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  1. bsh102

    2300 HPS 300 Pro XS

    It would be a great match but the 300R v-8 would be a better choice. I loved my 300xs on my 22 Sterling.
  2. bsh102

    2500 OEM trolling motor plug?

    As far as I know they still use it. Battery Tender is the only plug to use IMO.
  3. bsh102

    2500 battery setup

    The empty space in front of were the batteries are is quite large. PIA to get too but there is room for two more. I added the MK alternator charger to my four batt set up and it has worked very well keeping all batteries fully charged. I have the stereo going the entire time we are offshore, live well pump going and spot lock engaged and have not had an issue with battery power.
  4. bsh102

    2018 2500 Hybrid Pathfinder

    Sorry that I missed this message. 239-eight-five-one-7312
  5. Up for sale is my favorite boat but the offshore bug has got me and it’s time to move up. 2018 2500 Pathfinder Yamaha 300 with 445 hours and warranty until 2022 AmeraTrail Dual axel trailer Custom color hull with matching hard top Powder coat package that is in excellent condition LLebroc captains helm with tackle center JL Audio system with amp/Sirius/xm JL Audio 4-7.7 and 2- 6.5 in ttop Bazooka Powered 200 sub in console(removable) Garmin 7610xsv, side image transducer 10’ Blade PowerPole Minn Kota Terraova 36v Ipilot Custom front casting platform powder coated to match deck Rear rod holders behind seats powder coated to match deck. Underwater Lights (Blue) Midship cleats Second well plumbed Raw water washdown This has been an awesome boat to fish inshore or offshore. However I am wanting to go further than the capabilities of a bay boat. I will end up buying a 18/20 flats boat to get that inshore itch scratched. Asking $83,000 OBO 239-eight-five-one- 7312 LOL the neck ache is free of charge. I tried to fix them but no luck.
  6. bsh102

    2500/2600 livewell clogging question

    Yes, I modified the original stand pipe like many. It worked but I bought the clear view stand pipe and have zero issues, now.
  7. bsh102

    25 Hybrid 300 yami prop

    Slap a Merc 450R on It and you won’t be able to stop smiling, if speed is your thing. You want a fast PF hang a black motor on it with a black prop or have Nizpro make your Yamaha come alive.
  8. bsh102

    25 Hybrid 300 yami prop

    I think I saw 60 once when I first got the boat with nothing in it and about a 1/4 tank of fuel. Running the PT OFX420p and two people with full tank of fuel and normal load will run right at 56. Fill livewell and have a fishing load, coolers full front fish box full of ice and we will see 55/54. Hole shot is very good with this prop thou. I believe I am a little over propped with normal load. Light load I can get to 5800rpms, normal load is about 5600. I am going to have the prop shop knock the pitch down to 19 and see if that gets me the extra rpms under a normal load.
  9. bsh102

    2500 extra storage space-Skip

    They installed my pro charger beside the four batteries which takes up the space for another battery. I guess it will be become a project to rewire my set up and move things around. That will be project 2021 when I replace the batteries again. Thanks
  10. bsh102

    2500 extra storage space-Skip

    I was replacing the 4 batteries in the pit. When I pulled them out, I noticed a large compartment under the floor going towards the bow. I guess my question is directed to Skip and company. Can an additional storage lid/hatch be added ? I know the cooler sits on top of the area. It appears it would allow me to add additional batteries and have access to them. I would really like to have another battery for a dedicated house battery but there is not enough room we’re the current batteries are in the console.
  11. bsh102

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    3mpg is pretty close if you are just cruising. I have not heard anything from MBC but if you can enlarge the fuel tank do it. It’s pretty small for a 25’ boat in my opinion. We have long runs to get to deep water and that extra fuel would be really nice to have aboard. Tall Tails did not have much left in the tank on that trip.
  12. bsh102

    Pathfinder 2500 Speakers

  13. My new 2500HD is a gasser. I did not want to deal with the new diesels. Yes, the diesel is a pulling machine. I had a 7.3 and a 6.0 PSD.
  14. I towed my 25 Pathfinder with a Tundra Crew Cab and it did fine around town. However, I had a situation that scared the crap out of me on the interstate coming back from the keys. A vehicle was passing me and they had a tire blow out right beside me, he shot right in front of me and I did the two foot smash and we were not stopping. I could feel the trailer with brakes that were about a month old pushing the truck right into the side of this guy. Luckily, he kept going onto the shoulder and eventually stopping. I missed him by inches and my wife, son and his friend kind of were just sitting their in disbelief that we did not just cream the guy. I bought a new 2500HD within a couple of weeks after that incident. I don’t want to ever be in that position again that I feel that I have no control of my load. It is a huge difference between the two trucks. The half ton will tow it just fine and be okay 95% of the time but I am not willing to gamble the 5% with my family in the vehicle.
  15. bsh102

    Best years for 22 TE

    The initial redesign for the wet feet issue was 2007 when they raised the floor and went to a 25” transom. I had a 2006 TE and it was a great boat. I installed rabuds once I realized it was an issue and they pretty much eliminated the wet feet issue. If I were to down size it would be to a pre 2006 22 TE. A 250 SHO on the older hull should get you low/mid 60s. Mine with the 250hpdi would run 60 all day long with ttop.
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