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  1. lurem

    Hewes with F300!

    I disagree, BDSnook and I fish together and alternate boats, mine is a 16 RF and his is a 21 MA. The 21 MA is definitely a live bait boat with live wells in the front and back. his boat rides like a greyhound through the water in smooth and rough water, mine is more like a jack Russell terrier bouncing along in any kind of water. We use the front live well on his boat exclusively. It has a large lid opening, seals around the edge and holds a ton of bait. Now, when it gets dicey on the water and it is full some small amounts of water will splash out. Other than that it is a great option for me, a live bait kind of guy. On the other hand when we get into my boat and use the live well the lid opening is WAY to small, it feels like the size of a shoe box lid after being on Dave's boat. It is also in the rear and we fish off the bow using the trolling motor or power poled up. we have to go to the back of the boat every time we need a bait. IMO, this new boat could use a step and front live well.
  2. lurem

    Hewes with F300!

    Maybe make the front livewell a little lower than the regular deck to be used as a 'step up' for us older guys???
  3. lurem

    2015 Yamaha VMAX SHO 200

    I am starting to see more and more Key west boats here at the ramps and they are gorgeous looking! I hope it is still there when you get off work! Shane, how are they selling at your place?
  4. lurem

    Hewes with F300!

    I am in the same boat as you, I am not on facebook, Instagram or any social media. Hopefully it will show up somewhere we can access it for the old timers in the group.
  5. lurem

    Hewes with F300!

    Troy, I bought my MA 18 from Jack at Jack's interbay and had my services done with Joe while they were still in business. Both of them took a little getting used to but once you did they were fine. haha
  6. lurem

    Hewes with F300!

    They forgot the front livewell! Am I the only one who wants a boat with a front livewell?
  7. lurem

    What memories do you have of your childhood

    They live in bonneau, SC and that is lake moultrie.
  8. lurem

    What memories do you have of your childhood

    My grandparents live on a lake in SC and this was there boat. We went there every summer and the whole family could water ski. This is a picture of it and what I learned to water ski behind when I was 8 YO. It had a 35 HP motor and the hull was aluminum. Something happened to the 35 hp and the next summer I went they had a 33HP outboard. Lots of memories for sure.
  9. lurem

    Stern Squat?

    I have the CB marine one on my 2008 RF 16 right now. It does help with porpoising but does not cure it on my model boat. My .02, I had a bad experience with CB marine, says 2 weeks to get your plate from order date, mine took 3 months. Never really got a real answer why just did. Also, it is a little different design than the Bob's that others are running. When you are on plane and let off the throttle to come off plane you need to be careful and feather the throttle as it comes off plane. For some reason this design lets a huge back wash come over top of your engine cowl if you are not paying attention and just cut the throttle. It took a couple trips to master but now it is no big deal.
  10. lurem

    Fun Tackle Question?

    Headhunter, Here is my thought... I fish with a 7 ft ML rod and a 1000/2000 series reel with 8 or 10# braid and a 20# leader. I also have a 6'6" setup that I use set up the same way. It is easy to fish with and easy to cast in the open and I also use it for skipping under docks and mangroves. One more thing, either let her watch a couple you tube videos (you avoid the squint eye look) on casting and skipping baits and then you and her practice in the yard. Make a game with hula hoops and a couple stations at different distances to cast from. Pretty soon she will be skippin and flippin baits like a pro. Remember every time you change baits or lures you need a couple practice throws to get the 'new' feel of how hard to throw, at least I do. Maybe she is getting discouraged on the first couple throws when you guys are out because she is not accustomed to the weight? Have her cast in the open a couple times to see how the bait/lure is gonna fly before attempting to pitch it under the dock? Just thinking out loud here.
  11. I did not see a price??
  12. And another prop finds a home at one of our foster parents from the forum!! haha Foster parent sounds so much better that prop-o-holic, or the other word doesn't it?
  13. lurem

    2001 21' Redfisher - SOLD

    Did I miss the price?
  14. lurem

    Sheepshead - Winter trip #2

    GREAT WORK Josh! How are you liking your new motor? You have had it on there several months now. Give us an update.
  15. lurem

    Hydromotive Props

    Brad, Great write up as always! Would it be worth a call to Hydromotive and ask about your results? You ordered the prop after reading the description on their website and it did not perform as described. Maybe they can help you out before you try to sell it?
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