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  1. While on the boat Ive found the 6YC gauge cover very handy for storing stuff either on top of the console or in the glove box. They are soft wont slide and keep keys and such from rattling of scratching gel coat etc. All proud of myself i thought... Im gonna order me several to keep in various places, well yamaha is real proud of those things running around 40 bucks!! Anyone know of something similar to use much cheaper?

    A Few Oldies But Goodies - Pics of Capt DonH

    Cool pics!

    Solved- where to mount Structure scan t/ducer on 2500

    What or to whom are you referring to?

    Need Help improving 2200v Livewell

    Pogies are one of the more delicate baits to keep in a well. Post a pic of the interior of the well not sure what set up was being used back then. Your main culprits would be to much ammonia buildup, baits getting beat up from runing in rough conditions and high water temps (low oxy). Ammonia cant be avoided but can be improved thru ensuring theres a good turnover rate of the livewell water, theres info on this online and you need to determine what your set up is putting out. This involves putting in the standpipe and filling the well manually with containers of known quantity in order to determine the gallons it holds, then the next time you are on the water time how long it takes for the pump to fill the well and thru some math figure exactly the GPH the pump is putting out. Could be the pump itself does not produce what its rated for and or the plumbing itself is causing less than the max flow

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    19".... I found I liked alot about the OFX4 but not sure I cared for that much stern lift and holeshot was better but still a touch slow for my preference. Interestingly I found myself wondering if an OFX 3 would be a nice blend of attributes of the stock 3 and the OFX4 so interested in what performance you are seeing with the 3

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    Ok lol just wondered if I had it all wrong. I did find that when I tried an OFX 4 the steering effort was a bit less than the stock 3 and didnt require as much trim to get it to even out

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    3.....What am I missing???? Im under the impression all you need is the pump

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    I didnt and will most likely add it.... it takes a decent amount of effort to steer when turning left. Trimming the motor up so the prop shaft is parallel to the water helps alot but sometimes I hate having to adjust that
  9. I feel these hulls have been out long enough there should be alot more info out there than what Im seeing.....only thing I can find is people running the stock 3 or the OFX4, come on got to be more out there experimenting? I just tested an OFX4 19 on mine.... The OFX ran real nice... boat felt lighter and peppier but hole shot tho better than the 3 blade was still a little to long IMO. This prop also lifts the stern alot making it run like the tabs are halfway down. Got me to wondering if the OFX3 would be a good overall mix of the stock 3 and OFX 4. Is no one out there running anything different?
  10. I posted a thread a week or 2 ago on this found very little info but a fellow friend and forum member said dealer fixed his with LED strip lights... thought Id post to help someone else as there is more than meets the eye to doing this For starters, if you put the strip right up against the label area wherever an led chip is near or on the lettering you get bright spots, which looked like crap. So the light needed to be diffused I thought I could accomplish this thru an opaque piece of plastic but didnt find anything that worked real well... it helped but bright spots still existed. I found that spacing it away from the panel seemed to work the best. So after some trial and error I took some ice maker type plastic tubing (5/16" OD i think) cut pieces just wider than each set of 2 chips then cut it in half. I taped the tubing in place over the pairs of chips with some clear tape, then placed the strip on the lettering panel and taped it down with AC type alum tape worked flawlessly.... well it was a bit to bright for me, tore it back down took a black sharpie and inked over each chip a few times to dull the light, Very happy with it though looking back if theres a next time Ill pick up an LED dimmer and attach it to the strip this way you can dial in the light exactly where you want it.

    Starboard Alternative for mounting amp and on board chargers

    PVC board... works very well thats what the factory uses

    Solved- where to mount Structure scan t/ducer on 2500

    Yep... right into the Ol gel coat and glass and for the love of god dont use 5200 its way overused. All you need is a good sealant rated for below water line

    Solved- where to mount Structure scan t/ducer on 2500

    Gotcha well if you really want bottom read at speed get an airmar thru hull and have it installed. With their mix and match cable system now it really doesnt matter what unit you have if you change to a diff make in the future you can keep the same ducer and just get the cable that unit needs

    Solved- where to mount Structure scan t/ducer on 2500

    Sevvy... no you wont get a read on the bottom where mine is mounted. On these HPS models the steps induce air under the hull so getting a bottom read wont be possible on any transom mount you have to go tru hull above forward of the step to get it. Is the other ducer you refer to a shoot thru or thru hull??

    Switch panel backlight is out anyone fixed DYI?

    Lol... right, think I saw that mentioned as well. Got some info on using an led strip to replace so looking into that now
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