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    2005 Redfisher 16, 150 E-Tec, Minn Kota 55lb Terranova, Aqua jet wash down, Lowrance Gen 2 HDS-12 Touch (dash) & (front) with Structure Scan & Sonic Hub Stereo, XL 8ft Power Pole, Stealth pump & remotes.
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  1. Waz-in-Oz

    Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    Mates over here recently repowered there 16 Bonefisher with a 115Pro XS and it is so quiet, fast through all the ranges and light. I was looking to put one on my 2005 Redfisher 16 to replace my E-Tec 150 HO but now a 150 pro XS is coming to Australia mid year I will wait for it as it will suit me better.
  2. Waz-in-Oz

    Weipa Trip

    Myself and a fellow RF18 owner named Ramcon took a trip to Weipa where we were treated to some special fishing over four days in a variety of locations around Weipa. we fished the leads (Pylons) of the shipping channel for a variety of species (12 in one morning)and then proceeded to the creeks for a hot session of 60 Barra's all in one day. I got to catch a few firsts with a Black Jew of 95 cms and a Juvenile Queensland Groper which had beautiful colours and both fight incredibly hard. We averaged over 60 barra's a day to a maximum of 95 cm with countless other species in 35 degree heat an
  3. Waz-in-Oz

    A Reef Trip

    Way to Go John, The weather has been ordinary now for a while. Missed you at the tournament this year and then heard a Sea foam green 18 Redfisher was for sale in Cairns but the guys got it wrong and it is the one at Hervey Bay. Glad to see you are still out catching a few when you can. Cheers Waz
  4. We had 56 boats this year and got half way down the channel and copped a m***ive fog bank which pulled the boats up to a safe speed quickly. Managed a 10th place in the teams this year and won a Champion Angler Individual Angler for a sub species which was good. Tough fishing due to a limited wet season but always good fun. Didn't fish out of my rig this year and fished out of my mates 18 foot new Sterling with a 150 hp Yammy four stroke for sponsorship reasons but was a good platform to fish from in the good conditions. Cheers Waz [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1401377971-
  5. Waz-in-Oz

    RF16 LED Install

    The Boat shop B & M Outboards did a great job on the Stereo system and I also asked the guys to add some LED lights to under my gunnels and Luke also put one in my front hatch for when chasing lures or pre-rigging gear. Came out awesome, just like the stereo set up (Thanks Luke) and there is three switches in under the shelf in the console and if you turn them on individually you have a choice of three colours - Red / Blue or Green. Turn two or three switches on together and you get colours like purple or orange just like mixing paint. My favourite is the Blue - we don't too much night
  6. Waz-in-Oz

    Lowrance Sonic Hub Install - RF16

    Just got my boat back and very happy with the outcome. I had a Lowrance Sonic Hub with a Uni Dock fitted with 4 x 200 watt speakers (2 on side console and 2 in the front casting deck support facing back). I also had a Fusion 8 inch sub woofer and amplifier (Lowrance recommended) to feel the beat and clarify up the tunes. It is connected to both my Gen 2 Lowrance HDS 12 on the dash and the HDS 10 up front next to the electric motor. The mates came over yesterday and we tested in the shed and all were very impressed and it had some serious sound but not distorted when you pumped up the volum
  7. Waz-in-Oz

    Still Kicking over in Australia

    Hi All, Getting it done slowly - been working away flying in and out which has slowed my progress and in between trying to get a bit of pre-tournament fishing in. Here is where I am at: HDS 12 Gen 2 installed on Dash HDS 10 Gen 2 installed next to I-Pilot. Keel Protector installed. Old Polling Platform installed with new teak side steps and drink holders up top. New Crank and Electric batteries installed. New Dual Axle Multi Roller Trailer with Boat Catch. Still to go (next Monday). Lowrance Sonic Hub / 4 x Lowrance speakers / Fusion 8 Inch Sub-woofer/Amplifier / Uni Dock to be insta
  8. Waz-in-Oz

    Still Kicking over in Australia

    Been a long while since I have posted and have only had a bit of time to quickly scroll through what's happening on the Forum but thought I would drop a quick hello to all. As I speak the Redfisher 16 is getting a small makeover with the following items: 1. New Aluminium multi roller trailer - Since the Aussie dollar has gone way down to the 90 cents and to import a American one is way to expensive as you pay for area you may as well bring it over with a boat on it I decided to get one built. Aluminium I-Beam, powder coated, Alloy mag dual wheels + spare mounted, multi rollers (our ramps a
  9. Waz-in-Oz

    2013 refit

    Nice Dave. After three years it still looks like new and the new deck colour is a great match to your hull. Cheers
  10. Waz-in-Oz

    I'll Take This to Go...

    Loving the detail that shows the scale sitting by itself on the claw - Makes you wonder how sharp them claws are to penertrate through the middle of a scale. Hook manufactures can only dream. Awesome shots. Cheers Waz
  11. Waz-in-Oz

    New Aussie RF18 Owner

    We'll they just keep coming - Another mate has pulled the trigger on a pre-loved Hewes Redfisher 18 from the USA and he just happens to be based in our town of Townsville in North Queensland. After coming for runs in mine and Ramcon's rigs he started looking and came across an awesome rig. [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1359459404-Stavs_18RF__a_.JPG[/image] I just so happened to be at Bohle Cold Rooms inspecting a new purchase when a transport truck pulls up at the big Marine Shop across the road and here I am stunned to see Stav's 18 RF up on top. I give him a quick call as I
  12. Waz-in-Oz

    Ramcon RF18 Upgrade

    A couple of stories ago I wrote a few words on my best mates 2nd hand imported RF18 and its first trip up Hinchinbrook. Here is a picture of the RF18 as it came over with a couple of upgrades added being the I-pilot and big Hummingbird Sounder on the dash. [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1359123314-Ramcon_RF18_Before_Shot.jpg[/image] Well he doesn't do things in a little way and he is a fanatical Rabbito's fan (South Sydney rugby leauge club)so decided a upgrade to the rig he imported over to Australia. First you need to support your clubs colours and add the clubs logo. [ima
  13. Waz-in-Oz


    Nice trip Snelly, There is another 18 RF on its way from the States to Townsville, I believe it is a black colour with a 150 Yammy to one of my mates - pictures in weeks to come once on the water. Ramcons, 18 Redfisher has had a nice revamp with a with a full colour change to Hewes Cherry Red to match his favourite NRL Team (Rabbits) and also had some of the compartments relined to our australian esky grade to withstand the heat which works great. He also added some stone deflectors to the trailer to prevent stone damage from the roads and the whole rig looks like brand new. Had a trip the
  14. Waz-in-Oz

    New HewesOwner in Australia

    Hey Grubby, Yes when it first arrived I thought Ramcon would have trouble with the hitch and cables which I thought were not legal in Queensland. But he had to put it over the pits and they p***ed it and just registered it straight up. His was under the 2.5 meter wide as requested but I have heard of some being delivered and being over even after they knew the Australia Rules. I have an Australia trailer and have always wished for an american one specific to my boat but wonder if it is worth the trouble importing. Like you say when the scalies are on the pad at Rollinstone it will be inte
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