL tax and shipping. http://www.mavikmarine.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1227 The cheapest I found them on eBay was $60 and it wasn't a Buy It Now.
  5. TroutTouter

    LED Navigation Lights

    Thanks, guys. Ordering them now.
  6. TroutTouter

    LED Navigation Lights

    Thanks. Is that the ones folks are using? If so, how do you like them?
  7. TroutTouter

    LED Navigation Lights

    I swore a while ago someone posted about swapping out their Pathfinder 2200's navigation lights for LEDs that fit into their shark eyes. I can't find it in the search. Can someone help?
  8. TroutTouter

    1994 tournament

    Does this boat say "Tournament" where the Hewes sticker usually is? If so I saw one of these the other day and they are sweet!
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