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  1. slyshon

    237 head upgrade

    You are correct, aftermarket install of the holding tank is a no go. Skip
  2. slyshon

    New Retail Websites are up!

    Check them out, went live today: Home - Maverick Home - Hewes http--pathfinderboats.com- Cobia Skip
  3. We hunt meat... Skip
  4. slyshon

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    Lots more to come in the next few weeks, we are all still here, no changes. Skip
  5. slyshon

    2300 HPS console

    Both of those pictures are dated, the top one is from years ago. The 2nd picture is more realistic, we do not use those same switches any longer and the switch panel has recently become narrower to fit larger electronics. Skip
  6. slyshon

    Draining the Live Well

    Yes, that is the only way to drain the well. You can cut down the threads on the standpipe. Skip
  7. slyshon

    Light Tackle 18 Fuel Tank Size?

    40 gallons Skip
  8. 11' will be tight but should clear, 12' no problem. Skip
  9. slyshon

    Maverick 18 HPX-V MSRP?

    We do not have the Maverick Build A Boat feature completed with MSRP yet. If you would like please email me direct to slyshon@maverickboatgroup.com and I can email you a MSRP Order Form. Skip
  10. slyshon

    Current build time

    Understand your frustrations, believe me. To answer your question, once a boat gets started current build times are from 10-14 days. Skip
  11. slyshon

    Happy Birthday.

    Thanks, that's funny, feeling each of these 60 years these days. Skip
  12. slyshon

    24 TRS and 25 HPS Fish Box Insulation

    No not a designated FB, most use the port aft release well box as a fish box on the 23. Skip
  13. slyshon

    24 TRS and 25 HPS Fish Box Insulation

    They work fine for a day box, use mine on the 25 quite often. We are limited as to how much insulation we can get around the boxes as they have to fit in the given space. I have found the trick is to "precool" them, I ice my box the night before and then add more ice in the morning. Skip
  14. slyshon

    Current build time

    Thank you for understanding. Skip
  15. slyshon

    Current build time

    Tough to answer at the moment, working through the schedule now. In some cases, depending on model the start is delayed 3-4 weeks.
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