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  1. Selling the 2000v? What's up next? Going skinny or Big?
  2. rubble

    Selfish suggestion for all of us

    Just watched today. Crazy.
  3. rubble

    Pamlico Sound Area Reds

    Nice video. Wonder what part of the sound they were fishing?
  4. rubble

    Pamlico Sound Area Reds

    Thanks. East Pass in Destin ?
  5. rubble

    Pamlico Sound Area Reds

    Just returned from Bath and Belhaven, NC after fishing with Capt Richard Andrews out of his 2200v Pathfinder. TarPam Guide Service. Beautiful area. Big Reds. Great Guide!
  6. rubble

    Inshore rod recommendations

    If I'm throwing light jigs/gulp all day in the mangroves I have a St Croix that I love. Avid avs68mxf. Super light. Can throw all day. Great feel and decent backbone. However, it is way more expensive than I like to spend. Just an impulse buy at Sunshine Ace. A few years later, another guy at Sunshine Ace turned me onto the Star Rods. Half the price and super solid. I have a 7-0 and 7-6 Stellarlite. I'd be fine with having only Star Stellarlites on the boat. I just got back from a trip to the Inner Banks in NC. Guide was using all TFO spinning rods. They have been put thru the ringer. They worked fine on some monster reds but popping corks all day will take it out of you.
  7. rubble

    Navico Education

    Russell up in Alabama? What does LIVE add to the HDS? Just faster processors? I borrowed a buddy's HDS 12 to use FMT in the glades. Worked fine. Was a little slower than I thought and didn't have the knob. Was thinking that the newer HDS units were upgrading processor and maybe adding a second one? I think the newer (to be released?) Simrads have faster dual processors. Fished with a guy over Christmas that had last year's Simrad unit with the know and it was quick as lightening adjusting in and out as well as moving thru screens and populating.
  8. rubble

    Navico Education

    I'm looking to add something Navico to my Pathy. I currently use Garmin 73SV but ready to get rid of it and replace with Navico unit for FMT. Will also be using Humminbird for 360. Given your experience with Lowrance, if you were purchasing for your Pathfinder today, what unit would you go with? I really like the Simrad NSS EVO 3 12" unit for my application. Not sure how well it is for a finder but for FMT it works great. However, too rich for my blood for just running FMT.
  9. rubble

    pontoon boats

    What other type of fishing could one do in those lakes? We had a friend that lived in Cartersville many moons ago that said the LM and SM fishing was good in the N GA Lakes but my Dad went up there with him and they didn't do well. I think they went to Nottely and Chatuge. The lakes look deep and clear with lots of rock and tree structure. We've spent time around Chatuge and never see many people that look like they are bass fishing. Have seen some boats trolling around which might indicate Striper or Walleye.
  10. rubble

    pontoon boats

    You will love it up there. We go to Hiawassee, GA every year and stay on Lake Chatuge during the North GA Mountain Eggfest (In May) at the North GA Mountain Fairgrounds. Awesome place (fairgrounds and campground). If you like to camp, that's a great place. It's out on a little island. Lot of activities at the fairgrounds. Close to Nottely and Lake Burton (Saban's Lake Home). Have several friends with Toons. A couple have Tri-Toons with 300s +. One cruises at 50. The other can top out around 65. Great platforms for about everything. When we had a camper at Kissimmee, the Older residents traded in their bassers for Toons to crappie fish. What a great way to chase Crappie. We had to run from Tiger Lake to the big lake and one of the old times got tired of the long run in a pontoon with a smaller engine so he went Deck boat and hated it because it wasn't as comfortable but it got there quicker. Those old guys would love the newer tri-toons. Best of both worlds.
  11. rubble

    Rhodan Install

    I use the electronic foot pedal for my MK. Kind of *** dealing with the cord but it’s not like the huge cables on the the typical TMs. I had thought the MK would be a better fit teamed up with a Hbird where we could run contours on the TN River ledges but I’ve yet to us it for that purpose. I also really like the foot pedal because it’s easy to hit spot lock when I can’t free up a hand to go thumbing for the remote. Just look down and tap the button and I’m still fighting the fish. Would be nice if they came up with a remote spot lock button to put on the gunnel or deck like the Power Pole buttons for your feet. Really handy when fighting in windy or heavy current conditions.
  12. He was running an HPX 17 V2. He's in a 17 Carbon Kevlar now. His other boat was fine. Would be great but would be tight with 3 and a load. Old boat. I think I'd lean towards a MA18 but really don't want to have to do a lot of work to one. Guess it may be more in my price range, tho. Are there other options out there that have newer models that are comparable to the MA? Maybe even outside of the MHP lineup? Hate to ask that on this forum but if I'm looking for a MA in a 2010 or newer version, that would probably put me in a different brand of a similar boat.
  13. I might add that I will probably be in that $25k range for budget. New boats would be out of the question. Would be looking for a Pre-Loved battleship!
  14. Would likely just be two but could haul 3 on occasions. Have family that will be moving to the Keys(Marathon-Islamorado) that will have a larger boat for offshore and diving. Could get a decent inshore/backwater boat to compliment that and leave it there for extended periods. Would like to stay in the MHP-C lineup. The HPX 18v is a good option but wondering if the old MAs or something comparable would be best for those rough days? Was in Hon's boat over Christmas and there was a little slop in the back but the boat did fine. We were running pretty light, too.
  15. Strongly considering selling my PF. All of my fishing buddies have upgraded their CCs to bigger rigs and nobody has a boat for skipping around the skinny waters between Naples and the Keys. My PF has been decent but it’s not the ultimate setup for the glades. I know the older MAs are great boats but there aren’t many to choose from. What else in the more modern options is there to chose from? In short, if you could buy one boat for the 10K, what would it be? Consider day trips and overnight/camping.
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