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    USCG Licensed Captain at Gulf Breeze Fishing Charters, LLC, Drummer/Vocalist
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  1. I had a starter failure while on a charter a couple days ago, which was a bummer. Fortunately we were able to "tap" the unit and get her running, one time, which was all we needed. I ended up replacing the starter with an OE Hitachi replacement unit, which I purchased from Arco in Pensacola, FL. They were over $100 less than any other price I could find. FYI. Arco. After bench testing the dead starter, it turned out the solenoid was the culprit. So, if anybody has a dead starter with a good solenoid I would love to have it so I'll have a spare. VF250. Onward.
  2. Drummer

    Avet Reels

    My LX failed when a client was trying to pull a large snapper up on 100 feet of water. We ended up handling it in... 23 lbs. I contacted Avet, which was a huge disappointment. I won't buy another. Shimano Speedmaster is superior in every way, and about the same money. JMO.
  3. Drummer

    Prop Recommendation HPX 18, SHO 115

    If he's awaiting a call back from Marcus, I hope he is young. I am still waiting for calls back from that dude from a couple years ago!
  4. Drummer

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    Toyota Land Cruiser. Pulls my 2400 TRS with little effort. And a fun truck to drive without the boat. A little pricey, but worth it.
  5. Drummer

    Spinning Reels

    My guide boat has a mixture of Florida Fishing Products Osprey 3000CE, Shimano Stradic 3000, and Shimano Sustain 3000. All are excellent. Spend a few extra bucks and get the drag you hoped for, and the reliability you need. BTW the Sustain has the smoothest drag. All these reels work HARD, hundreds of hours annually. I rarely wear one out.
  6. Drummer

    Prayers for the northern Gulf Coast

    Thanks, y'all. The Pensacola area was spared this go around. Our fishing brothers in LA have not fared as well.
  7. Drummer

    chili------beans or no beans?

    Beans, beans, good for your heart. The more you eat...
  8. Drummer

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    IMHO, defensive striker fired pistols, or any other for that matter, should be kept IN BATTERY. That means one in the chamber, ready to fire. Glad you made a wise choice. Keep practicing. Also, thanks for pointing out taking a secure position in the home.
  9. Drummer

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    This is a great example of the love a father has for his daughter! Giving her that CZ, which I know you really love, is outstanding, Dino! Maybe back to the Glock for you?? haha
  10. Drummer

    Trailer brakes

    Just had stainless brakes installed on my 2014 Ameratrail dual axle trailer. New lines, calipers, rotors, pads with stainless backing, master cylinder and solenoid, bearings, buddies, bunk carpets, a few lights, and a front bumper. Eddie English Company is Pace, FL is the place if you are in the panhandle. Great folks, great quality, great prices. Now she stops just right!
  11. Drummer

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    If you research people who "freeze" in panic situations with firearms in hand, a high percentage of their guns won't fire because the safety is on. They simply don't train enough to develop the necessary muscle memory to automatically remove the safety and fire. Precious seconds are wasted, and lives have been lost as a result. This is one reason I like Glock. The primary safety is in the trigger blade. On the Shield EZ, the grip safety, similar in concept to the 1911 platform, will not allow the pistol to fire unless the firearm is gripped. In reality, that's all you need. Just as safe as a revolver, but easier to shoot and reload, and a higher round count. Again, JMO.
  12. Drummer

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    When and if she wants to move into the centerfire world, I agree the Smith Shield EZ is a great pistol. I have put numerous .380 EZs in women's hands and they generally love them, like almost every time. It's easy to cycle, easy to shoot, has a grip safety (I avoid the thumb safety model), points well, and is concealable. And the new .380 ammo has plenty of pop, albeit expensive. The same pistol is now available in 9mm, but is has more recoil and a louder report. You have some fun times ahead!
  13. Drummer

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Priming seems to be Remington's rimfire issue, but who wants to pull a dud round out and rotate it? Not me. I prefer to spend a little more for ammo that goes BANG when I pull the trigger. But I have tried the rotate method as well, more out of curiosity than anything else, and it usually worked. I have had centerfire rounds with dud primers not shoot, but rarely, thankfully. Another reason it's a great idea to practice clearing your pistol of a DNF round. Muscle memory and familiarity are paramount.
  14. Drummer

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Wanna stop a bad guy? Put a bullet in him. Any bullet, anywhere.
  15. Drummer

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Dino, I hate to hear this. You were REALLY getting dialed in with that CZ! Ammo prices will return to normal, as they always do. This election has folks panicked.
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