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  1. conocean

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    So much good info on this thread. Thank you all!
  2. I hear ya. My old Garmin is only used once or twice a year in the far backcountry when we’re day sipping so I don’t do circles. Most of my guests just close their eyes & pray we don’t wipe out when running on a new moon. 🥳🙏
  3. How about Sling or Hulu? Someone is going to get an Awesome unit at a discount! I must ask....why can’t you fish without an MFD?
  4. conocean

    Vacation Pivot

    🙌🏻Nice work!!💪🏻
  5. conocean

    1998 17' Maverick Master Angler

    Nice rig!! Someone is going to get a cherry.
  6. conocean

    Inshore rod recommendations

    I used to build my own rods with Loomis blanks. That was back when I could call Gary Loomis & discuss blanks & where to cut them for the tip action I liked. Once Loomis went overseas I switched to Crowder & Redbone. After a few years of those I found out Shimano started using old Loomis technology so I switched to their Teramar spin rods & never looked back. Good quality rods, cork & reel seats. My son & I can be hard on my equipment & these rods can withstand punishment. We’ve been using model TMSX70M or TMSX66M for our Stradic 3000 or 2500’s which is what we use 95% of the time.
  7. conocean

    90 2 Stroke on HPX 18

    Yep that was a cool 17. Had a few fun days on that rig while we burned up some fuel!
  8. conocean

    90 2 Stroke on HPX 18

    Honson switched out a 90 Yammi 4s for a 115 Merc Pro XS on his original 18HPX. The hull was quite impressive with the Merc behind it. I believe that same 18HPX was recently 4 sale on this forum a few weeks or months ago.
  9. conocean

    Spinning spool line winding station?

    I worked at a tackle shop as a kid for 6 years. Probably filled well over 1,500 different reels from Penn 130’s down to 4 weight fly reels. Hand cranked and machine fill. I fill my own spin reels by putting the 1500 or 3000yd braid spool on the ground & making sure the line comes off the spool counter clockwise. I feed the braid thru the lower 2 guides of my rod and use a uni to uni knot to attach it to the 10+/- wraps of light mono used as backing on my spool. I wind the line onto my reel using steady pressure by threading the line thru the fingers of the cotton glove on the hand that holds the rod. VERY IMPORTANT: If I stop for a break while filling a reel I pull off a few wraps of braid from the reel spool & make sure the braid going thru my glove is tight before I start reeling again. Any loose line or loops of line on your spool greatly increases your chances of getting the infamous “Charlottes Web” when you cast. Never had any issues with this method since braid overtook mono in the industry & its easier than using your toes. Good luck!
  10. conocean

    90 2 Stroke on HPX 18

    Not sure about the 90 two smoker but I pole in legit 8” of water with my 90 4stroke. Max speed is 41-43 depending on current & wind with only me, light load & little fuel. Realistic cruising speed is 30-34 under normal use with me + 1 person. I would imagine the two smoker will give you a better hole shot & draft 1” less. Our hull will tend to slap when poling alone however I’ve been able to minimize it by putting both of my TM batteries forward of my fuel tank, keeping at least half tank of fuel & putting my 65RTIC cooler against the forward bulkhead. However I’m only 170lbs. Hope this helps!
  11. conocean

    New shoes for the tow vehicle

    After years of spending extra money on Good Year Wranglers I finally made a change to Continental Terrain Contact A/T’s (not H/T’s) for my 2014 F150 4x4. My local mechanic recommended them. Ive put almost 10k miles on this set & I notice zero difference from the Good Years except that I saved $30/tire.
  12. Awesome! Great job on fly!! 👍🏻👍🏻 Fishing is about normal for this time of year. A Choko guide I know reported stellar days Aug 4, 6 & 8. Finding that reddish/khaki water was key!
  13. conocean

    93 degree water by 11a.m ? Time to wait till September?

    Many of the old guides from the 1950's-70's did a lot of trolling. That's how people like Capt Andy McLean found many spots. Trolling deeper cuts, rivers & troughs in the bights where the water is just a few degrees cooler can be highly productive for snook & tarpon in the middle of a summer day. Trolling for gag grouper between Flamingo & Harney River can be stellar in September!
  14. conocean

    93 degree water by 11a.m ? Time to wait till September?

    Plenty of fish biting in the Glades this time of year....before 11am & after 7pm! 👍🏻
  15. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    He!! yeah, I luv that area 🙌🏻
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