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  1. lurem

    Gunsmith reccomendations

  2. lurem

    Hole in the fuel tank

    Another place I contacted when I was looking for fiberglass work to be done was Young boats in Inglis. They do refurbishes on all makes and models and have good reviews. You may want to get as many estimates as you can since it is a major job and $$$$.
  3. lurem

    Hole in the fuel tank

    I am sorry to here about this. I recently used Holland Fiberglass off of Linebaugh ave and had good results. They rebuilt the transom on my new to me Maverick about 3 months ago. Leland was my contact at Holland. They did the fiberglass work but did have there mechanic remove my engine and jackplate.
  4. https://www.tampabay.com/news/breaking-news/2021/09/04/tesla-crashes-into-palm-harbor-home-leaving-2-dead-and-3-seriously-injured/ Very sad, he has worked on my boats throughout the years and was always very professional and on top of his game. RIP
  5. lurem

    Gunsmith reccomendations

    Thanks Ken, I did not know that he passed away. RIP
  6. lurem

    Gunsmith reccomendations

    I am not sure if he does gunsmithing but coachgun1 on here has helped and guided me before. shoot him a PM if you want.
  7. I believe the Tournament edition Pathfinders have the small front livewell on the bow area and the regular Pathfinders do not. Do you have a front livewell on yours?
  8. If you are happy with the performance of the prop in all other aspects would it be possible to add ports the prop for a better holeshot? I am not sure if this works as well on 4 stroke engines as it does on 2 strokes.
  9. lurem

    "Time Capsule" 18.5 is SOLD!

    dkgfish, I believe the OP is posting this for his brother so he may not relay the information as quickly as if you call or contact him yourself with the information listed in the post. This boat won't last long. This is super clean!! dc
  10. lurem

    "Time Capsule" 18.5 is SOLD!

    time capsule indeed!! WOW!
  11. lurem

    21 RF repower

    Awesome work!!
  12. lurem

    18.5 Master Angler Repower

    I have one of these boats and may repower from my current Yamaha 150 2S HPDI. If I decide to go new this is what I see online. All seem similar in weight. Current Yamaha 150 HPDI 2001 MY 468 # Yamaha SHO 150 or 175 4 stroke 480# 2.8L Mercury 150 PROxs 4 stroke 456# 3.0L Mercury 175 PROxs 4 stroke 470# 3.4L
  13. lurem

    250 SHO starter?

    You may look into this as well.... I recently went through this similar problem you are describing and couldn't figure it out so I took it to a local shop. There is a wire/cable at the bottom of the starter that was about 4-5" long and went from the starter to the solenoid pack. Grab it and pull on/ wiggle it from start to finish. Mine has separated inside the cable and would only make a connection intermittently. it was an easy fix but hard for someone like me to find and diagnose. R=What I am saying is check the battery cables and feel for weak spots in the cable. Here is the part number I needed in case I can't explain it properly. I have a 115 Yamaha 2 stroke. part number 6E5-82117-01-00
  14. lurem

    Yamaha V4 115 vs. Yamaha V4 ProV 115

    Dabear hauling the mail. I remember that boat! Good times for sure!
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