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  1. fishmanjj

    Strange things happen

    Finn, we had a 35’ Bertram with Cat 3208 TA’s and an old Island Hopper with a single 3208 NA....and those are great and very reliable engines. We moved up to a refurbished 45’ Hatteras with MAN 10’s @ 1000 HP each and never looked back after that . JJ
  2. fishmanjj

    2001 2400v 225hp

    You definitely can get another 1000 maybe 1200 RPM out of that motor with a different prop. Call Marcus at Power Tech Props and he will help you for sure. JJ
  3. fishmanjj

    2001 2400v 225hp

    With the F250 I ran a Power Tech OFX4R- 21P. My 2400V with the F250 would run 53 MPH @5500 RPM . The boat would actually run faster ( closer to 58 MPH ) with a 3 blade prop, but it didn’t have enough stern lift with that heavy F250 on back. Overall, the boat just handled better with the 4 blade prop. On the 200 HPDI, I ran a Power Tech 3R - 19 and she would run about 44 MPH @ 5800 RPM. That 2400V was a great boat.....I probably should have never sold her. Currently have a 2200 XL with F150.... running a Power Tech OFX4-R - 17....and runs 43 MPH @ 5600 RPM For me, I cruise around 3600 RPM and the 4 blade props just seem to lift the boat better than the 3’s. We seldom get a chance here on beaches of South Georgia to run WOT... so my speed days are behind me. Good luck, JJ
  4. fishmanjj

    2001 2400v 225hp

    I had the same boat except with a 200 HPDI and then 1600 hours later...I swapped for a F250. Great rig.
  5. fishmanjj

    2017 22 TRS FOR SALE

    Beautiful rig 👍🎣
  6. fishmanjj

    Garmin pricing

    I bought mine from the Garmin on-line outlet. It was about $200 cheaper than some of the dealer prices. Mine is a 94sv
  7. fishmanjj

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    Absolutely beautiful 👍
  8. fishmanjj

    2021 Pathfinder 2500 For Sale ($135,000)

    That’s one beautiful rig....my dream boat for sure. Currently, I’m about $100K short on funds. Good luck, JJ
  9. fishmanjj

    Hole in the fuel tank

    I’ve never heard of cleaning the top of the fuel tank .... I mean, who opens the hatch when washing the boat and cleans the top of fuel tank ? I understand that if you are doing something in there and see some surface corrosion or slime buildup that you clean it....but to regularly look ???? I would have to remove 5 batteries from console just to get to the hatch. Does anyone here clean the top of fuel tank on a regular basis ?
  10. fishmanjj

    Nice day out of Islamorada

    Great pics. 👍🎣
  11. fishmanjj

    Labor Day...South Georgia

    Yes Doug, definitely slower around Sav and Hilton Head.....how about SSI. ?
  12. fishmanjj

    Labor Day...South Georgia

    After several weeks of NE wind , I finally made it out to my old fishing grounds for Tripletail. Had one undersize and one keeper. I was very happy with two being caught because it’s been a little slower this summer than normal on the Tripletail fishing. Here is a few pics of the keeper.
  13. fishmanjj

    THIS is a sunrise

    Labor Day sunrise in South Georgia
  14. fishmanjj

    Pathfinder 2400trs electronics upgrade

    Wanna.... I am not familiar with the FMT chip mainly because I fish Ga and South Carolina waters....I do understand the usage on the Florida Marine Tracking....but, currently I’m happy with the service that my Garmin provides. I do however totally agree that Simrad makes some very good high quality units. I’m just a simple South Georgia fisherman that doesn’t require a lot of electronics to get to my fishing areas. If I lived down in Florida, I would certainly look into the FMT. Because Florida has so many more licensed fisherman and registered boats I’m sure the big companies will cater more products for them because of marketing.....Georgia doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of coastline that Florida does. Thanks buddy, JJ 👍🎣
  15. fishmanjj

    2003 2200v w/200 HPDI vmax

    Very nice 👍
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