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    Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, moved to Land O' Lakes for five years and caught the bass bug, currently working in Tampa.
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    University Administration
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    FISH ON, Photo, Disc Golf, Sea Kayaking, Canoeing
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  1. pondfisher

    ARS Opener

    Some trucks 🚒 right there!
  2. pondfisher


    Nice fish Glenn. Gotta love a close to the ramp good haul!
  3. pondfisher


    Troy, can’t see pics. Might be my phone. I’ll try computer.
  4. pondfisher

    Ruskin LMR area

    Lol, it’s over for Florida. Done. TOO MANY PEOPLE. Developers killed this state (Tampa Bay Area in particular: Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee/Sarasota counties) a long time ago and our elected officials let it happen. You don’t need to read a Carl Hiaasen editorial or novel to understand what happened to this place - although they’re very telling - you just need to live here long enough. One of my best buds lives on about three acres in Dade City with his wife and kids. They moved out of once rural Land O’ Lakes in the mid 90s to get away from the speedy development and transportation
  5. pondfisher

    Red Tide in Tampa Bay

    And yet every single person moaning and groaning about this will continue to vote for the same people who allow it to happen. CCA, Captains for Clean Water, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, etc, - they all put the same people into office, election after election. Who’s in control in the Governor’s Office, Florida Senate and Florida House for the past 20 years? Right.
  6. pondfisher

    Potential Ecological Disaster for Tampa Bay

    I guess Big Dave’s letter never made it to the Governor…
  7. pondfisher

    Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

    I reckon I might know the spot! 😉
  8. pondfisher

    Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

    Thanks Troy. The conditions were not good. Rough and cold. Not worth launching. Had to buy pins AGAIN / this time at O’Neils and they were dinky. And it was a grind to find a few barely slot fish. This body too is getting old. Spent the next couple of days completely pooped. On to sheeps fishing.
  9. pondfisher

    Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

    Thanks. Yeah, not easy conditions.
  10. Two hard days of wind fighting, wave dodging, anchor pulling, and slow bite conditions. BUT - great friends and family trips to remember for a lifetime. Day 1, my childhood best bud John Williams with his father and two eldest boys. Fishing out of John’s Seafox 22, it was a grind to find the fish but we did manage a couple keepers among a bunch of shorts. The experience with John and his family - three generations of Floridians - was priceless. (We took a HUGE rogue wave against our port side that came out of nowhere, probably 8 ft., rocking boat and crew. All good, but scary). Day 2
  11. pondfisher

    Capt. Troy

    Dear Sleeping Giant, Thank you very much for inspiring me to get back out there before the closure because I truly wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage another trip. In fact, in the past 15 years of fishing these gags this was the first time we couldn’t find bait so had to stop at that floating bait shop across from O’Neiis to get our pinfish and at a steep price. So I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep the fun going with these creative post titles until we actually finally secured some big pins and dropped them down. Luckily, our first three baits down all got crushed and we had three of our f
  12. pondfisher

    Capt. Troy

    Definitely do it if you can. They’s a chewin’!
  13. pondfisher

    Capt. Troy

    A day to remember, yesterday, with a ferocious, non-stop gag bite in Tampa Bay. Two anglers - 10 fish - all between 25-30”. Releasing large keeper grouper is painful business. Alas.... still time left on the clock!
  14. pondfisher


    Identity theft!
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