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  1. lurem

    Need a little help!

  2. lurem

    2002 HPX V Jackplate and Cavitation

    Geeviam, Instead of having boat manufacturers drill different holes how about the jackplate companies design the mounting holes lower so you have a level base starting point of where the engine was originally mounted and then adjust for your situation as needed?
  3. lurem

    Watch the Heat

    Similar, but she quit talking and was swaying back and forth while sitting on the ground.
  4. lurem

    Watch the Heat

    Good job keeping an eye on everyone Capt Troy!! My gf had the same thing happen while working in her yard the other day. I reacted the same way you did and got her cooled off (neck, armpits, groin with wet towels and water). It took her a couple days before she felt back to 100%. Very scary for her!
  5. lurem

    Boat Wrap

    Search member bdsnook on this forum. He did his 21 MA by himself and spent under $300 for materials and new stickers.
  6. lurem

    Bravo 1 prop

    Jaco marine in Tenn. is another good source for Merc props with fair pricing.
  7. lurem

    Everglades City Advice

    Download the navionics map on your phone. Even if you don't have cell service you can down load the area to your phone and use it for basic navigation.
  8. lurem

    What boat do you miss most?

    This is a great thread! Lot's of memories. Keep them coming!
  9. lurem

    Challenges of an older boat (2004) trim tab

    T.A. MAHONEYS near you will have it and they are very helpful.
  10. lurem

    Gelcoat issues

    It may be an optical illusion but are the strakes of the hull riding on the bunks and not the flat part of the hull? That would need to be adjusted or those strakes will eventually crack after hitting a few bumps going down the road on the trailer.
  11. lurem

    New prop advice needed - 115 Vmax SHO, 17' MA

    Contact Pondfisher on the board. He has the same setup and can weigh in.
  12. lurem

    No more E techs

    It does mention new projects in the link above. Pursuing new opportunities within Build and Transform phases of strategy With this announcement, BRP will be positioned to expand its presence in the pontoon and aluminum fishing markets through technologically advanced solutions. We will leverage our track record of ingenuity through our R&D resources to enhance the boating experience with unique new marine products, such as the next generation of engine technology with Project Ghost and the next generation of pontoons with Project M, code names for new products we expect to transform the industry
  13. lurem

    Hewes with F300!

    I disagree, BDSnook and I fish together and alternate boats, mine is a 16 RF and his is a 21 MA. The 21 MA is definitely a live bait boat with live wells in the front and back. his boat rides like a greyhound through the water in smooth and rough water, mine is more like a jack Russell terrier bouncing along in any kind of water. We use the front live well on his boat exclusively. It has a large lid opening, seals around the edge and holds a ton of bait. Now, when it gets dicey on the water and it is full some small amounts of water will splash out. Other than that it is a great option for me, a live bait kind of guy. On the other hand when we get into my boat and use the live well the lid opening is WAY to small, it feels like the size of a shoe box lid after being on Dave's boat. It is also in the rear and we fish off the bow using the trolling motor or power poled up. we have to go to the back of the boat every time we need a bait. IMO, this new boat could use a step and front live well.
  14. lurem

    Hewes with F300!

    Maybe make the front livewell a little lower than the regular deck to be used as a 'step up' for us older guys???
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