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    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS with Yamaha 250 SHO
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    USCG Licensed Captain at Gulf Breeze Fishing Charters, LLC, Drummer/Vocalist
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  1. Just *** it up and get a Land Cruiser! Then when you get a bigger boat, you won't need another vehicle.
  2. Drummer

    Pathfinder 24TRS baitwell issue

    Does the standpipe seal well? That's the first thing I would check. Regarding keeping filling, do you keep your livewell pump running while the well is full? Pretty sure that's the way it's supposed to work, recirculating new water from the sea chest the entire time. Unless you are using your recirculation pump only.
  3. Drummer

    Kill Bag in fishbox on 2400 TRS?

    If you have a 2400 TRS and your fishbox (compartment that's the step to the forward deck) drains into the bilge, you might be interested in this. My bilge drain pipe became clogged, so all water entering the bilge from the fishbox, anchor locker, and port/starboard rod storage boxes (they drain in there, too) became trapped forward of the fuel cell. After I installed an 8" port in the bottom of the fishbox I was able, with great difficulty, to clear the drain pipe and restore normal flow to the aft bilge area. I learned there's a board in there that runs between the stringers that is used as a
  4. Drummer

    Kill Bag in fishbox on 2400 TRS?

    I believe the drain is below the waterline. I am working on a solution now. May just seal it and pump it out when I get home. How bad could that be?
  5. Drummer

    MinnKota Terrova Issue

    Sounds like low voltage to me. Had a similar issue, one new battery resolved it. Soon thereafter it happened again, had to replace both the other batteries. But they were 6 years old... it was time.
  6. Drummer

    Kill Bag in fishbox on 2400 TRS?

    On the 2400 TRS, yes it does.
  7. Wondering if anyone has used a kill bag inside the fishbox on a 2400 TRS to keep fish slime out of the bilge. If so, how does it work, and what size/type are you using? Thanks.
  8. Drummer

    Maverick seat cushion

    Uncharted Canvas in Gulf Breeze, FL does outstanding work at reasonable prices. Talk to Leo.
  9. Drummer

    2015 Pathfinder 2400 TRS w/ Yamaha 300HP

    I think you will like it! It's a very nice and well powered rig.
  10. Drummer

    All Inclusive resort Family Vaca

    Check out Costa Rica. It's an amazingly beautiful country with Caribbean and Pacific beaches, volcanos, cloud forests, rain forests, just about everything for the outdoorsy type. The Westin Reserva Conchal in Guanacaste is spectacular - one of the best places we have visited. Good luck!
  11. Drummer

    2006 Yamaha VMAX 250 HP Model# VF250XA

    The early SHO motors had a recall for bearing failures. You might have a Yamaha tech see if this one's in the serial number range of the recall. Mine is a 2014 and it failed at 832 hours. Spun at least one bearing. No help from Yamaha. Other than that $13,000 repair, I love it!
  12. We do the same, but we also shoot steel!
  13. Well. Here's what we do in the Panhandle. Fun stuff!
  14. Does anyone have experience rebuilding the powerhead on a 250 SHO? I have a long block that needs some love. I would like to have it rebuilt and ready when that unfortunate day comes to pass.
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