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  1. Donh


    Jonny King Muddler for rooster fish. Just wish they are going to be on my leader . Tying for my fishing bud going to Mexico. dh
  2. Donh

    Fishing pole shortage !

    Just try to get a GLoomis NRX+. Back order, back order . What’s going on?
  3. Are we comparing size of snook? Just kidding😄beautiful day! dh
  4. Donh

    Inlet 8/26

    Thx. We’ll see how I do tomorrow on those big reds( I hope) in the Indian River. dh
  5. Donh

    Mosquito Lagoon trout

    PB Inlet. 8/26.
  6. Donh

    Mosquito Lagoon trout

  7. Donh

    Inlet 8/26

    Looks like last trip for this year’s spawn , but it was a good one. We had a strong outgoing tide and around 7 pm things really got crazy. In about one hour I had seven snook on, four over the gunnel, one broken tippet and two pulled hooks. The biggest was 12 pounds. Lightning got a little scary so we called it quits at 8. One sample😄
  8. Donh


    Not my fish but my fly. One of my fishing partners landed an 88 pound rooster fish in Mexico this weekend on a 10 wt. rod. One hour and fifteen minutes to the boat. This fish is 26 pounds over the IGFA record but he had the wrong tippet. Never seen one so big.
  9. Donh

    Flies - Online

    Ol Florida in Boca and Whites in Stuart/Ft.Pierce has free shipping.
  10. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Getting ready for next tide. Looking for the big girls. dh
  11. 👍 the reason Dino and Mike had such a good day was I wasn’t on board complaining all day😄
  12. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Two, a midnight mullet in 1/0 and one I made up we call big red in 3/0. Both were effective.
  13. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Didn’t break the record but had a great evening. We landed about seven snook and broke off as many. My biggest was 10 pounds and my buddy Greg landed a 14 pounder. Maybe next time.
  14. Donh

    Where’s the Bait?

    Target is one over 15-05 on 12# tippet, club record. That all I want for Christmas . Record was set in 1997. dh
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