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    fishing, tennis & golf when not fishing
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    Miami, Fl , Blue Ridge GA and Bonita, Fl.
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    Carlos Larocca

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  1. flatsdoctor

    Bottom fishing out of Ft. Myers.

    36 foot Yellowfin.... That's the way to do it !! Nice fish and smiles
  2. flatsdoctor

    Costa or Maui Jims progressive prescription glasses ?

    do you guys have problems with polarized progressives, distorting distances or depth perception? I found my self getting stuck poling in what I thought was like 10 or 11 inches of water and when I removed them, i was only 5 or 6 inches.
  3. flatsdoctor

    7/18 Fishing

    Dino.... you know all the spots !!
  4. flatsdoctor

    Scouting Estero bay

    Thanks for posting not many reds either?
  5. flatsdoctor

    Scouting Estero bay

  6. flatsdoctor

    Scouting Estero bay

    1st time out since November 2020 wife went paddle boarding and me just scouting, running the engine I saw lots of this “new” algae clumps floating around and got some red tide cough saw mostly snook, few reds, not active though no one posts in this area, I was wandering what’s happening?
  7. That’s a nice snook. I went out scouting by boat and the wife with the paddle board in the Estero Bay Area, not fishing, and I also saw mostly snooks and only few reds
  8. flatsdoctor


  9. flatsdoctor


    2 questions Why’re you selling? do you know how high it is to the top of the too if the T-Top (clearance)
  10. Very nice!! we went several times with the camper too
  11. flatsdoctor

    Fishing north Georgia

    DINO , I know only people > 60 will remember who Lee Majors is, but I relate more to him (Six Million Dollar Man)
  12. flatsdoctor

    Fishing north Georgia

    Thanks for the replies. Looking forward to warmer weather and heading back in March.
  13. flatsdoctor

    Fishing north Georgia

    Thats my plan Im a one arm angler for now. Just had a partial replacement of my Left shoulder 5 weeks ago. looking forward to start back fishing.
  14. flatsdoctor

    Fishing north Georgia

    We built a Cabin in Blue Ridge Ga, never fished the lake or the area any recommendations for local guides in search for strippers or walleyes? I know lake blue ridge may not be the best lake choice
  15. flatsdoctor

    All Inclusive resort Family Vaca

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