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  1. It appears that the Pinellas county commission has snuck one through with the closure of the lagoon on the south side of Bunces Pass to all watercraft. This is the sandbar that was created a number of years ago and has been a gathering point for boaters for years. This was done without input from the boating community at a time when we could not attend a meeting to voice our opinion. I am am not for any new closures but could agree to a no wake zone in that area as there is way to much traffic for high speeds, primarily jet skis. There was a petition started to add the to the agenda for public comment, https://www.change.org/p/pinellas-county-commissioners-bunces-pass-is-for-boaters.
  2. Curtis at Family Boating in Tamara has always been great. Also Diane at Caribe in Islamorada is always super friendly when we are down that way..
  3. Tails Up

    Stern Light for HPX

    Hella does have a led version. This is not the same as putting a led bulb in their regular model. Mine were lasting about a year prior to replacing them with the new led model. Coming up on a year without issue
  4. Tails Up

    Flip up anchor light repair

    Hella makes a flip up led version. I just replaced both on my Redfisher and my HPX. Did not have a problem with the bulbs on the old ones, it was always the plastic that held the metal bulb mount. I have both boats covered and typical would get a year. Hoping the new ones last
  5. Tails Up

    Which boat cover for a 2005 HPX-T?

    I have a 2000 HPX T and tried one of the off the shelf covers from boatcoversdirect.com. Definitely would not recommend them. Although the cover was just under half the cost of the custom I had made, it only lasted 2 years before it tore. The Sunbrella cover I have on my Redfisher went 15 years and needed nothing more than a re-stitch and an occasional water proofing. Custom is worth the extra money. As for traveling with the cover on, I have not found any custom manufacturer that recommends it.
  6. Tails Up

    21' Maverick Poling Platform

    I have a 21 Redfisher and yes it can be poled under the right conditions. Definitely will get a workout if you try poling into the wind or tide. You will probably find it is more of a controlled drift in most cases..
  7. Tails Up

    Boat cover price

    Carver is not Sunbrella material and the warranty is terrible. $1100 to $1300 is about right dependinging on how low to the gunnels it is cut. Also recommend you go with the thread that Sunbrella recommends. Aside from a restitch, I got 15 years out of my last Sunbrella cover.
  8. Tails Up

    1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    Before you panic, check to see if there is a consistent gap between the deck cap and the hull. They had to refasten the cap to hull because the original screws were no long enough. They clamped one side a little tighter than the other and created a similar issue on my Redfisher.
  9. Tails Up

    Freedom2Fish - red snappper

    There already is an organization doing just this, Coastal Conservation Association. The problem, as I see it, is that the recreational fishing community is too fractured with groups like these. Don't get me wrong...I have no problem with more groups getting involved with correcting the disfunctional system however to Tallahassee or Washington they are just a small blip on their radar. Recreational fishing needs one "major" voice, and I think CCA could be that voice. If CCA had the membership of the NRA, we would not be in our current situation. Thank you to Maverick, Bass Pro, and the many other industry leaders for their support in our efforts.
  10. Tails Up

    First year of hpx t? 2001?

    Mine is a 2000. Only issue seems to be the rub rail water intrusion. It is fairly common and an east fix.
  11. Tails Up

    Check out this hewes 21

    When new, mine ran 74.1 with the 225 vmax. Have not seen that in a while with the age, mine and the boats. Not a boat builder but it seems the hull has a limit and more horsepower does not mean more speed.
  12. Tails Up

    Ever seen this on the bow of HPX?

    It is fairly common. It is a result of the vacuum bagging process during production.
  13. Tails Up

    Islamorada Trip

    We have been using Capt. Bob Baker for the last 15 years. Skip recommended him when we first starting going down there. Could not be happier. He has not only put us on fish, but has also taught me the area. He runs an 18 HPX.
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