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  1. lurem

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Thanks DavidG.
  2. lurem

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    My gf wanted to shoot and was terrified of guns, I took it easy on her and started with .22's and now she is a confident shooter. I have 6 different .22's in my stable. Her favorite is the new Taurus TX-22 with 16 round mag. It is similar to your shield in design and function. Her second favorite is the beretta neos with a 6" barrel. About 2 months my sister took an interest in shooting so I took the Taurus and we went to the range. She is a natural and wants to shoot more. Starting a new shooter with a .22 is a no brainer for me. Once they master the basics and become proficient they can move up in caliber if they want later. Rural King has the Taurus for a little under $300 right now, I think I saw $268? P.S. Don't 'buy' her a gun because you think it will work for her, let her test drive several before buying one 'she' likes. Ask me how I know, that's how I ended up with a half dozen! LOL
  3. lurem

    LightTackle 18’/Redfisher 140 Suzuki numbers/review

    I think you already have 2 customers in dabear and me if you decide to make the air fresheners! Lol
  4. lurem

    18 master angler with 300 etec

    Sweet subscribed
  5. lurem

    LightTackle 18’/Redfisher 140 Suzuki numbers/review

    2 STROKE AIR FRESHNER, I LOVE IT!! Where can I buy some! LOL I remember 'back in the day' when I rode dirt bikes there was a brand of 2 stroke oil called BEL_RAY and it had a distinctive smell, maybe we could clone it? Good report, I didn't mean to derail your thread.
  6. lurem

    Reds are coming alive.

    nice work!
  7. lurem

    2007 Redfisher 16

    IMO, if you are happy with your current prop performance (cruise, top end, etc) except for the holeshot you may try porting the prop and using 1/4 to 1/3 trim tabs down on takeoffs.
  8. lurem

    Best budget reels fishing with kids

    SM6, Another thing that was fun when my son was small was to put a couple Hula hoops in the front or back yard and let them practice casting to them put a small weight or hard lure with the hooks removed). Before long they will be skipping baits under the mangroves like a pro!
  9. lurem

    Tampa Bay gag diggin’ - Trip 1

    Nice work Josh! Glad to see Skiffin out on the water!!
  10. lurem

    Best budget reels fishing with kids

    2 and 3 YO wielding a 4000 series reel? Nice! I don't know what 'budget' you are in but I have had good luck with the Daiwa Fuego LT series spinning reel. I have a 1000, 2500 and a 3000 series for over a year now and fish almost every weekend. Not a guide but a recreational fisherman. They run $100 +/- and I see them for 20% off occasionally. I match them up with a 6'6", 7', 7'6" ML (yes ML) rod and have a blast. fishing inshore Tampa bay. I buy the OHERO series rods for $70 in Tampa
  11. lurem

    1982 Yamaha IT465 Dirt Bike

    What memories! What a great bike! I had a 1982 KTM 250 air cooled and had lots of fun riding in the woods up near Lake City Florida. Man those bikes are fun! GLWS as well!
  12. lurem

    1985 Hewes Bonefisher II

  13. lurem

    2007 Hewes 21 Redfisher Project

    Has it made it in the shop? What's the plan? subscribed
  14. Me and my son went to Gator Jim's tackle down by the skyway Sunday and they had a nice selection of stuff with the shelves and peg boards full. We got some hooks, lures and a new reel. I went to the range yesterday in Dade city and there was a guy telling us that gun stores had blazer CCI 9 mm anywhere from $11/box to $40/ box at different stores. He says the ones with the cheaper prices sell out in less than 2 hours after they are put on the sales floor. I tried to coerce him to telling the store that had them for $11/box and he just smirked. He is probably the one that bought them all when they put them out! LOL
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