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  1. hurricane

    Shark eye nav lights - 01 MA

    Get the LED version. And yes you will have to splice them in.
  2. hurricane

    Redfisher or Master Angler?

    The MA will ride better. 150 on both is perfect.
  3. hurricane

    2004 150 VMAX 2 stroke overheating

    Step one is always the impeller. Don't bother with anything till you do that.
  4. Great looking boat
  5. hurricane

    South Shore Tampa Bay

    Very nice, no matter how many days you fished.........
  6. hurricane

    NOCO Gen4 Install

    What boat do you have? What areas do you fish? I don't see a need to have 4 batteries, unless you fish the glades, far offshore or consume lots of power. One starting/house and one TM batt wired as the #2 battery, for a total of 3 batts. But in would put all Batts in the console.
  7. hurricane

    Looking for info on PreSale survey in Clearwater

    Agreed with above. I would be very skeptical of a survey done by the seller. Did the seller have this done because he thought there was an issue, or is there an issue and this survey is not accurate. Save your money on the survey and invest in clean up.
  8. hurricane

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Finally, so glad to see.
  9. hurricane

    Livewell question. 2200v

    This is the reason to keep it on.
  10. hurricane

    Rhodan trolling motor install

    Thats a cool idea. He went out in almost 6ft seas in what looks to be a Bay Boat maybe a even a flats boat?😕
  11. hurricane

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    I would make sure the pump shutoff are closed when you launch for the first time. Then open them after the first test ride and look for leaks.
  12. Any idea how many hours were on the gauge when replaced? If so, some math from the old and new and you can come up with a good estimate.
  13. I don't know this as a fact but, I don't think a download is possible on that motor. So the only way to know hours is via the gauge, and assuming its the original gauge. If the gauge has been replaced the hours won't match.
  14. hurricane

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Holy crap, "The Day" is almost here!!!!
  15. hurricane

    Rhodan trolling motor install

    Ya no way to avoid the TM head hanging over with a remote controls style TM. Hope you plan to use the quick release mount, I think it makes install much easier. Locate the mounting location, mark it, drill and tap the backing plate. If you can reach the back of the plate you could use nuts rather than tap. Should also consider installing a Battery Tender power plug.
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