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  1. PGolz

    South Georgia daylight topwater action..

    Nice man! Didn't do as well up in Savannah...
  2. Does anyone have a PDF version of an early 2000s OX66 225 or 250 service manual? Or know of a good place to get them free? Figured worth a shot to ask before I go buying anything.
  3. PGolz

    Finally enjoying my refurbished 2001 2400V

    Man she looks great. It's inspiring to see someone on the "other side" of what I'm getting myself into with my 2400. My girl has a ways to go but I understand why you love her. I can't count the number of times I've thought to myself "Man a 24' boat shouldn't be able to run this shallow" or "Man a 12" drafting boat shouldn't be able to handle these seas" but that's what a Pathfinder is and that's what it does! Enjoy your boat!
  4. PGolz

    2001 2400v 225hp

    Thank you jj. I have been recommended the OFX4R-21 before and that's the way I've been leaning. Currently running a Yamaha M-25 prop and can't get more than 41 MPH out of her at 4600 RPM or so. Hoping that a pitch drop will help with that. I'm in South Georgia also but I still like my speed when I can use it!
  5. I see you never got a response on this, which *** because I am having the same problem. I recall seeing a thread somewhere about someone replacing these with SS fittings. I need to see if I can find that again.
  6. PGolz

    Finally enjoying my refurbished 2001 2400V

    Great looking boat! Have any progress pics of the refurb or a list of improvements? Working on mine now..
  7. PGolz

    2001 2400v 225hp

    What props were you running with each? Trying to dial in my 225
  8. PGolz

    Hole in the fuel tank

    Man I am so sorry to hear that. Quite a bummer that Pathfinder responded the way they did as well.. Not what I would have expected / hoped for from them. I can't offer any advice but you and your boat are in my prayers. Time to go take a better look at my gas tank..
  9. PGolz

    2001 2400v 225hp

    I run this same setup, curious what prop you are running?
  10. PGolz

    2001 deck drain holes

    @cadd do you remember where you got the SS replacements?
  11. PGolz

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Took me about 4 days reading here and there when I had time, but today I finished going through all 64 pages of this discussion thread. Figured it was only right being new to the forum and the new owner of a '03 2400V. I must say, my list of things to do on the boat increased substantially after seeing all the great ideas and hard work that has been put into everyone's rigs. I plan on starting a thread for my upcoming restoration over in the Vintage Pathfinder section soon. In the mean time, here is the list of what I've gotten done in the past couple weeks since I got the boat; -Replaced all 3 low pressure pumps, VST filter, VST screen and fuel filters on my '03 Yamaha OX66 225. Thankfully this solved my fuel delivery issues and the motor has been running pretty well. See photo of large tear in old fuel pump diaphragm I pulled out. -Installed Rabuds, has made a huge difference, have not experienced any of the known negatives to them yet -Added console access hatch, love this change, makes work in the console so much easier, pulled out what felt like 100' of abandoned speaker wire from the console.. -Removed and sold old chart plotter on eBay, replaced with a new GO9 unit, yet to install transducer -Troubleshot faulty radio that would not produce sound, determined cheap head unit is blown, new Fusion RA70N head unit on order to feed the existing crappy speakers until I get around to a true audio refit -And earlier this evening, removed old trolling motor mount that made it impossible to get a rope around the front cleat. Now have a bunch of ugly holes up on the bow of the boat. Thinking a piece of starboard will make a nice coverup piece until I am ready to really repair and install a new TM Sideways pictures because I hear y'all like em that way and I don't know how to fix it.
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