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    WTB Pathfinder 23DV

  2. waterman7474

    WTB Pathfinder 23DV

    I have one for sale. I just posted it on the 23dv Owners Group page on FB. Here is the info if you don't want to get into the group or don't do FB. I was going to give it to next week and post it up here, the Pathfinder group on FB, THT and maybe craigslist. you can email me directly at waterman7474@gmail.com Chris ------------------------------------------------------------------------ For Sale 2003 DV Some of yall saw where I had this up for sale in Jan so just to recap a few things. I bought the boat in Feb of 19, fixed it up and did a bunch of work and got it seaworthy. In Jan of this year I determined that I needed to sell it but I had been using it a lot to take clients out for our law firm. The owner of the firm didn't want to lose the asset so he bought it an I/we still use it often. He has thrown a bunch of money at it (addressed the entire exterior chips and hull polish, Seadek last month to name a few) and has now decided he wants to upgrade to a bigger Cobia. I linked the old ad from THT that covers all of what I did to it last year and will blurb what has been done to it since below. Read what I did to it last year, it is pretty big list and you can see how much better the hull looks now. Last years for sale post. https://www.thehulltruth.com/boats-sale-wanted/1052332-fs-2003-pathfinder-23dv.html Done Since Jan: -Yearly spring motor maintenance: fuel/water separator, vst filter, engine fuel filter, plugs, thermostats. -New/rebuilt tilt trim unit from Five Star Marine -Entire exterior chips and scrapes all filled, compounded and polished. It is kind of tired but it looks great for as old as it is and as much use as it's had. -Seadeck interior and top of console - it gets a LOT of comments. -Upholstery on the seat and back rest -New bilge pump with and Ultra Safety Systems Mini Float switch. -Interior red LED lights (4 under gunnels, on in electronic box, one inside console) -New LED 360 light. -Amp for speakers (it's a cheapie but since it stays on the water, putting a new one in every year IF it dies is still cheaper than a fusion unit that will die in 2 years, especially when this boat gets used a lot and honestly, I don't care if it sounds like a custom car either...) -Put in a 12v panel in the electronic box for phone charging -New freshwater pump - the pump worked for a min but now I think the switch died and I just haven't gotten around to replacing it as we don't use it often. Its 100% seaworthy enough for me to take clients and my kids out offshore. The motor runs very very well, with 1/2 tank I can get 48mph or so. Of course it could use a modern 4stroke but we were just going to run it until this one died, these motors are kind of tank-like and arguably the most reliable yamaha ever made if you maintain them. What it needs -Honestly....not much. Most of it is cosmetic. -Electronics are dated. Are serviceable but not modern. Garmin 74sv I use for gps and side scan when at the spots and an older ecomap 50 for the bottom. -Vhf needs to go. - I got all the pumps and wiring cleaned up as best I could in the back but for some reason now I have one livewell pump that is acting up and the pitchwell pump is acting up intermittantly. I think there is something with the pumps because the wiring is fine, maybe water sitting on them or something. There is a spare pump in the console but I just spent so much time on the wiring clean up and it's so hot, I was going to wait till it cooled down to fix that and the switches on the leaning post. -There are some cosmetic chips on the inside but not really a big deal, mostly around the livewell and a few on the gunnel caps, pretty typical for 19y/o boat. That project was going to get done after the season and have them buff off the boot stripe too. -Might could use a new canvas but I think it's fine. I keep waterproofing on it every season and that helps with the UV also. -The trailer is ugly but completely usable. Some of the bunk supports need to be replaced soon, the fenders need to be replaced now and the wiring needs help but we don't trailer it that much. The A frame is 100% solid. The springs, hangers, axles, hubs, bearings, tires, wheels were all NEW Jan 19. We just towed it to corpus a month ago for a tournament and it pulled at 80 like it wasn't there. -All the hatches could use new gaskets and the rear two fish boxes need new gemlux handles, the finger rings got kicked off before I got the boat. -The console box could use new plexi and gasket but that is nit picking. Honestly, I love the boat and sad to see it go. It's my third Pathfinder. I get a LOT of compliments from everyone, clients I take out, people at bait camps, gas docks, people at gas stations. In Port Aransas the other week I got stuck at the fuel dock for 45min talking to everyone there and the owner and two guides about the boat because no-one has ever seen them out here. I love it so much I started the FB Owners group page. It fishes 3 guys very well, 4 if they all know what they are doing. Its really roomy, decent freeboard for when it gets rough but still a bay-boat hull and can fish relatively shallow. I'm in south houston in the Clear Lake area. 30min from Hobby airport it you want to fly out and have a look. I live literally across the street from NASA and the boat is at Lakewood Yacht Club on a strap and can be in the water in 10min. If you are real serious, we could probably make it happen as quickly as you want. He has like 6 boats and is always looking to move things around. Starting the conversation at $27k. Here's a link to pics if you want to blow them up and look more closely particularly since when uploading here they seem to turn sideways for some reason. It was in the morning so I apologize for the not so great lighting on some of them. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HejNtHjLWwck5eGN7
  3. waterman7474

