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  1. Bamaskeet

    2200 Performance Numbers

    If you are going to run skinny a lot, invest in a separate water pump pressure gauge, so you will know exactly what’s happening.
  2. Bamaskeet

    2005 pathfinder 2000v troll motor length

    The length of the trolling motor depends on your usage. If you fish a lot of flat water you can get away with less than 60” trolling motor. But if you expect to fish lumpy conditions, you will be much happier with a 60” trolling motor.
  3. Bamaskeet

    1900V forward seating ?

    Starting in 2002 with the 2200V, Pathfinder went way from the upholstered seats to fiberglass lids for the forward rod lockers.
  4. Bamaskeet

    ISO Pathfinder 2300hps

    That does look like a pretty 2300 HPS.
  5. Bamaskeet

    Spot Lock issue / question

    Spot lock is very voltage sensitive. Bad batteries or a plug connection problem will give you spot lock problems. And like Smilemaker suggested, buy a cheap battery tester from Harbor Freight but remember you have to charge the batteries before testing them.
  6. Bamaskeet

    Inshore rod recommendations

    Fishing rods are personal. What feels good to me might not feel good to you. My fishing partner and I use completely different rods. He likes Duckets and I prefer Star Stellar Lites. You can buy them for $100-$150.. I also like the Shimano Teramars but they are a little too heavy for 1/4 oz grubs.
  7. Bamaskeet

    Suzuki Power

    I’m not sure where the 15.5K price came from but if I was shopping for a Suzuki, I would contact Mike at International Marine. He does a pile of Repowers.
  8. Bamaskeet

    Lost power to switch panel

    I had to replace my 2004 fuse block, the plastic just disintegrated.
  9. Bamaskeet

    Reinforcing console floor 02 1900

    I’ve used Hobo’s system to stiffen my floor. I sandwiched the console floor between two aluminum angles just behind the batteries.
  10. Bamaskeet

    Live well hose replacement

    I’ve had two baitwell pumps leak.
  11. Bamaskeet

    2200 Performance Numbers

    200 hp SHO’s are difficult to prop because the motor runs like a 250 hp until you get above 4400 rpm, then the ECM shuts it down to 200 hp.
  12. Bamaskeet

    2200 Performance Numbers

    I get similar numbers with my F150. You need a different prop, you should get a lot more performance out of your SHO than you are currently getting.
  13. Bamaskeet

    Broken bunk mounts Ameratrail

    Why don’t you call Ameratrail and ask them if they can repair your trailer?
  14. Bamaskeet

    2400 TRS Tab question

    If you use a stern lifting propeller like a OFX4 or a Rev 4, you might get away without tabs for normal conditions.
  15. Bamaskeet

    Boat Trailer

    I agree with Ron, I suggest you buy an Ameratrail. They are not cheap nor perfect, but they launch, load, and pull great.
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