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  1. MWoods

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    Dino, We had 18 boats & Families come down for the weekend. Like all areas, the Keys were impacted by the shut downs. Larry and Breezy Palms have been so good to us over the decades (!) so it was good to be able to support them. It was windy and outflow from that Hurricane (Teddy) threw large ground seas. They made it hard to get offshore for Mahi. We dove and got tails and a good Red Grouper.. Many boats went to Flamingo and past East Cape ! I saw a Cobia on the cleaning table that reportedly came from a wreck off the Shark River. Scott Wilson caught a Snook that was his personal best for The Park. One owner put in a day trying to catch a Bonefish from his 22 PF W/ TTop. He figured the wind, tide and sun, and fished in the channels south of Twin Keys. Call him crazy but he had a Bonefish come in, and got shots at it till his angler spooked it. Everybody was safe and stayed spread out. We still had the great fun that the Maverick Owner's Tournament are known for. Maybe some of the other boats took some pics. Marc
  2. MWoods

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    I think we have a dozen boats now.. Good time for anyone who has been shut out in years past to see what they have been missing.. Call Breezy and reserve a room and slip. ! And the grills will be worked hard !! Tito and Captain Morgan as well ✔️
  3. MWoods

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    Same deal every year: Sweat out the hurricanes and hope for calm waters !! looks like our group is going down too.. Marc
  4. MWoods

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy BDay, Skip ! And Congratulations ! Marc
  5. MWoods

    A little off topic, The admirals weekend project.

    Thank you, Chuck ! Please thank your wife for the thought and her efforts ! Marc
  6. MWoods

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    The manager Larry said that he would extend the reduced rates for us. It is a good opportunity for any member who wished to learn how to get to Flamingo and see Everglades National Park from the East side.. We can let you follow us so you can save a trail on your GPS. Several channels have been closed (like Twin Key) and there are new routes to use.. My boat will be running offshore for Dolphin and spear fishing on the patch reefs.. Lobsters will be invited aboard. We should have the place to ourselves so bring folding chairs and a cooler with wheels. If any member had not been to the Keys, this is a perfect opportunity to see it all and shortcut the learning curve.. Shoot me a Message for any questions.. Marc
  7. MWoods

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    My group is still going down for the week.. 3 boats maybe more..
  8. I spoke to Larry, the Manager of Breezy Palms. He said he will extend the lower room rates to all MBG Owners who wish to keep their reservations for this weekend. This will not be an event sponsored or supported by MBG in any way. It will strictly be us owners supporting Breezy Palms in their tough times, After being shut down for prime months. Breezy Palms has supported the Maverick Boats owners for thirty plus years. Enough rhetoric.. Lobster season is open, they have a new ramp that I launched & loaded from at low tide.. and an opportunity for the owners who could never get a room/slip at Breezy in years past.. It will be good time on the water and on the dock. It is a good time to learn the routes to Flamingo, good snorkeling spots and where to catch any target species.. The owners are a great and generous group ! Breezy will be calling all those registered to notify of the cancellation.. If you want to go down anyway, let them know.. The phone number for the office is (305) 664-2361.. Let them know you are an MHPC Owner.. PM me with any questions Marc
  9. Bad news indeed ! However, Our group went down to Breezy Palms for our annual pilgrimage.. We wore masks and stayed separated. Everyone wore masks in the stores and tackle shops.. Maids left towels at the door. We were safe. I will need some mental health therapy by September and Will keep my reservation. Gotta watch the tropics, as every year. I will call Breezy and see if Larry will honor the rates for anyone else who wants/needs to go . Marc
  10. MWoods

    Father's Day Mahi

    My son asked if we could go fish for Father's Day. I suggested Saturday to get a jump on the crowds... Out early with a perfect forecast..Found an eddy from the gulfstream had covered the Boynton inlet area with a hard south current.. It was 2-4 cross-chop. We couldn't shoot offshore so we fished inshore a bit and planned for the next day. In 175' we hooked this fish.. Way shallow for Mahi, but great nonetheless. Happy Fathers' Day Guys !! Marc
  11. Sounds like a bad snapshot in time, Dino.. The terrible shame is the pay scale for the State Law Enforcement agencies and the Park Service... Starting salary is around 18 bucks an hour. With the battery of psychological tests they must pass, incoming kids hired may have never even arm-wrestled anyone yet. They have to watch all the Officer-Down training films.. and you never know what kind of BOLO's they have heard about recent crimes.. Maybe "two older W/M's reportedly shooting gators & Crocs from a green boat".. Point is.. young Cops can get scared.. Glad it turned out OK. Sorry he rattled you. I get stopped on my boat a lot and I watch how the cops handle it. (and I act like an idiot if they don't throw out bumpers before they tie off on my hull) There is a significant, vocal eco-faction that wants to blame every problem in the Park on us.. And the Park Bosses demand the Rangers check, inspect, cite and try to catch the greedy fishermen dirty. They have to stop so many boats a day to show they are working. Of course the Rangers know better, but they have to meet expectations for their evaluation$. My advice is.. Act cool, give them what they want, and they will be gone sooner. They are just doing their jobs.. Woodsie
  12. Not mine.. In Ft Pierce.. Pretty boat !! 23 DV for sale on THT Marc
  13. MWoods

    23dv plumbing questions

    Take a look at the build thread for my 2011 hull Marc https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/344720-pathfinder-2300-deep-vee-build-thread.html
  14. MWoods

    23dv plumbing questions

  15. MWoods

    23dv plumbing questions

    I can gather some pics of the plumbing to help. Check PM Marc
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