    Possibly ruined 1810v

    I know right!?! So the front area under the casting deck is carpeted and the carpet peeled up
  4. waterman7474

    Possibly ruined 1810v

    And the motor is the original Yam SW130. It was running at 90% when parked (yeah...I know) and he never really had any problems with it. I know they are pretty bullet proof motors so I'm going to throw some new plugs, wires, fuel pump and try and drain out the carbs and clean them best I can without a complete removal. He was having the typical overheating problem that they have where it will run up and anything over 70% throttle and overheat alarm and limp, let it idle for a min then it is fine. He had two mechanics look at it and go over it incessantly, throw a bunch of parts at it, flush it like crazy and couldn't ever find the problem. I don't think they ever took the heads apart and physically cleaned the water jacket though. Probably go ahead and replace the thermostats for good measure too?
  5. waterman7474

    Possibly ruined 1810v

    It's a long story but I kind of re-inherited my old 2000 1810v that I sold to a college buddy 12 years ago. It needs a lot of love to say the least... He said if I helped him get it back up and running, he'd pay for all the parts and we'd have it as another boat for whatever. The big problem is that it was sitting in a lot for almost 2 years....................WITH THE PLUG IN IT!!! (don't get me started....wooo-ssaaaaa). Sooooo, it had water up to the front hatch essentially. In digging around trying to *** the damage, up front under the casting deck the carpet was pulled back and in under that, there was the decking and, I never noticed before but there 2 or 3 two inch holes that when I crammed my finger down in, it seemed like there was foam that was completely saturated (obviously...). I really don't remember that being there before but it clearly was. So, how far aft doe this "layer" go? Was it just a padded area up front for anchors and stuff to not hit the inside layer of the hull itself? Secondly....how trashed is the hull you think? Probably pretty bad right?? I don't really remember much about the construction of the first gen pathfinders. I don't see any obvious signs of bubbling from the exterior, like maybe the glass is waterlogged and expanding. Clearly there are lots of other issues to attend to (new wiring, new fuel filter assembly, new bilge and livewell pumps and a metric shittone of wax and polish) but I don't want to throw too much effort into it if it is trashed.
  6. waterman7474

    2003 Pathfinder 23DV

    Engine is a 2000 Yamaha Ox66 250 (title shows 99 for some reason) that runs like a top (680ish hours on head. Last spring (when I bought it, 50 hours ago) did plugs, fuel pumps, both filters, lower unit fluid, new oil pump, new batteries. New throttle binnacle. Prop is Powertech 0fx4 18p in perfect shape. Runs 46mph full, cruises at 32mph at 40k rpm, cruises well at 24-25. Breath on the key and it starts. Also 5 new rims and tires for trailer when bought, less than 200 miles on them. Last June, new Seastar tilt helm and wheel and fluid flush. Needs some wiring help but all functional. SW wash pump works but fresh and macerator are gone. Garmin 50s that works fine and a Ecomap 742sv with a new gt51 transducer that I will probably keep unless it is serious negotiating point. Also put in new low level pyle marine radio and 4 speakers. It is cheap but living on the coast, I can replace it every year for 3 years for less than an expensive unit and it sounds fine. 4 Speakers are installed, only running two as I hadn't gotten around to adding an amp yet for the rears. Trailer is tired but fully functional. Before I bought it in April, previous owner did new axles, springs, hubs, bearings. I did some new bunk hardware, replacing as they rust out and added a new strap and crank and a double wheel tongue dolly. It's not a show queen. The gelcoat above the water line is in great shape, below there are 6-8 knicks that need filling and a polish. Interior deck needs to be surfaced for non-skid or seadeck. Needs new upholstery on seat and backrest. Top is perfectly fine. It was a guide boat before I got it and the hull and console were wrapped and subsequently in great shape. However, ramdom captains did random bush wiring. I fixed or had fixed everything that was mission and safety critical for my kids and when I take clients out. It's not a show queen but it runs and fishes solid and I trust it. In South Houston $26k. (I don't know why half the pictures are turned sideways, they aren't anywhere else)
  7. waterman7474

    Pathfinder 2200v Prop washout

  8. waterman7474

    Started at 23DV owners page on FB

    There are a few of us scattered around and some of us have a small email group but I thought it might be better to make the information more public and not lost in the threads here and THT so I started a group for these unicorns specifically if anyone is interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1308882279266673/
  9. waterman7474

    More Yamaha SHO woes...

    btw, your avatar is fantastic. He's actually 6'5", with the afro 6'9", pretty good dribbler.
  10. waterman7474

    Questions about loading 26 on trailer.

