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    2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS with Yamaha 250 SHO, 2000 Hewes Light Tackle 18 with Yamaha 130
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    USCG Licensed Captain at Gulf Breeze Fishing Charters, LLC, Drummer/Vocalist
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    fishing, playing drums, hunting, shooting, golf, outdoor fun
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  1. Drummer

    2400 TRS switch panel replacement toggles

    Any issues since??
  2. Drummer

    Looking For Gauges

    Gauge Saver is the company. They have done a few for me. Good folks.
  3. Gang, I am considering replacing all the toggle switches on my switch panel. Some are working intermittently, and that's not good. Anybody got part numbers for the two different types? I already replaced my trim tab rocker switches with Marpac 7-0543.
  4. Drummer

    Watch the Heat

    Good catch, Captain. The safety of our anglers is priority number one.
  5. Drummer

    Power Pole and JLMarine systems experience

    Agreed! Best focus on the customer I have seen in a long time, maybe ever.
  6. Drummer

    18 Light Tackle re-power 140 or 200?

    I have a 130 Yamaha on mine. It's a good match. A buddy just replaced his 130 with the new lightweight Suzuki 140. He reports although performance suffers a bit, 6 miles per gallon is pretty sporty. Worth considering! The boat will still run mid to high 40s.
  7. I just put one of these in my Pathfinder. Pretty amazing product, great deal. I am not affiliated in any way; just passing on a bargain. I does come with the Active Imaging 3 in 1 transducer, even though the photo is of another. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lowrance-HDS-12-Carbon-With-Active-Imaging-3-in-1-Transom-Mount-Transducer-LOWRA/373001483758?epid=3037960544&hash=item56d89ef5ee:g:SQEAAOSw5B9ex~8i
  8. Drummer

    Thoughts on Chartplotters for MA 18

    I suggest you keep an eye open for last year's model Lowrance - the HDS Carbon. Reportedly the 9" is virtually the same machine as the Live, and can be had for a LOT less dough. Whatever you decide, consider the Active Imaging 3 in 1 transducer. It's a pretty amazing setup for sure. I have the 12 and on my 2400 TRS and love it.
  9. Drummer

    Best Trailer for 2400TRS (2014 w/300 Yam)

    Love my Ameratrail!
  10. Drummer

    4Runner Towing a Pathfinder

    Watch Lexus suspension systems. Cushy, yes, tough, not so much. Land Cruiser all the way. I am on my 5th.
  11. Drummer

    4Runner Towing a Pathfinder

    Get yourself a Land Cruiser. It'll tow 8000. I can hardly feel my Hewes, and my 2400 TRS tows very nicely.
  12. Drummer

    Fun Tackle Question?

    I use St. Croix Avid 6.6 MF all over my guide boats. Easy to cast, powerful, and easier to handle then the 7.0 IMO. Stradic 3000s on most, Sustain on one. I love them, so do my clients.
  13. Hooked these up yesterday. They look great. Hey, my old ones did not have engine hours. What a nice surprise to learn my 2000 130 Yamaha has 270 hours!
  14. Well now. Finally a TV show about Pensacola's fishing secrets. Pensacola Bay Insanity airs this week on The Sportsman Channel and Fox Sports. Check it out - you might be surprised! Here's a preview... https://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/show/florida-sportsman-watermen/videos/358283/374705
  15. Drummer

    23 HPS anchor suggestion?

    Fortress is the way to go. All Aluminum, weighs almost nothing, grips like crazy. FX-7 weighs 4 pounds and should do the trick.
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