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  1. slyshon

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    Sorry all, held out as long as we could hoping we could have the event. Skip
  2. Sorry but we have nothing on this model. We do have some older brochures, if you email me direct with your contact info I can email you a copy of the brochure on this model, slyshon@maverickboatgroup.com. Skip
  3. slyshon

    Pathfinder and mercury outboards

    Yes, depends on what you mean by soon? We are working through it now, hope to have Mercury pricing available in the next 2 weeks. Skip
  4. slyshon

    Pathfinder Dealers in S Fla

    Your best bet is to work with your local/ nearest dealer, we have many Florida dealers. All will be very close on price and at some point you will need your local dealer. At present, inventory is very low, you will not find many in stock. Skip
  5. slyshon

    Pathfinder and mercury outboards

    We are working with Mercury now and should have pricing done very soon on limited models, not going to offer them across the board just yet. Mostly the larger models with higher HP to start and a couple of the skiffs. As for the boats in the pictures, those are Freedom Boat Club rental boats, Freedom is owned now by Brunswick and we do rig some Freedom builds with Mercury. Skip
  6. slyshon

    2500 rod locker/ bow storage

    Not really no, there are tubes on both sides for the rod tip, depending on the size rods you can get a few more in. Skip
  7. slyshon

    2007 Cobia 21 Bay construction

    No wood in a 2007. Skip
  8. slyshon

    Cushion Options on 2400 TRS

    Could be done but it is really not deep enough, the added height of the cushions is going to put you sitting even with the gunnel.
  9. slyshon

    Cushion Options on 2400 TRS

    Not available, forward deck is really not deep enough for cushions. Skip
  10. slyshon

    Possibly ruined 1810v

    The foam used is closed cell but if it has been cut/ drilled etc it can absorb water. Skip
  11. slyshon

    Windshield cleaner - 301CC

    From our WS manufacturer: We use microfiber cloth with an ammonia-free glass cleaner called Sprayway – both available at Home Depot and Ace hardware.
  12. slyshon

    Windshield cleaner - 301CC

    Soap and water with soft cloth, no harsh chemicals. It is not glass, it is a polymer, will post label from manufacturer shortly. Skip
  13. slyshon

    Cobia Table

    Most likely a switch issue, we have seen a few of them go bad. Skip
  14. 301CC_Cobia_Owners_Manual_2019.pdf
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