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  1. conocean

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    The whole marine industry is slammed from the tackle shops to the service yards to the suppliers. The amount of 120’+ yacht closings I’ve been a part of since May is surreal. Most custom sportfish yacht builders cannot deliver a new rig for at least 3yrs and several center console builders are starting to have the same “problem” with a 1-2yr backlog. I sure do luv my little nest in Choko. Being able to escape down there half of each month makes dealing with city life a lot less stressful. There’s no other island I know of with so few people & world class fishing...from the docks! I would love to buy a 42GB & live on the hook but I know better. Choko will eventually become my only home. Upgrading my digs down there in the spring!
  2. Sounds like a great day! Except for that road. The bite in Flamingo isn’t good enough right now to punish your boat & trailer just to get there. 👎🏻 It’s been so quiet in Choko all week. The most boats I saw on the water in a day was 3. Snook fishing is still spectacular!
  3. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    Had to wait a couple eves to get this pic due to weather. It never gets old!
  4. conocean

    Retractable Boat Ties

    Boat buckles 👍🏻 my last pair lasted almost 9 years before one of the ratchets failed.
  5. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    Back to ya! I use our ramp about every 5-6 days. #boatsliplife 😉
  6. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    We all wish this was our fish camp lolol I’ve made 2 fair offers on the property this picture was taken picture from. The group who owns it are asking a ridiculous amount of money. When the $1million seawall project there was finished around 2008 we were able to use the ramp for a few months....then the recession took over & plans folded. 12 yrs later the odd shaped property sits vacant & overpriced. It’s still the nicest ramp in Chokoloskee, what a shame!
  7. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    This month marks the 7th year of my son & I turning our Choko fish camp dream into a reality. Some eves we have to pinch ourselves at sunset to make sure its real! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  8. conocean

    The Holy Ghost's New Ride Is Ready

    The Holy Ghost is now blessed with a proper cradle, enjoy! 🙏🏻😇👻
  9. Check out the Freestar M-108 radial tires. Ameratrail used them for many years. They’re made in Taiwan instead of China lol I’m now on my 5th set & use the heavy duty bronze valve stems. Never an issue. I did have a set of Carlisle radial trail tires on my 17MA Ameratrail & those did me right as well. I had Load Star tires on my 17HPXT trailer & they seemed to ride rough but no issues. As a matter of fact my current spare tire is a Load Star. Dang those new GY’s are expensive!
  10. conocean

    The Holy Ghost's New Ride Is Ready

    The carpet inside of my Ameratrail fenders has lasted almost 10 years. I make sure to spray them off after each launch & load so I can avoid what Lap it Up described above. However, the starboard idea is easier when it comes time to replace so once my fender carpets wear out completely then it makes sense to change over. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the aluminum axles. Was thinking about switching over the last time I replaced my axle but went back with galvanized. I once met a guy I stopped to help on side of road heading into Flamingo that had a Rolls trailer under his Hewes. (beautiful trailer, btw) Whatever pothole he ran over in Florida City bent his aluminum axle really bad and caused one of his fancy hubs to fail. He had to wait for a flatbed to tow the rig home. Anyone here have long term (10+ yrs) experience with an aluminum axle on their trailer?
  11. conocean

    The Holy Ghost's New Ride Is Ready

    Seeing a forward keel roller & 8 bunk bracket assemblies on a skiff trailer is the equivalent of hearing someone scratch a chalkboard over & over! I think you're going to be very happy, Dino.
  12. conocean

    Flamingo boat ramps

    Word has it that the potholes & construction on the road into Flamingo has snapped axles, busted skiff stringers & bent several rims this year. Be careful!
  13. conocean

    Happy Independence Day!

  14. conocean

    Happy 4th 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Good info, Dave. I was introduced to Choko in 1994 from a former guide who favored the June moon/tides. My son & I fish every day we can during this month each year. It’s by far the most productive for us overall. I happen to be watching my son land one snook after another from the Cip docks as I type this from our porch....he doesn’t want June to end & neither do I!!! 😇
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