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  1. imsnookyrd

    GPS Unit Wanted

    Thanks for the kind words Dave, and the best to you and the family in the new year. Chuck
  2. imsnookyrd

    GPS Unit Wanted

    Dave, I am glad to help out, also you have a great looking family. Any questions give me a call. Chuck
  3. imsnookyrd

    GPS Unit Wanted

    Dave, should be delivered on Thursday 12/24.
  4. imsnookyrd

    GPS Unit Wanted

    Are you looking for GPS only or GPS/Fish Finder? I have both one is a Lowrance HDS 7m that is a GPS only and the other is a Lowrance Elite 7Ti combo with 3 in 1 xducer. Send me a pm and I give you my cell#.
  5. imsnookyrd

    Apalachicola Area Wildlife Photographs

    I third that. Ron, great work as always.
  6. imsnookyrd

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I have these and so far they have been great. 1 Aluminum Bearing Grease Cap 1.980 - Trailer Depot
  7. imsnookyrd

    Ice Machine

    Manitowoc 22 years and counting.
  8. The registration for my tandem axle Ameratrail says 875#.
  9. imsnookyrd

    Selfish suggestion for all of us

    I agree with polliwog, this site is as close as I get to social media. I would love to live out my life as a ghost, but that is not possible any more.
  10. imsnookyrd

    Trolling Motor Help

    Those fuses are for the on-board battery charger.
  11. I would say no, charging voltage should be in the mid 14v range. Battery should be around 13 or so with engine off, 12.8 usually means a fully charged battery.
  12. imsnookyrd

    Inshore rod recommendations

    Have only been using Chaos and Boomerang rods for years. Made in Lake Worth, Fl.
  13. imsnookyrd

    Spinning spool line winding station?

    It doesn't come off the side.
  14. imsnookyrd

    Spinning spool line winding station?

    I take a long philips screwdriver and stick it thru a tennis ball then the spool then another tennis ball and put the screwdriver in a vise. Then apply pressure against the tennis balls to get the desired tension. Been using for spinning and bait casters for years.
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