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  1. johnboy114

    2015 Maverick Mirage 18 HPX-V SOLD

    gorgeous boat and priced right.
  2. johnboy114

    HPX V18 2013 blackout package

    and all those with 17 hpx's for sale are sure glad its sold as this was such a great deal! beautiful boat. hope you build another one and I can buy it in a few years.
  3. johnboy114

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    incredible. the hull and deck together are 40% lighter!! that's truly awesome.
  4. johnboy114


    Man that seems high with a rebuilt engine.
  5. johnboy114

    motorguide 36v trolling motor great white

    reduced to $300.
  6. johnboy114

    CL find 19' cheap

    not thinking cheap there. seems about right maybe little high with that bottom paint.
  7. johnboy114

    CL find 23v

    This seems like a great price if the engine checks out. I know these have a cult like following. its not mine. https://mobile.craigslist.org/boa/d/pathfinder-offshore-22/6303430178.html
  8. motor is strong and pulls our bay boat all over the place. only reason for selling is upgraded to wireless. the handle that is attached over the head of it can be lengthened and angle changed. no more having to lean over to change directions - it alone is worth $135. https://www.topnotchtroll.com/ Asking $450 obo. Located on the ms gulfcoast
  9. johnboy114

    Spinning combo shimano Stella 3000 gloomis 844s

    sold pending funds.
  10. johnboy114

    Spinning combo shimano Stella 3000 gloomis 844s

    No. It unscrews but then there is another shaft that is reverse threaded for the other side. How all Stella's are.
  11. Shimano Stella 3000fb with a gloomis PR844s 7' medium rod. Lightly used. Only particular about this set up is reel is on the right hand side and I don't have the crank arm to move it to left side. I kept the box but not that part, go figure. Asking $475. This is a fantastic inshore setup. Reel is smooth with zero issues. Located on ms gulf coast. Don't mind shipping at buyer expense.
  12. johnboy114

    For those looking for an 1806V

    or this one I saw on CL https://mobile.craigslist.org/boa/6195606896.html
  13. johnboy114

    CL 16' Redfisher

    good deal but not crazy. I just sold a 2008 that was MINT for $16,500 and it took a while.
  14. johnboy114

    CL 16' Redfisher

    What was asking price?
  15. johnboy114

    Wtb HPX v 17

    Was in mobile section. Just went back and checked and it was deleted. Think it was a 2005 for 23k.
  16. johnboy114

    Wtb HPX v 17

    There is one on panhandle craigslist.
  17. johnboy114

    Hewes redfisher 16

    SOLD> funds received.
  18. johnboy114

    Freedom2Fish - red snappper

    This is a great example. Many believe that the CCA has done enough on this battle front. Freedom2fish from what I understand is looking to be the chord that links recreational for one voice. Just to be clear, I don't have any involvement in this organization was just passing it along. There are others out there that know a great deal about this situation and CCAs involvement.
  19. johnboy114

    Freedom2Fish - red snappper

    Wasn't sure if this had been posted over on this forum, but feel that is important enough to post to make as many aware as possible. Freedom2Fish is an "anglers' advocacy organization designed to disseminate information to Amercian recreational anglers, legislators, as well as the general public about why our recreational fishing seasons are almost nonexistent today, who is responsible for this, and to educate voters who to vote for at election time". Below is a post taken from one of the creators post in a thread on the hulltruth that gives a better understanding: "Our intention is to somehow create a membership or other mechanism to bring everyone together and generate a sustainable fundability for this organization. We are meeting with other 501 C's who have already formed to gain a better understanding of what models are successful at continuing success. I will tell you this, they are very excited for us and believe we as a group of fishermen on the Gulf Coast have been wronged and have a humongous case to build here that will generate support. We will have a long-term strategy plan to defend our rights each and every one of us for access to the Gulf of Mexico resources. Our plan is to have an official charter document out within a week or so to share. Beyond that, hopefully within a month or so we will have specific strategies in place with goals and objectives to accomplish towards our overall charter and strategy. We are volunteers and have full-time jobs just like all of you, so any help that you all do especially commenting and keeping this going in the public's eye is of incredible value. We cannot under state that value. We will also need functional support, so any of you who have a technical specialty that might be a benefit to our organization please PM me and let me know what that may be and how you can help. We are not going to advertise for technical specialty roles. Red snapper are the initial domino in a long chain that will lead to a complete takeover of the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries. Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants an illicit activity out, however; NOAA/NMFS and their Gulf Council want to build a wall at the state and federal waters to keep all fishermen out. As we have said before this is the Sentinel fight of our time and warrants a complete and dedicated focus on ending this madness! This organization is coming together very fast and is generating power already. We will be dedicated to this fight will use all funds wisely, and we will not give up or give in. " Links to the gofundme page, hulltruth post lining out what freedom2fish is and their webpage which isn't quite up: https://www.gofundme.com/taking-back-the-gulf-fishery http://www.thehulltruth.com/gulf-coast/844071-freedom2fish-501c-front-line-battle-recreational-fishermen.html http://www.freedom2fish.org/ It would be great to see the something the partnership of Scott Deal/Johnny Morris get behind this as well as other manufacturers/businesses. Please take time and do your research and make a contribution.
  20. johnboy114

    1998 MA21

    2-4k tops
  21. johnboy114

    Hewes redfisher 16

    at this price it makes it worth to travel to come get it.
  22. johnboy114

    Looking for a 16' redfisher Hewes 2005-2010

    if you are willing to travel, then I have just what you are looking for just less the power pole but at the price it is you can definitely add one and still be ahead.
  23. johnboy114

    Hewes redfisher 16

    Boat is still for sale. Funds never came from last guy.
  24. johnboy114

    Hewes redfisher 16

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