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    Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, moved to Land O' Lakes for five years and caught the bass bug, currently working in Tampa.
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    University Administration
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    FISH ON, Photo, Disc Golf, Sea Kayaking, Canoeing
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  1. pondfisher

    1998 Maverick 17 MA purchase

    Have some thicker helm cushions made. I went to 4” thick and it made a big difference on the butt and back.
  2. pondfisher

    Big Bend Report

    Nice haul!
  3. pondfisher

    115 feet of water

    Is there enough sq. footage for one person to live comfortably on the Rampage? I'll do it!
  4. pondfisher

    115 feet of water

    I wanna fish some bluewater. Gee wizz. 😦
  5. pondfisher

    2002 MA 17' mounting a Riptide Terrova

    I did. Quality T-Tops in Tarpon Springs, FL made it. Took a while but the end product is great.
  6. Selling a mint condition Scott S4 5 wt. $400 This rod is in immaculate condition and comes with the following: -New cork in wrapper -New tip section -Sleeve -Metal tube/protective case This rod is the predecessor to the Radian and retailed for $745.
  7. pondfisher

    2002 MA 17' mounting a Riptide Terrova

    I'll send some pics in a bit.
  8. pondfisher

    2002 MA 17' mounting a Riptide Terrova

    It's tricky and not ideal. The turnbuckle is fastened straight through that large lid. Problem is, when you turn it to tighten down platform to boat, it pulls up on the lid. So we DID replace the latch with a stainless catch so that it would hold the lid down firm while tightening the turnbuckle. BUT... it does put some strain on the lid. I'll send some pics later.
  9. pondfisher

    2002 MA 17' mounting a Riptide Terrova

    43 trimmed up. This is with a Yami Talon 4 blade 16 pitch prop. Would be more like 45 mph if I went up to a 17 pitch. But I love the hole shot with the 16 pitch/4 blade combo. Lifts the boat out of the water in like two seconds. So much torque/force you have to lift off the throttle before too long!
  10. pondfisher

    Sheepshead - Last run

    Wow. Hard to believe. I'm getting there....
  11. pondfisher

    Sheepshead - Last run

    Well the wind kept me off the water most of the winter and by the time I got back out on my Sheeps reef I found myself with a dead Lowrance so I couldn’t see the structure. That trip was a total bust. Last trip was on my buddy’s Sea Fox 22 and the water was just too warm. Season over. We managed to put a handful of decent fish in the box (including a couple late season spawners so got some roe for my 82 year old Matlacha native neighbor who loves the stuff) but it was a grind!
  12. pondfisher

    Not a good sign

    Well said.
  13. pondfisher

    Not a good sign

    For clarification, I know commercial fisherman are not taking reds, snook and trout. But they do beat up other species. Was just hinting at the hypocrisy.
  14. pondfisher

    Not a good sign

    This is such BS! The recreational sector puts so much money into the Florida coffers and we can’t keep a single red, snook or trout for over two years while the commercial sector takes and takes ridiculous limits year after year. Maybe we should stuff our hard earned dollars into DC and FL lobbyists’ back pockets instead of into the tax pool and the regs would be more lenient, fair, and rational. Seems to work for the other group. Or, maybe we should “catch and release” the insane number of people we allow to move into the state every day, depleting our resources. PF
  15. pondfisher

    Under gunnel SS rod holder inserts

    I saw something similar yesterday but not want I want. Might have something custom made. Thanks.
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