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  1. YankeeRedfisher

    My Garmin 740s died - need replacement

    I have a 740s still in the box.I had to buy a second one just to get the transducer that I broke. Unit has never even been fired up
  2. YankeeRedfisher

    Battery Replacement

    Getting my RF18 ready for it's annual trip to SGI FL. I'm up here in Maryland on the Chesapeake bay. New bearings on the trailer ,new tires, All lights converted to LEDS. Thought I better check my battery situation. To my surprise , my records show that I replaced all 3 batteries in 3/2011!! Oh boy, I'm pushing the limit I thought. I have 3 Optima Blue Tops D34M . All are wired up using HOBO's scheme. I keep them charged all the time using an on board PRO Mariner 3 bank charger. Boat sits on a lift at my dock and then on a trailer when I make my annual run to Apalachicola FL. I found re
  3. YankeeRedfisher

    Best Extreme Rain Gear

    I recentkly purchased this for fishing in FL when its hot but wet MARMOT 100% Gortex and very light wait
  4. YankeeRedfisher

    Help Baitwell Strainer Bowl

    Thanks. These must be commercial sprayers your talking about. I'll have to remove my existing ones and take them with me. Maybe Tractor Supply??
  5. YankeeRedfisher

    Help Baitwell Strainer Bowl

    I need help finding replacement plastic bowls for my livewell/release well filter strainers. Don't want to replace the whole assembly just the plastic bowls housing the stainless filters. I have an 2003 RF18 if that is helpful. I searched the forum nut could not locate these items. I'm sure some of you have replaced these bowls, would appreciate your help in finding new ones.
  6. YankeeRedfisher

    Shark Eyes Install

  7. YankeeRedfisher

    Shark Eyes Install

    Exactly what brand/name of LED bow lights are these. I have to replace my bow lights on my RF18
  8. YankeeRedfisher

    Stern Squat?

    My RF18 with a 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. Marcus set me up with a stern lifter 4 blade prop. Great out of the hole shot. Great prop Marcus sure knows props!!
  9. YankeeRedfisher

    Tire Question

    I'm using MAXXIs. Buy them on the internet and take them to my local tire dealer(who doesn't carry Maxxis) and have them mounted and balanced. I change my tires every two years even when they look great. This is for my trip to Fl from MD every year. Keep the pressure at 50# and rest at ease. I leave in 6 days for a month at SGI with brand new MAXXIS I'm transporting an RF18 on an aluminium trailer
  10. YankeeRedfisher

    Getting Ready for the Trip South

    Good time during all this rain and cold to get things done on my RF18 before leaving Maryland and heading to Saint George Island. Most of the issues were caused by the bilge pump not working in the auto mode while the boat sat on my lift. The bilge filled up with water creating a disaster. This is the third 1100 bilge pump from Rule who admits that they have software problems. The pump is suppose to come on every couple of minutes and sense for water. My first two (original, then Rev 'A" 0 did not do this. Now I installed the newest version and of course it has a different footprint then the
  11. YankeeRedfisher

    Post Micheal

    BAMA, Thanks for that input. I'm getting my RF18 ready for the long trip down from MD to SGI. I'll be there for the month of APRIL. Tying up some new Pompano jigs and excited about how they will work. Have you found any sporting clays shooting close to Apalachicola ?
  12. YankeeRedfisher

    Did you mount your Fire Extinguisher?

    I have an RF18 2004 also. I previously mounted my extinguisher inside the aft starboard locker . Mounted it on the outboard side. However, there was a recall on these extinguishers and the replacements are larger. I'm looking at this and hoping for a horizontal mount. I love my RF18 also 😎😎
  13. YankeeRedfisher

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    I thought the Rustoleum paint mentioned by HONEY B was a great idea. I bought a can of the hammered finish in silver. Read the fine print and it says not to use it on galvanized. Has anybody had a problem using this technique???
  14. YankeeRedfisher

    Livewell Strainer

    Try Jamestown Distributors. The strainer is a SHERWOOD and they have all the replacement parts.. Good luck I'm just replacing mine
  15. YankeeRedfisher

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    Really interesting inputs. Anymore experiences with aluminum wheels???
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