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  1. goldspoon

    Faded switch panel options

    Check out FP Marine : https://www.fpmarine.com/Pathfinder-Boats-switch-panel-p/fp-panelpathfinder689.htm Looks like near original replacements for some of the MBG switch panels Or for custom replacements New Wire Marine https://newwiremarine.com/product/e-panel-builder/#content I haven't used them yet but looks competitve
  2. goldspoon

    Vintage Pathfinder Performance Bulletins

    This board is always amazing with great feedback. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. Hutch you are exactly right for Texas....no clean used Yamaha units to be found and Suzuki is considerably less expensive approaching $2000 for same horsepower. Makes me wonder how there can be that much difference in cost . Would definitely like to learn more about your experience with Suzuki especially in the area of their warranty performance ( 3+3) and any issues with corrosion. Again thanks to all.
  3. Motor developed leak in #6 cylinder. Remainder of motor is in well maintained condition. Power trim/tilt works well. Lower unit has no leaks. Water pump replaced in last 6 months along with thermostats, poppet valve and under the cowling filters. Prop reconditioned recently. Controls could be available depending on repower decision. $1500 OBO. PM or text (832)212-6058.
  4. Looking for Yamaha 4 stroke 20" shaft 150 to 200 HP outboard motor with low hours to repower my 2002 Pathfinder. Ideally 2010 or newer. Prefer the inline 4 version to keep weight down. Must be running and dependable. PM or text (832)212-6058.
  5. goldspoon

    Vintage Pathfinder Performance Bulletins

    Thanks for all the feedback. I had the 150 hpdi and will most likely go with 175 or 200 hp yamaha fourstroke inline 4 to keep weight down. Ideally would like a low hours used model ; however, not having much luck locating any. Would appreaicte any leads. May have to bite the bullet and go for a new one.
  6. goldspoon

    Vintage Pathfinder Performance Bulletins

    Much appreciated, lure plunker
  7. Looking to repower my 2002 Pathfinder 2200 V. Anyone know of a source for the older pathfinder performance bulletins for various size motors ?
  8. JEM : Ray was very helpful at MBG. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Anyone know where to source the stainless steel screw and rubber grommet used to hold the windshield in place on the 2002 model pathfinder 2200? Searched this board but not having any luck finding anything.
  10. goldspoon

    Old style Rule auto bilge pump replacement

    NIcecast, really appreciate the pix. My 2002 livewell has the drain in the floor , so will have to work around that . Might be able to move new hatch over towards one side.
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