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    5th Generation Florida Native.Born and raised on a cattle ranch,Married with 3 children, My daughter is my fishing buddy and has been fishing tournaments with me since she was 7 years old and she has 5 IGFA records, 42 years in Law Enforcement!
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    First Responder
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    Fishing, Austrailian Shepherds, Ham Radio,
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    Broward County

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  1. Bubba B


    Back to watching the tropics. A couple areas to watch that are developing.
  2. Made the run to just below the Little Shark several times on my 22 Pathfinder from the Owners Tournament at Breezy Palms with my daughter fishing the tournament. Did it a couple times before daylight using a spot light and GPS (Wanted to get the last 2 hours of the outgoing on the creeks in the early morning at sunrise!) . Once I made the run during daylight using only a compass and bearings I wrote on a piece of paper because my GPS died the day of the tournament 🤪. Ask Capt. Troy about the day they accompanied us. I believe we did 135+ miles total that day and only had a few gallons of gas in reserve. Love that area. Glad you guys had a good trip and returned safely! My daughter and I always did well fishing that area.
  3. Bubba B

    Thanks Bubba B

    MuddyBottomBluz I sent you a PM.
  4. Bubba B

    Thanks Bubba B

    I prefer single malt 21 year old Bushmills Irish Whiskey! LOL
  5. Bubba B

    Thanks Bubba B

    You can give the link if you wish. Maverick Boat Forum is a publicly accessed site and everything on the weather site originates from the National Hurricane Center, which is also a public site. Glad you were able to utilize the info.
  6. Bubba B

    Thanks Bubba B

    Your welcome everyone! As I have conveyed in the past," If it helps one person! It is worth the effort!" As for returning to the job!!!! Almost immediately after my return, the COVID hit, and then the riots. I have seriously been rethinking my decision! 🤔
  7. Dino You know I have been in Law Enforcement 40 years. No one "has seen everything," but I have seen a lot. What I have seen and experienced includes training where I have viewed case files, and observed hours upon hours of surveillance/vehicle/body cam videos. I wasn't there to witness the actions of the ranger and yourselves. Therefore I wont judge him or you! But I know how I have interacted with the public for over 40 years and my record speaks for itself (Nearly zero complains, countless letters of appreciation from the public, and many awards up to and including the medal of valor.)! Your statements: I am curious about this statement! My definition of "almost shot" is a weapon pointed in my direction and trigger finger has transitioned from a safe position and actually starting a trigger pull. Hand resting on firearm in holster and/or gun out of holster in a low ready position, are tactical positions taken as perceived threats present themseelves. PERCEIVED THREATS are by definition, the perception of the individual, and therefore could be flawed depending on training and experiance. From my experiences, and what I have witnessed; I can convey that two "old men," in what visually appears to be innocuous, can get you hurt or killed. I personally have interacted with 70+ year old people who were some of the most prolific and dangerous criminals. I personally have investigated husband and wife teams in their late 60s who transported drugs and weapons via methods that would outwardly appear to be two grandparents going to the local bagel spot. In saying that, the trick of being a "good cop" is the ability to interact with the public in a manner that appears friendly/professional/courteous, and simultaneously be prepared to destroy them. The ability to convey the aforementioned façade depends largely on maturity and training. Therefore if the "Ranger" is new and lacks quality training, they most likely posses little or no ability to process and react, therefore they will revert to a hard threatening stance. In short, first responders are human beings and therefore flawed. And the fact they are human beings, most have fears, and most wish to get home safely every day. The fact that the majority of first responders place themselves in harms way, run towards danger while others run away, and in this case many miles from any assistance, perhaps we can forgive the rookie park rangers for being a bit aggressive and/or conveying themselves as an @!#%&*!!!!!! Sorry for my extended rant, perhaps I need more sleep, and/or some more coffee. Bubba PS: I will be the first person to criticize/incarcerate a truly dirty cop as they give the rest of us a horrible reputation that is often inflamed by individuals/organizations whom spread false narratives and/or false information. Therefore in this case and many others, I will not defend or prosecute the actions of those on scene unless I witnessed the entire incident. And even then I will maintain neutrality and merely provide a point of view by someone with experience.
  8. Bubba B


    That is very nice! Thank you for taking the site international. If what I do helps just one person it is well worth the effort.
  9. Bubba B

    Cracked T top

    I may be incorrect, but I believe the T-Tops themselves are made by an outside vender. Either way, MBG is good about taking care of issues that are due to defects.
  10. Bubba B


    Thank you Marc. You are one of the few on here that know me personally. I based my entire career on integrity!! And my roots were from honest hard work on the family cattle ranch! Between those two mindsets and being hyper, has resulted in some interesting memories. I feel extremely privileged to have had the training and experience in my career. And perhaps even after 40 years my career may be continuing after a brief extended vacation.
  11. Bubba B


    No donuts for me!! But coffee and gunfire sounds nice!
  12. Bubba B


    Curious if I know you!?! If you wish, PM me! I am wondering if I'm just being senile!
  13. Bubba B


    Yes I enjoyed working for the man. And I remember well him wearing the #1 Jersey at the "Pig Bowl" the last year we played. I played Strong Safety that year. The pay at my first job in North Florida (1979-80) was crazy. My take home pay was $115 a week and no benefits. Good thing I still lived on the family ranch. I don't recall my first pay checks with BSO, but I don't recall ever having more than a couple hundred dollars in the bank. Huge responsibilities, dangers, and we continued our career living just slightly above needing foot stamps. As any of my Brothers or Sisters on here knows, the job is a calling, it is not to get rich. Here at the end, the career makes a decent living, but the national environment for LEOs has reached new lows. Okay time to get off my soapbox! Thank you again to everyone. And yes I will be fishing more!
  14. Bubba B


    Please notice I posted about the possible Gulf Storm and it is pined up in the General Section. Unless something drastic changes, I will always do the weather posts and I will continue being one of the MODs on the site. And there is a possibility that I will be doing something crazy in October. Crazy as in working again for another Law Enforcement Agency! Great Schedule and an offer that in my eyes would be stupid to refuse. And I would still be able to move as far North as Troy's County and still work for the same agency! We shall see where that adventure leads.
  15. Bubba B


    I started my first LEO Job 11/11/79 in a very small North Florida town and came down to South Florida the latter part of 1980.
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