    Maybe look into the uprights. You can then deep set the trailer and it will center the boat regardless. You just have to be a lot better about getting it on through the goal posts or you will bend/break them off.
  11. waterman7474

    WTB Pathfinder 23 DV still....

    Mine was a charter boat for 10 years and it was clearly well used and it is still solid as a rock, I'm sure that one is fine. Look at it this way....if it hasn't broken by now, it' isn't going to. 200's that thing much move out!
  12. waterman7474

    23 DV

    The only thing I really don't like about mine (fishing wise) is tackle storage. Don't get me wrong, there is tons of storage but you have to get a little creative on where to keep stuff to access while you are fishing, or add holders. Watch the wiring, how the HUGE baitwell is attached (they can drop) and the trim tab welds to the hinge (mine finally just popped two welds). Aside from that, they are tanks. My 03 was a charter boat for most of its life and it's in shockingly good condition considering the amount of abuse it's had.
  13. waterman7474

    Cleats rattling on 23DV

    Luckily, on the DV the gunnels are open below and I can easily take them out. There are two allen screws on each side that look like adjustments but in the event they aren't, I don't want to start turning things and them maybe screw it up.
  14. waterman7474

    Cleats rattling on 23DV

    Certain rpms rattle them more than others (and it's much worse when just above idle or before plane) but they do rattle both up and down. Maybe they are just wore out.
  15. waterman7474

    Cleats rattling on 23DV

    I have these pull up cleats on my DV and as best I can tell they are from Accon Marine, but I'm not completely sure. The bow won't stay up and the mid-ships and stern rattle like crazy when stowed. Before I go through the trouble of taking them out, are they adjustable or is there the ability to tighten them while stowed?
  16. waterman7474

    23DV for sale on THT

    Not mine but here's the link. https://www.thehulltruth.com/boats-sale-wanted/1009648-2005-pathfinder-2300dv-w-2007-300-suzuki-200-hrs.html Seems like a good deal at $35k
  17. waterman7474

    2003 Pathfinder Logo

    Wondering if there are any new opinions on this. I bought one off amazon actually and the logo and size look good but the material is very thin and scratched up VERY easily. I would like to take it to a local vinyl guy but a grab of the logo off the internet is not going to translate well when blown up (i've already seen the end of that movie)
  18. waterman7474

    Thru hull v transom mount ducer

    What about thru-hull with side scan? I am working on upgrading at some point soon and have a transom mount now with same issues. There is a much older Airmar 20deg (like 3inch?) that the PO cut the wire and was thinking about replacing it with the new unit but don't know if if garmin or simrad offer a transducer with side scan that will not be too much of a pain in the existing hole. I really don't want to cut a new hole.
  19. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    Thanks. He hooked me up with a local guy who actually knows the boat (and some of my friends actually) and agrees with what Marcus recommended, as well as the prop you recommended. He has both as well as a few other options that he is more than happy to let me try out so that has worked out nicely.
  20. waterman7474

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Wish y'all would do TX. Granted we don't have the water clarity in the north half of the state but there are a LOT of boaters around here that would love to throw money at something like this.
  21. waterman7474

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    so good. yes, of course i'm jealous of the big offshore boats i see on tv with *** near that much total screen acreage but it's still funny....
  22. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    Talked to Marcus at PowerTech. SUPER helpful. He did a little banging away on a calculator and suggested 3 blade, 15 1/4 x 17 or 18p, probably 17 as it is an older motor and maybe not as strong as it once was.
  23. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    Thanks! DM sent. BTW, It does blow out pretty easily as well.
  24. waterman7474

    Propped right on a 23DV?

    01 DV with Ox66 250. WOT is 54k at 43/44mph with maybe 40gal gas, 2 guys (400lbs) and a 50qt full of ice. 39-40k is around 27-28mph. Hole shot actually seems to be pretty decent but the top end and cruising speed seem to be lacking. Reverse is terrible. This boat is obviously a little heavier than my 19 and it's an older motor so I'm not sure. Only had it a month or so and maybe a dozen runs. Motor is running well. I put in new plugs, new F/W separator, fuel pumps, vst cleaned out, oil set but. I didn't do thermostats or the O2 yet as the housing looks very new compared to everything else so I think it was recently replaced. The prop has one or two small dings and the edges could use a grind but it's far from bordertown bread knife status. There was something on it before and the PO got a smoking deal on this from a mechanic friend he knew so who knows what it came off of. Before I got it, it was being used as a weekend charter boat to the jetties so I doubt if much went into "tuning" it before he put it on, especially considering all the other stuff that was rather carelessly rigged. Not looking to drop a ton of money on wringing every drop out of it but it just seems a little off.
  25. waterman7474

    Garmin ????

    So what would yall recommend for those of us in TX where we don't have FMT? I am close to pulling the trigger on a 94 or 74sv garmin but maybe not. The simrad is comparable in price but I've not heard the greatest things about the Lowrance and told the Hummin Bird is garbage.
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