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  1. CRC

    MA 18 Starting battery Placement

    Ill try it in console and see if it changes anything. I have the 2 trolling motor batts up front under the false floor compartment and boat rides so well I dont want to do anything to change ride, but batteries at rear under waterline is never good. Maybe I could rig a tray centerline in the under seating compartment, but I think that floor is just a skin.
  2. Curious where MA18 owners have their starting batteries. Mine is an '01 and its still in the SB rear compartment. Thinking about moving it to console. Never had an issue I just added a new Simrad unit and was thinking about cleaning up some clutter and some re wiring. Looking for opinions. Thanks
  3. CRC

    birdsall backrest

    I through bolted to large hatch. Over 8 years no issues.
  4. CRC

    Master Angler Production

    120%. The best. I’ve had 6 boats ( Intrepids included etc). My MA 18 is my fav. I would buy the right MA21 and put it in my warehouse for future use!! Nothing like em.
  5. CRC

    birdsall backrest

    9”. 16” is tough to fish around. Just my .02. My MA18 has the 9”- all you need.
  6. CRC

    Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

    I went for the 9”. Hits me right in the small of the back and not hard to jump around when fishing. Did it on my MA 18. The 16” is over kill IMO. I’m 6’1 220.
  7. CRC

    96 MA 18ft - possible repower

    My ‘01has a Yammi Vmax 150 , I’m on my second powerhead ( hydro tec) now @ 180hp and for me its the ideal set up. I taped 11.5” draft w this set up. Angler in bow and someone on PPlatform. No experience w 4 stroke yet on this set up. My guess always lighter is better for engine.
  8. CRC

    18 Master Angler re-power

    https://www.hydrotecmarine.com/ I would just swap out heads etc with these guys did it w my vmax 150. Crazy reliable performance
  9. CRC

    18 Master Angler re-power

    Maybe check out those new mercs. I personally like the push of the 2strokes esp in a non offshore boat. I would only re power my MA18 with an Opti—- today. But they aren’t quiet. Have a set of ‘12 225s on a CC w over 2000hrs.
  10. CRC

    Master Angler polling platform

    They did mine custom. No problem w cowling. Either off w engine straight down or tilted all the way up. Engine trims fully. All compartments open fully etc. Platform is the right size for me at 6’1 220. I’m not a fan of metals under salt water so I was specific on what I needed.
  11. CRC

    Master Angler polling platform

    Birdsall marine in W Palm Beach built mine. Very nice work IMO. I didn’t want anything thru bolted to the transom.
  12. CRC

    2007 18' Master Angler (not mine)

    Smoking crack is a new flats boat anywhere from 55k to 80k. Cause that’s where they are. Anything under 25k is a deal. Been to a boat show lately? 30’ center consoles are 220-250k. NO ELECTRONICS. Craziness out there.
  13. CRC

    Replace Carpet under Gunnel Area MA 18.5

    Pretty easy. I did mine myself before Seadeck was cutting templates. Remove the carpet — save for template , order the right sized seadeck. I used a bottle of contractors solvent ( Home Depot, Lowe’s ) , sprayed entire area let it sit then scraped it. Dried the area applied windex made sure all good. Cut my template, sprayed w windex again, applied — been six years now.
  14. CRC

    live well

    Only when livewell in use? My 18 had similar weep of water, it was the trim tab panels and the screw holes. Once siliconed water intake was gone and no water. Drove me nuts until I figured out.
  15. CRC

    2004 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Is that seadeck console cushion a custom or did seadeck have that available? Great boat. GLWS.
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