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  1. Beautiful pics!
  2. DANO

    Hatch Repair

    Fantastic job!
  3. DANO

    10,000K Snook bite has been fantastic

    Where do you all put in? I’ve been launching out of Goodland, nice ride through the river. Any Tarpon?
  4. DANO

    10,000K Snook bite has been fantastic

    Awesome! We killed them Saturday evening in Marco Island on the outgoing tide on the Marco River. Early Sunday morning was the same after the rain passed, was able to get a 42 incher, my largest snook ever on the sandbar of all places!
  5. DANO

    2000 22v DIY Seadek snow camo

    Very nice looking! I have 2001 and always wondered how it would look!
  6. DANO


    Good evening everyone, looking to head over to the Naples area in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend a hotel that allows you to keep your boat on the trailer. I have heard that trailer parking is difficult in that area. Any help would greatly be appreciated , thanks in advance!
  7. DANO

    2003 2200v Delamination

    I just read this topic tonight, how did the repairs come out? Any pics? Thanks in advance
  8. DANO

    Switch panel

    Flounderpounder has them http://www.fpmarine.com/Pathfinder-Boats-switch-panel-p/fp-panelpathfinder689.htm
  9. My baby starting to show her age, anyone replace any of these plugs? Over the years these cracked and fell off, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance, DANO
  10. The P that I am making reference to is the one on the side of the boat. [image][/image] [image][/image]
  11. What year did Pathfinder crop the letter P in the word pathfinder?
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