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  1. lurem

    18.5 Master Angler Repower

    I have one of these boats and may repower from my current Yamaha 150 2S HPDI. If I decide to go new this is what I see online. All seem similar in weight. Current Yamaha 150 HPDI 2001 MY 468 # Yamaha SHO 150 or 175 4 stroke 480# 2.8L Mercury 150 PROxs 4 stroke 456# 3.0L Mercury 175 PROxs 4 stroke 470# 3.4L
  2. lurem

    250 SHO starter?

    You may look into this as well.... I recently went through this similar problem you are describing and couldn't figure it out so I took it to a local shop. There is a wire/cable at the bottom of the starter that was about 4-5" long and went from the starter to the solenoid pack. Grab it and pull on/ wiggle it from start to finish. Mine has separated inside the cable and would only make a connection intermittently. it was an easy fix but hard for someone like me to find and diagnose. R=What I am saying is check the battery cables and feel for weak spots in the cable. Here is the part
  3. lurem

    Yamaha V4 115 vs. Yamaha V4 ProV 115

    Dabear hauling the mail. I remember that boat! Good times for sure!
  4. lurem

    engine hits dead spot

    What about the black box (CDI ignition)? I had a similiar problem on my 90 2 stroke and it drove me crazy. It was intermittent like you described and impossible to find. I had a friend who had the same motor and we swapped coils, carbs, etc (yes, he was a good friend) and finally the box and it ran fine. I located one on ebay and problem solved. They are expensive so I would try to borrow one first. This is just a guess but you seem to have tried almost everything else.
  5. lurem


    NICE GARAGE!! hehe
  6. lurem

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    What do you think the RPM range is on yours? What RPM's are you seeing at those speeds? Yes, it is worth it to get it dialed in!
  7. lurem

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    That is great news!! Side question...what prop are you currently running and what are you thinking of having done to it?
  8. lurem


    Good morning, You may want to add pricing and your location to your ad. I can't seem to get the pictures to come up on my computer.
  9. lurem

    Hewes Bonefisher Bean Bag Chairs

    I have one for my 16 RF and it is perfect. I bought the "L" shaped one and it came in two different widths. I measured between the gunnel and my console and got the one closest to that measurement (Can't remember exactly, I have had it for about 5 years). it is very comfortable for riding and you can set it where ever you want when at the sandbar.
  10. lurem

    Help Me Hide This Eyesore

    If you are a live bait fisherman is there any way to get some plumbing up there like the TE models and make it a small pitchwell to hold a few baits so you don't have to walk to the rear livewell everytime?
  11. lurem

    21 Redfisher hull hook?

    good looking boat!!
  12. lurem

    gas tank

    I may still have the old brochure for my 2007 and I believe it says 30 gallons. I will have to look. I could not get the attachments in the Hewes brochure section on this site to load from my computer. maybe someone else can?
  13. That is typical for the Hewes line to squat on the rear. Some do more than others.
  14. If they knew the liners where bad why not get tanker trucks in to pump it out like mentioned in the video above? Sounds like they just said 'it's not our problem, let someone else take care of it. We will pay the fine and go on about our business as usual.' I'll bet if that stuff was being pumped into the phosphate owners pool in his backyard or maybe into his house for drinking water for his family to drink there might be a little more urgency for him to address it!
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