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    Fishing duhhh
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  1. Luis C

    2004 Pathfinder 22 TE w/ Full Tower

    sent you a private message, I have a friend who is interested
  2. Luis C


    Guys Im gonna have to drop out of this one.I just started taking my First Responder's course and im too busy between work,school,and the girlfriend.Sorry ill make it up in the next flyswap.
  3. Luis C


    I think we should just stick to the theme and tie up some crab fly's.Then after its over we can start another theme and go ahead with that.....there's my 2 cents!
  4. Luis C


    Count me in...I have never attemoted a crab fly but Ill give it a shot...Ill be tying a Merkin :thumbup:
  5. Luis C

    1994 Mirage

    Wow beautiful Mirage!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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