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    2500 prop discussion

    good luck cant even get much info on 2500's with the most common motor hung on them. Would appreciate you sharing any info you come with on your prop testing maybe it will be similair to the yam 300. What are your performance goals?

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Thanks for the info. Yea Im well aware of the pressure personally Id never add any thru the BB... I prefer to inspect the grease every few months add some grease thru the spindle as it appears to be necessary and do a clean and repack when it looks like its needed usually 1 to 2 years.

    What did you do to your boat today?

    JH141- genius solution with the SS bearing buddies.... Ive been wanting to go SS hubs but was not willing to do so and have to deal with the caps with the rubber end cap.... whenever I had them they were the #1 cause of water intrusion and twice was bad enough I had to replace all the bearings and races. With this bit of info I can now go with SS hubs so thanks Quick question though hows removing them go when the need arises to take the hub off?

    Avet Reels

    I personally do not understand the use of small Lever drags in this day and age. I tried one myself quite some years ago... I found 2 issues. 1- On 3 occasions while on the water the reel went from working fine to having virtually no drag all 3 times while fighting a fish. Rendered the rig useless at that point, once back at home I took it apart and found water in between the drag and pressure disc. The werent exposed to any spray while running nor from any other source... only thing I can think of is water got in from water on the line between the gap where the spool goes into the frame and worked its way into the drag. 2- Never seemed to have the "right" amount of drag. Understand the range of the drag you have (from set setting to full) to use while fighting a fish is limited to what the reel is set for ahead of time. Set it to high you start losing freespool when set to "free" on the MX reel I was using I found to be able to cast Id have to set the drag at a precise setting and this did not give the reel enough drag when set to "strike" and didnt have enough drag (for my preference) when set to "full". I did some testing and found when set that way there was only a 5lb adjustability of the drag between "set" and "full" Id rec looking at hard at star drag reels instead.... all lever drag reels are susceptible to getting water into the drag whenever the reel is set to free because there is a gap between the pressure plate and drag surface. Also most decent star drags are putting out more than enough drag and I find its easier to adjust the star drag than lever and you have infintie adjustability. Form me this is a must... I like to set my drag relatively light for initial hookup and once Im fighting the fish I increase it incrementally once the fishes runs are over and I need to pressur eit to get it boat side.

    2500 forward bunks wearing gel coat....

    Those slides tear up the gel coat too so the only problem youd be solving is carpet wear

    23 hps prop issue

    Not sure its gonna do any good to plug the holes..... is it just me or is the barrel on that prop look way undersize for the gear case?? Any motor Ive ever had didnt have a gap near that big so exhaust gas will still get by and into the prop even if the holes are plugged.

    Cuffin box for 2500 ?

    Ive never seen a coffin box located anywhere else but in front of the console (on center console boats) obviously youd have to run it cross ways. I prefer to not put fish in the built in "fish box" and run a 150qt cooler in that location I bet I could run a 300qt or bigger there

    2018 2200 TRS switch panel back light

    Yep I need to go back in and put in something to diffuse it a touch more as it is still just a bit to bright... thought you could use a dimmer but leads to interference. So gonna look into using some sort of opaque plastic sheet to add to it

    2500 prop discussion

    Yea good luck KW.... cant even get any decent info for the most common engine hung on these boats let alone that unicorn you have. Best bet is to get in touch with prop gods and aprently they do have a loaner program with merc stuff

    Trim Tab Rocker problem

    had exact same issue on my boat when delivered... troubleshooting and found it was the switch on that side and found out accidentally that if the switch was up out of the panel it worked fine. I happened to have an exact match spare so I just swapped it but all it is some abnormality in the rocker mech so it contacts the switch panel before it can complete the circuit. Should be able to trim the backside of the rocker cover to allow more travel and get it to work

    2016 Pathfinder TTop frame CRACKED

    I wouldnt be so quick to blame the maker.... any metal will fatigue.... IVe seen alot of bay boat guys roaming around inshore and off going way to fast for conditions and or going to fast into boat wakes you can literally watch the shock go thru the Ttop and watch it shudder and shake.

    Power Tech OFX4

    Gotcha thanks... thats a bit of a risk not knowing whats done. Any backstory on what you ran it on and how it performed?

    Power Tech OFX4

    What motor range does this fit? Looks like some custom work has been done (vent holes in the hub) was anything else modified... looks like the base of the blade was ground out?

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Well Glock is not the only one to not have manual safety... Smith does as well and even if you have a Smith with one it is easy to remove the safety and get a frame plug (free from factory) to put in the safety levers place. Most people dont even realize that all M&P frames have the cut out.... those without the safety have the plug in place from the factory. There is no need for manual safety on a striker fired gun.... it just adds another step to the process the individual is the safety, dont touch the trigger unless you are going to fire it. The only reason the trigger safeties exist is for liability protection of the manufacturer so you cant say "it just went off"

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Well my opinion differs.... as a Firearms instructor and rangemaster teaching new shooters actively for 15+ years there should be no issue starting her in a 9mm.... Ive taught hundreds of women to shoot who've never held a gun in their life. A big part of this is if SHE wants to learn to shoot? If yes your on a better path than if YOU want her to do it. I wouldnt even bother if she has no desire as chances are she wont dedicate putting forth her best effort. Time behind a weapon is what she needs as with anything and no different from us guys who all at 1st were leary of the sound and recoil the 1st time we shot something. Its a natural human response to flinch, slam eyes shut etc at loud sounds so as time goes on she will get accustomed to the recoil and report... some require more time than others. Tons of professional women shooters out there with vids on women learning to shoot so those can also provide help as its coming from a womens perspective and she can see a women whos successful which should lend her confidence she can do the same. Dont get me wrong its not counter productive if she starts with a 22 and is smart before risking a gun purchase specifically for her. The Smith 22 is the best out there in the "duty" style guns so if you are wanting to get a Smith for her it makes sense to go with the M&P 22 as it is an exact match or very similar to defensive carry pistols in the M&P line. I also taught many crossover classes (revolver to semi auto) to certify individuals on semis so Im well versed on the challenges Females face shooting them such as inability to continue to pull the trigger after so many rounds, difficulty in bringing the slide to the rear & difficulty loading magazines. Given that Id highly recommend the M&P sheild EZ over any other for a female carry weapon as it eliminates all those issues.
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