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    1988 deluxe 16 , Yamaha 90 hp
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  1. shasson

    Mosquito Lagoon trout

    Nice work DonH. I have yet to get a big snook on fly a few small one.
  2. shasson

    Like Clockwork

  3. shasson

    Mosquito Lagoon trout

    Went out solo on Sunday here is a picture of my biggest trout on fly. I released about 12 over 20” including the this beast at 27”.
  4. shasson

    WTB: Yamaha 90 Two Stroke

    I ended up replacing the lower unit and a new trim motor for now. It still runs good so I am still on the hunt for the right motor.
  5. shasson

    WTB: Yamaha 90 Two Stroke

    I have an Evinrude/mercury dealer down the road from me i may check it out. The Etec is the closest in weight to the yami 90 tow stroke. any thought on the etecs?
  6. shasson

    WTB: Yamaha 90 Two Stroke

    Conocean Thanks That one is just a little to high for me on the yamaha two stroke. I think i would end up looking at a new motor then.
  7. shasson

    WTB: Yamaha 90 Two Stroke

    Thanks Hurricane I saw that one I was just a little slow.
  8. I have a 1989 Yamaha 90 and it is showing its age in every way. If anyone has a later one one they are looking to sell let me know. Thanks
  9. shasson

    THIS is a sunrise

    Can you guess the building?
  10. shasson

    2001 HPX-V... Price reduced

    What kind of speed do you see with the 70 hp? How is the hole shot?
  11. shasson

    Power Tech PTR4R15PYM90

    Where are you located? If Cajun4746 Falls through I will take it. scotthasson2@gmail.com
  12. shasson

    441S W/ transducer (SOLD)

  13. shasson

    441S W/ transducer (SOLD)

    I had my 441s stop working. I sent it in and they sent a refurbished one. I ended up getting a different GPS while I waited so I have no need for this one.It comes with mount, transducer and G2 Vision card for Jacksonville to Key West. $250.00 + shipping or Im in the Orlando Area for pick up
  14. shasson

    THIS is a sunrise

    NASA Assembly building
  15. shasson

    THIS is a sunrise

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