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  1. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Getting ready for next tide. Looking for the big girls. dh
  2. 👍 the reason Dino and Mike had such a good day was I wasn’t on board complaining all day😄
  3. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Two, a midnight mullet in 1/0 and one I made up we call big red in 3/0. Both were effective.
  4. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Didn’t break the record but had a great evening. We landed about seven snook and broke off as many. My biggest was 10 pounds and my buddy Greg landed a 14 pounder. Maybe next time.
  5. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Target is one over 15-05 on 12# tippet, club record. That all I want for Christmas . Record was set in 1997. dh
  6. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Thx for the responses. Today the beach looked better than it has in a long time. No grass to speak of and some bait. Will give it a test for a while tomorrow early. Tomorrow afternoon going to target some bigger snuke with the long rod in the PB Inlet ( tide critical). It’s a long shot, but you never know. Dredging for these mammas in deep water is a challenge to say the least. dh
  7. Anyone seen bait on the beach, general area ? Not much around Jupiter and the grass is really bad. Thx, dh
  8. Donh

    Good Snookin’

    Capt. Dino, I look forward to the same from you tomorrow , but don’t send me any pictures of snook less than 15 pounds lol
  9. Donh

    Good Snookin’

    Landed about 20, lost half that many. Couple 40 inchers. Off the water by 12:30, home by 1:15. Can’t beat for a morning of fun.
  10. Donh

    Maverick 18 HPX-V 2019

    Where is it?
  11. Maybe we should listen more carefully to Dave’s report, solar, etc. Fishing was really off yesterday. My guide buddy from Titusville did lead the way with this 27 pounder. Capt. DeWalt, when is that new trailer showing up? dh
  12. Great report. Snook fishing tomorrow locally. Not checking any charts, just fishing . Dino, I think that was Lefty Kreh who said that.
  13. Donh

    What boat do you miss most?

    Yes Capt. Dino that little bucket was a winner, leaks and all. Sure miss it sometimes. Would definitely consider another one. dh
  14. Sounds like an opportunity for a little long rod exercise.
  15. Now that’s a snuke!👍
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