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  1. Donh

    Plastic Fuel Tank Gone Bad? Advice Needed

    Wanaflatsfish ( Capt. DeWalt) just replaced his tank on his Maverick Master Angler 17. He has been posting progress and pictures . Maybe you can gain some insight as to the repair.
  2. Donh

    Is this a 1 off or custom?

    Don’t give up at 75😄
  3. Donh

    Is this a 1 off or custom?

    A tricked out HB or Maverick is going run about $80,000.
  4. Donh

    Is this a 1 off or custom?

    It’s really difficult to fathom $80,000 for a piece of fiberglass . Often compare these skiff prices to a new car, a Mercedes for example with all the technology advances, etc. can get a hell of a car for that kind of money. Is skiff manufacturing so antiquated or supply and demand?
  5. Donh

    What Happened

    Use a weight sling for the big ones ( this obviously not a snook). The slings are available from the West Palm Beach Fishing Club online if anyone interested , $65.
  6. Love those ‘poon pics👍
  7. Donh

    Turning Hatch into Livewell

    Big compartment. Lots of extra weight. No concerns? dh
  8. Donh

    Flamingo 1-23-21

    Just head west young man 😄
  9. Donh

    Flamingo 1-23-21

    It was a great day to run the pots for triple tail, but.... dh
  10. Donh

    2015 Maverick 18 HPXV

    Nice. Did I miss it, what engine?
  11. Donh

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Little up state action.
  12. Donh

    Yeti Store in FLL - off Las Olas

    Boat owners don’t stop spending, do they?
  13. Donh

    Upgrades To Holy Ghost - MA17 1995 Tempress Seats

    Sure are some comfy seats ZZZZZZ
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