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  1. conocean

    12/24 volt battery charger

    Can you do away with the charger the boat came with and get a Stealth ac/dc charger? You’ll always keep your batteries charged on the fly & never have to plug in again! Good luck with whatever setup you choose.
  2. Chokoloskee Island Resort or Parkway Motel & Marina. Call to check availability.
  3. conocean

    18 HPX-V w/ F70 - Enough Power

    I haven’t heard of anyone daring enough to put an F70 on an 18HPX. Mine was built with an F90 & 35 gallon tank. I still love it but I wouldn’t want less hp or a smaller tank. The only time I wish I had more hp is when I fish with two larger dudes @full load which happens rarely. I sip gas while cruising around 32mph @4400 rpm with normal load & draft is 8-9” depending on how full the tank is.
  4. I don’t think you’ll have an issue with this project, Dino. I’ve seen it done. Just take your time. Ice Nap’s F90 just got fondled by John@Maximum. 892 hours & still purring along 🙏🏻 She just turned 10 years old so the rehab is beginning on the deck & trailer @IMS next week. ps. I have two neighbors in Choko that rave about their 115 Suzukis & would never go back to Yamaha, just saying…. 😉
  5. conocean

    Maverick 2011 HPX Tunnel FS - SOLD

    What a steal! One owner & low motor hours is a rare combo. I loved my 2001 HPXT. This shouldn’t last long….
  6. https://phys.org/news/2021-04-reclaiming-florida-everglades.html
  7. conocean

    On Board AC Battery Chargers

    Stealth ac/dc combo for the win. I cannot remember the last time I plugged my boat in. I fish quite often & my boat sometimes sits for 2-3 weeks at a time when I’m fishing with friends. Never had a low battery problem. Ever. (unless a battery is starting to go bad, of course) Typically a 30-45 min run will charge all 3 of my batteries to 99%+ after a full day of TM & baitwell use. I use 1200 Odysseys for my TM & a 27 Deka for my house battery. Why plug in if you don’t have to? Good luck!
  8. Custom HOLY GHOST Seadek pads for the win!! 👌🏻😇👻
  9. Is this prop the same specs as Yamaha’s discontinued 19 Pro prop? Gee probably knows lol
  10. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    This pelican likes to post up on the dock piling next to my slip after he dives on bait almost every day before sunset. I think we’re buddies now!
  11. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    Snook weren’t biting at sunset with this cold snap but the reds were. This never gets old....
  12. conocean

    SOLD!!!: 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 23MB

    There are no open RV lots at cip. The last two people that sold their RV’s and gave up their lots at cip had them sold in less than a day. I’m grandfathered in since I’ve been permanent there for almost 8 years so check the site for current rates. Not sure what lot rates are elsewhere.
  13. conocean

    SOLD!!!: 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 23MB

    He!! no....if a forum member buys my camper then I’m giving them all of YOUR Choko spots!! 👌🏻😂
  14. ***SOLD 11/19/20*** One owner. Excellent condition. This camper only has approximately 1200 highway miles on it so there is minimal road wear-n-tear. Meticulously maintained interior. Exterior detailed & roof cleaned every 6 months. A/c filter changed monthly & coil cleaned annually. Everything works like new. This layout is perfect for a family of 4. A fifth person can sleep on the converted dinette bed if needed. Easy to tow. 13500btu a/c will freeze you out! TV has been upgraded to 32” led. Bottom bunk & murphy bed mattresses were replaced with memory foam mattresses for ultimate comfort. The murphy bed is a short queen size. The bunks are almost full size. Plenty of storage. Here is a link to the Jayco website for more info on this model with interior pics that look just like mine. Click blue 360* button to do interior virtual tour: https://www.jayco.com/tools/archive/2015-jay-flight/23mb/ The unit is available to be shown in Chokoloskee, FL any time and can be driven away after November 12th. NADA average retail is $10,350 & low retail is $8,600. Priced for super quick sale...$9,000 cash and it’s yours! If you want to haggle then please look elsewhere. PM me if interested.
  15. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    Something about catching snook 150’ away from my fish camp as the sun sets simply never gets old... 😇
  16. conocean

    Great Weekend

    Keep slaying em up there, B!! 🤙🏻
  17. conocean

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    So much good info on this thread. Thank you all!
  18. I hear ya. My old Garmin is only used once or twice a year in the far backcountry when we’re day sipping so I don’t do circles. Most of my guests just close their eyes & pray we don’t wipe out when running on a new moon. 🥳🙏
  19. How about Sling or Hulu? Someone is going to get an Awesome unit at a discount! I must ask....why can’t you fish without an MFD?
  20. conocean

    Vacation Pivot

    🙌🏻Nice work!!💪🏻
  21. conocean

    1998 17' Maverick Master Angler

    Nice rig!! Someone is going to get a cherry.
  22. conocean

    Inshore rod recommendations

    I used to build my own rods with Loomis blanks. That was back when I could call Gary Loomis & discuss blanks & where to cut them for the tip action I liked. Once Loomis went overseas I switched to Crowder & Redbone. After a few years of those I found out Shimano started using old Loomis technology so I switched to their Teramar spin rods & never looked back. Good quality rods, cork & reel seats. My son & I can be hard on my equipment & these rods can withstand punishment. We’ve been using model TMSX70M or TMSX66M for our Stradic 3000 or 2500’s which is what we use 95% of the time.
  23. conocean

    90 2 Stroke on HPX 18

    Yep that was a cool 17. Had a few fun days on that rig while we burned up some fuel!
  24. conocean

    90 2 Stroke on HPX 18

    Honson switched out a 90 Yammi 4s for a 115 Merc Pro XS on his original 18HPX. The hull was quite impressive with the Merc behind it. I believe that same 18HPX was recently 4 sale on this forum a few weeks or months ago.
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