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  1. captpn

    Gag Opener

    Now thats a nice ARS !! Those kids will be looking at the pictures 50 years from now with great memories of their catch and crazy captain. Fine job.
  2. captpn

    Bait traffic jam in stand pipe notch

    but now he will have to drink beer without fabricating anything for the boat...what fun is that. Just kidding, that's a slick standpipe solution.
  3. captpn

    Bait traffic jam in stand pipe notch

    Yup that's not good. Id cut a piece of plastic to fit that small area and 4200 it. Drill alot of good size holes in it. Leave enough of a space between it so you can still remove your clear cover. Maybe try it out for a day with some duct tape to make sure you dont overflow before the 4200. if overflowing i think id enlarge those 6 top holes in the clear cover and try it again. fun project good luck.
  4. captpn

    Hewes with F300!

    right or wrong , Troy has a good memory.
  5. captpn

    Hewes with F300!

    a simple piece of foam cut to drop in the front livewell will solve the bait from getting beat around. It kinda acts like a pressurized well. 4"- 6" thick depending on your stack height, but you want a tight fit when the lid closes. Much less sloshing around. Can even be cut it in half for easier storage when not needed.
  6. captpn

    21 MA need pics of mount transducer

    Zero impact on the OFX4 20p. Ran great without any disturbance. Protected from everything except the bottom Sidescan seems to work fine. I didn't use it much. I think the newer units are now better.
  7. captpn

    Mirage II ride question

    These ride surprisingly well for a 17 technical skiff. This is due to the narrow beam at waterline and a rather large deadrise . But this also makes her tippy at rest and draft more than most. Totally manageable for 2 fly guys with sea legs. These are cool hulls. Sounds perfect for what you described and nicer than the 18 if you plan on poling - especially if its deep.
  8. captpn

    21 Master Angler SOLD

    Sold to the first guy to see it. Its off to Savannah.
  9. captpn

    21 Master Angler SOLD

    yup... she needs a new home.
  10. captpn

    21 Master Angler Performance Bulletin

    Bummer about the bulletins. Mine runs pretty square, + or - 1 mph depending on load - all 2004 with a 225 Vmax HPDI and 20P OFX 4blade - vgood holeshot.
  11. captpn

    Porpoising problems w/f250 on 2200 TRS?

    as mentioned above, a Powertech OFX 4 blade will do it. Guessing a 21p with a 250. There are slightly faster props, but these things are durable, hook up, ride great and don't blow out.
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