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  1. My son & I have been spending a lot of time social distancing at our fish camp in Choko & in the backcountry of the Glades since the virus debacle started. This was a pic I took of him on his 17th birthday a few days ago somewhere south of the Chatham River. He used it to earn an A on his literature class project. We’ve got hundreds (probably close to 1,000) pics of us holding or fighting nice fish in the Glades since he was 5 years old but this pic trumps them all. Nothing is more special to me than being able to spend so much time with my son the past few weeks.....😌 Best wishes and health to all!
  2. conocean


    Trucks n trailers were on both sides of the road from the ramp almost to the curve in the road. Much less traffic today.
  3. conocean


    My son and I have been quarantining in Choko the past 9 days. Fishing has been excellent every day except we didn't bother fishing on Saturday due to all the traffic which was a lot of spillover from Flamingo closing. Were taking this morning off to replace TM batteries but will be back on the water this afternoon til dark. No boats where we've been fishing and thankfully no reports of COVID-19 down here either. May you all be healthy in these challenging times and remember to love the hell outta the ones you're with!
  4. Outstanding report, Dave. 👍 👍 I was in Choko 2/12-17. Average winter fishing.....15-20 snook, 6-8 reds, a few big trout & scattered jewfish for us each day. We spent wayyy too much time sightfishing spooky fish in clear water out front & in the back. Should've probably switched gears & used my Choko neighbor's stockpile of fiddler crabs to bang up the sheepies instead.
  5. conocean

    No fishing for a while

    Whoa, Doc! Who did your surgery? I was looking at major back surgery a few years ago but luckily was able to get away with intensive therapy. I wouldn't let anyone touch my back unless Dr. Harry Shufflebarger referred me to them!
  6. Dino, I'm glad you're just as happy at Maximum as Coto is! Nobody works on my engine other than John. Hopefully you two told John that I referred you so I get a freakin' discount on my next service!! 🤨😋
  7. conocean

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    Bingo! I’ve had many clients “sink” their boats on lifts over the years. Every time it was due to bilge pump and/or electrical failure and the boats were total constructive losses. Several times in these instances the boats filled up with water & became so heavy that the lifts either partially or completely collapsed! I cannot understand why anyone would want their bilge to be wet all the time if it doesn’t have to be. Moisture in bilge = moisture in hatches/console & moisture surrounds the fuel tank too because they’re all tied into the bilge. The level of moisture contained in the boat’s closed spaces is exasperated when there is high humidity. See AFE’s posts below about how to screw in/out the plug from inside the bilge. That would be the route I’d take if I were leaving my boat on a lift. It’s a no brainer! This is a great topic that should be saved by the mods IMO.
  8. conocean

    THIS is a sunrise

    Love the winter new moon low tides in the Glades. The fish have nowhere to run & nowhere to hide!
  9. conocean


    Hmmmm, I hate fixing things that aren’t broken but if you guys have good results with your GY’s in 2020 then I might stray from the Freestars after 10+ years and give the GY’s a try. I really like the idea of USA construction & high speed rating.
  10. Man, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for this info. Glad I saw this post....it helped me remember that Gee already sold me a bad *** prop! 👍🏻
  11. Hmmmmm....maybe I’ll snag this 19 and sell the 18. I’ve run a 19 Yammi pro prop since new & it seems to be a good all purpose prop. Economy at 30-34mph is my main goal. What does dabear think?
  12. Gee- In your opinion, what would be the performance difference on my boat between the prop you’re selling now & the Yamaha Talon SS w/SDS 13 1/8 x 18p 3-blade? dabear- What do you think?
  13. Wouldn’t this be a great prop for my F90? I just remembered that I haven’t used the last prop I bought....didn’t I buy it from you? 🤪
  14. conocean


    All the pretty rims just don't look so pretty after a couple years unless you want to spend time detailing them after each dunk. The fish simply don't give a darn what your trailer looks like & nice trailers draw more attention of thieves IMO. Earlier this year I bought a pair of galvanized 14" rims, heavy duty/high pressure brass valve stems & Freestar tires thru Amazon for less than $190 shipped for free to my door. They are the exact same parts I would've bought at any trailer shop, bps, wally world, etc for about 25% cheaper altogether. I upgrade these trailer parts as follows: Tires every 2 years. Hubs & lugs every 3 years. Axle every 5 years. Wheels every 8 years.
  15. No the dirty rats used to drive down there in the middle of the night from Homestead/FL City/Redlands, scan the lot & marina, jack peoples stuff then probably pawned it all for drugs! There was a theft ring that got busted down there maybe 15+/- years ago. An ENP guide was implicated in assisting the thieves with intel but it was never proven.
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