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  1. Sounds like an opportunity for a little long rod exercise.
  2. Now that’s a snuke!👍
  3. Donh

    Simple Redfish Fly

    Can’t beat simple and effective.👍
  4. Donh

    Some drag pullers

    Cudos to the great guides and my bud Capt. DeWalt for putting me on the fish. Been very fortunate in that the two years I’ve been a member of the WPB Fishing Club I’ve posted seven club records and several Annual Fishing Contest winners. The challenge is to match the tackle, fly, spin, arties, bait, to the fishing you are targeting.
  5. Donh

    Maverick HPX-T 15hrs

    Owned one. Very shallow. If that’s a consideration you don’t need any less imo.
  6. Donh

    Peacock Bass

    Pattern working on peacock .
  7. Donh

    Like Clockwork

    👍 thought we had all gone to sleep 😄
  8. Donh

    Mosquito Lagoon trout

  9. Donh

    Pathfinder 2000V

    FYI regarding the question about speed. I had a 2006 with the Yamaha 150 and it would hit the rev limiter around 50 mph, two people, trolling motor, typical stuff. Probably my favorite out of all the boats I’ve had. Got a picture of the GPS/ speed somewhere. dh
  10. Donh

    Banana River area

    Fished up that way last week. Lots of big black drum schooling, but looks like reds have left the building. Any opinions why they have moved out?
  11. Donh

    Black drum

    Little of both 😄 There are always bigger fish. Saw some 40 pounders but not playing.
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