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    Tavernier,upper florida keys
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  1. Peter J. King

    For Sale Stiffy Push Pole

    For sale 20 foot Stiffy Hybrid push pole in good condition $350.00 OBO. Located upper Keys Tavernier.
  2. Peter J. King

    GPS Handheld

    What would be a good back up handheld GPS.
  3. Peter J. King

    Boat cover support

    I use a new trash can with cover on, works great on my 18.5 MA.
  4. Peter J. King

    What did you do to your boat today?

  5. Peter J. King

    What is this designed for?

    It could also be your deck drain brass sleeves if you have a lot of weight on one side or the other. Just a thought.
  6. Peter J. King

    Tarpon setup

    Big tarpon on spinning rod ?
  7. Peter J. King

    Gel coat problem. What caused this?

    I have the same issue teal green hull 1999 18 MA.The boat is never left in the more than seven days.I have not waxed the hull in some time and is probably the cause.
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