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  1. Hawaii

    WTB HPX 18

  2. Hawaii

    15k budget - what’s on the market?

  3. Hawaii

    Rub Rail Cleaner?

    Whats the best cleaner for rub rails the won't damage?
  4. Hawaii

    Replacement Trim

    Awesome! Thank you.
  5. Hawaii

    Replacement Trim

    SCFD Great suggestion! What I need is the seal that fits in the groove all the way around the trim that keeps the door tight while running and keeps water out at wash down. Anyone have thoughts on where to get this?
  6. Hawaii

    Replacement Trim

    Aloha, anyone know where to get replacement trim for an HPX/Bonefisher console hatch? It pops into the groove on the console frame and the hatch door latches against it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo!
  7. Hawaii

    Black Goop?

    Aloha All, What is the black goop that was used as bonding agent between floor and stringers for early 2000's Bonefishers and HPX builds? Does this stuff come apart or do you need to grind it off? Any thoughts are appreciated Mahalo
  8. Hawaii

    Seacock Replacement

    Any preference between Shurflo and Rule pumps?
  9. Hawaii

    Seacock Replacement

    Aloha All, The old plastic seacock in my 2004 Bonefisher has seized up and I am going to redo the system this weekend. I am starting at the brass intake pipe from the seachest. What seacock do you all like for replacement with the Rule 403 FC? and Sherwood strainer? ( I understand that Maverick is now using Shurflo) I believe they are all 3/4 inch. Any suggestions appreciated as accessing this setup is a B**** and I would prefer not to do it again anytime soon. Have a great Aloha Friday. Mahalo!
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