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  1. rubble

    All Inclusive resort Family Vaca

    That be the problem. I’ve all but refused to leave the US with all the same reasons you suggest. My kids have had opps to go on Mission Trips in other countries but I just don’t want to risk issues with security, health or travel. This is just something the kids have wanted to do for a while. They hear from all of their buddies going and want to try. We did a Cruise with them and they loved that but no more big boats for me. We’ve looked at a few domestic All Inclusive options but with my Bro-in-law not living in Islamorada, I’d rather take the money for an A.I. Resort and put it i
  2. Looking for recommendations for an All Inclusive for the family. Son is a college Fr and Daughter is a HS Jr. They both want to do an all inclusive. I’m not a fan but am a team player. Mexico is not an option just because of risk/safety but I’m guessing that can be an issue in most places? Looking at the D.R., Jamaica, Aruba and others. Not sure about Aruba either after the Natalee Holloway incident. Would be a bonus if there are fishing opportunities around.
  3. rubble

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Sorry about the freshwater catch but it’s closer to salt that where I’m from in KY. A little Lake Guntersville, AL (TN River) action. Kept enough to have dinner. Caught several Freshwater Tarpon (Skipjacks). Good bait.
  4. rubble

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Where did these come from?
  5. rubble

    Best Extreme Rain Gear

    I’ve got lots of old Goretex gear. I’m kind of a redundancy guy so I have a Goretex jackets in my work truck, daily driver, family car, office, boat, etc. Have some of my Dad’s old jackets with some ranging from 3 to 30+ years old. The stuff works when it comes to keeping the elements out but you can definitely cook in some of that gear.
  6. rubble

    Best Extreme Rain Gear

    Same. Also would like to know what lightweight gear is out there. From the research I've done, the "Breathable" gear doesn't necessarily translate to "Waterproof." BUT Breathable is important in the heat.
  7. rubble

    Best Extreme Rain Gear

    Time to get some new rain gear. I’ve had the Bass Pro 100mph for a while and it has served me well. Prefer to get something in Red or other semi-visible color (no black or dark colors). The BP 100mph is somewhat heavy but is great for colder weather north of the sunshine state. Main goal is to stay dry when WOT and Fishing.
  8. rubble

    Daufuskie Island Area

    We would probably come down in March. Sending PM. Thanks!
  9. rubble

    2020 Louisiana Trip

    I may head down to Venice in a few weeks on an annual trip with some buddies. Was going to sit it out this year due to workload but I turn 50 around the same time so might as well treat myself. We fish out of the Venice Marina. Mostly head south and fish the spillways down the river as well as the SW Pass. We’ve tried to head out Red Pass and fish a little north towards Buras but never seem to have any luck. What areas up that way did you all fish? We’ve been in the Wagon Wheel, Yankee Pond, Point Sandy Bay and Bay Coquette. We always hit those areas with the wrong wind and muddy wat
  10. rubble

    Blue Moon catch....

    in SC/GA area?
  11. rubble

    Daufuskie Island Area

    Does anyone fish the Daufuskie Island area? Have a friend down there now on vacation and reserved the house again in March. He wants me to bring the 20’ Pathy down to see if we can catch some fish. I’ve heard that area can produce. Any insights?
  12. rubble

    Spinning Reels

    I've got several spinning reels but for the money, can't beat the Shimano Nasci and the Daiwa BG series. Both at that $100.00 price point. I have a few reels that are in that $200+ range and the only difference I can tell is weight and maybe drag. Chose to stick with Shimano and Daiwa because of availability.
  13. Selling the 2000v? What's up next? Going skinny or Big?
  14. rubble

    Selfish suggestion for all of us

    Just watched today. Crazy.
  15. rubble

    Pamlico Sound Area Reds

    Nice video. Wonder what part of the sound they were fishing?
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